Funko Pop Garfield Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Garfield Vinyl Figures


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Grab a plate of lasagna and dig into Funko Pop Garfield. The beloved Jim Davis comic strip and cartoon series finally makes the switch to Pop! vinyl.

While it is easy to relate to the plight of a cat that hates Mondays, the smug smile on the main Garfield figure reminds us that it is still pretty sweet to be an inside cat. The orange feline also has crossed arms as he stands upright on his back two legs. Right on cue, the FunkoShop-exclusive figure changes the expression quite a bit while also adding a coffee mug. The downtrodden look and "I Hate Mondays" mug really convey the Monday blues.

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Accompanying Garfield, the easy-going Odie is his normal self with a happy expression that is punctuated with a wagging red tongue.

While Garfield largely revolves around these two characters, there are a few other options that should be considered for future figures. However, the big omission in the Pop! Comics set is Jon Arbuckle, the awkward owner of the pets.

Let us know if you see any other figures from the Pop! Garfield release.

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Funko Pop Garfield Checklist

20 Garfield
21 Odie
22 Garfield w/ mug - FunkoShop

Estimated Release Date: August / September 2019

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20 Garfield

Funko Pop Garfield Vinyl Figures 2

21 Odie

Funko Pop Garfield Vinyl Figures 3

22 Garfield with "I Hate Mondays" Mug - FunkoShop (August 8 at 11 AM PST)

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    Future Funko Pops should be Jon, Nermal, Arlene, Liz, Garfield with Pooky, and Squeak.

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