Funko Pop Happy Days Figures

Funko Pop Happy Days Figures


The classic sitcom from the 1970s and '80s finally gets the Pop! treatment with Funko Pop Happy Days.

While the initial lineup does not offer every subject of note, Funko Pop Happy Days starts off strong. Arthur Fonzarelli (aka Fonzie or The Fonz), played by Henry Winkler, is dressed in his black leather jacket and blue jeans. Naturally, he is also rocking the iconic thumbs.

Other choices include Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard), who wears his light blue Jefferson High letterman sweater, along with his sister, Joanie Cunningham (Erin Moran), and her boyfriend, Chachi Arcola (Scott Baio), who is also Fonzie's cousin.

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This first batch features Mitsumo "Arnold" Takahashi (Pat Morita), the owner of  Arnold's Drive-In, as well.

Given the large cast and popularity of the series, it would be surprising if there aren't any future releases planned. Other notable names that are worthy of a figure include Marion Ross as Marion Cunningham, Tom Bosley as Howard Cunningham, Anson Williams as Potsie Weber, Don Most as Ralph Malph, and Al Molinaro as Al Delvecchio.

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Estimated Release Date: June 2021

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Richie Cunningham
Joanie Cunningham
Chachi Arcola

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