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Funko Pop Gargoyles Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Gargoyles Vinyl Figures


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The winged creatures again take flight with Funko Pop Gargoyles. Highlighting the 1990s cartoon series, Goliath, Demona and Hudson are among the vinyl Disney lineup.

Centered around the story of the ancient creatures thrust into modern day New York City, Gargoyles features many of the subjects that roam freely at night but turn to stone during the day. This is even showcased via several exclusive variants.

Shop Funko Gargoyles Figures on Entertainment Earth.

Many of the main names make the Funko Pop Gargoyles checklist, including Goliath, the leader of the Manhattan Clan, formerly of the Wyvern Clan. He is joined by Brooklyn, Broadway, who is eating chicken with a smile, Bronx, and Lexington. The main figure for Hudson is a Specialty Series exclusive. Demona, Goliath's former mate and current adversary, is very colorful with her blue skin, purple wings and red hair.

Funko Pop Gargoyles also has exclusive stone versions for key subjects, including Stone Goliath at Target, Stone Demona at Hot Topic and a Stone 2-Pack containing Hudson and Bronx at FYE.

Funko Pop Gargoyles

Funko Pop Gargoyles Checklist

389 Goliath
389 Stone Goliath - Target
390 Demona
390 Stone Demona - Hot Topic
392 Brooklyn
393 Broadway
394 Bronx
396 Lexington
Hudson - Specialty Series
Stone 2-Pack: Hudson and Bronx - FYE

Estimated Release Date: July 2018

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