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2017 Funko Pop Gravity Falls Vinyl Figures

2017 Funko Pop Gravity Falls Vinyl Figures


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The crew from Roadkill County get stylized with the Funko Pop Gravity Falls set. The Pop! release offers a few figures for the acclaimed animated series.

A Disney XD show, Gravity Falls follows pre-teen twins Dipper and Mabel during a summer vacation with their Great Uncle Stan, a.k.a. Grunkle Stan. During their stay, the twins are tasked with helping out at The Mystery Shack, a tourist gift store owned by Stan. They soon discover things are not what they seem in Gravity Falls and Dipper is determined to uncover the truth.

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Born five minutes after his sister, Dipper Pines leads the Funko Pop Gravity Falls lineup wearing his signature pine tree hat with thick bangs sticking out from underneath to hide the birthmark on his forehead. The teen, dressed in his everyday attire, clutches the legendary journal from the forest by his side. Contrasting with her brother, Mabel Pines rocks one of her always-in-style sweaters. The pink one reflects her unwavering positivity, featuring a shooting star with a rainbow for its trail. Of course, her cheeks are blushed as Mabel embodies the stereotypical boy-crazy girl.

Other Funko Pop Gravity Falls options include Grunkle Stan classically dressed in a maroon fez, black suit and a bolo tie. Additionally, a gray beard covers his entire face stopping just below his square-framed glasses and he has the 8-ball cane by his side. Fans and collectors of Gravity Falls can also find Bill Cipher, the yellow triangle demon, wearing a rather large top hat with a bow tie precisely centered below his one eye. Limited chase variants for a pale-colored Dipper, as well as a night-sky Bill Cipher, average 1:6 boxes.

Standing around 4" tall, Funko Pop Gravity Falls is part of the main Pop! Disney line.

Funko Pop Gravity Falls  Funko Pop Gravity Falls

Funko Pop Gravity Falls Checklist

240 Dipper Pines
240 Dipper Pines Pale - Chase Variant
241 Mabel Pines
242 Grunkle Stan
243 Bill Cipher
243 Bill Cipher Night Sky - Chase Variant
244 Mabelcorn Mabel - Hot Topic

Estimated Release Date: May 2017

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