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2017 Funko Pop Dr. Seuss Vinyl Figures

2017 Funko Pop Dr. Seuss Vinyl Figures


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Cat, hat, in French, chat, chapeau. It really is quite obvious, don't you know. Yes, it will be stuck in your head, but with the Funko Pop Dr. Seuss vinyl figures release, it really is worth it! The set features several primary figures along with retail-specific exclusives.

Since many of us have at least one favorite Dr. Seuss book and/or character from our childhood, the Funko Pop Dr. Seuss set gives us small doses of nostalgia, one figure at a time. Collectors can find several variants for the whimsical Cat in the Hat aside from his main figure, including a flocked Barnes and Noble exclusive. Other options include the Cat in the Hat holding a fish bowl (fish included!) at Books-A-Million, while the mischievous Cat holding an umbrella with a cake on top of his hat is issued exclusively through BoxLunch.

Numbered as part of the Pop! Books line, other Funko Pop Dr. Seuss figures include Green Eggs and Ham's lovable Sam-I-Am along with Sam's Friend, while the flocked version of Sam-I-Am can be found at Barnes and Noble locations. Lastly, although the figures mostly appear to be the standard 3 3/4" size, Fox in Socks looks slightly shorter. Of course, it is only natural for the delightful Horton to come in a 6" Super Sized Pop edition.

Funko Pop Dr. Seuss  Funko Pop Dr. Seuss

Funko Pop Dr. Seuss Checklist

04 Cat in the Hat
04 Cat in the Hat Flocked - Barnes and Noble
05 Sam I Am
05 Sam I Am Flocked - Barnes and Noble
06 Sam’s Friend
07 Fox in Socks
07 Fox in Socks Flocked - GameStop (July 2017)
08 Horton - 6” Super Sized Pop
09 Cat in the Hat w/ fish - BAM!
10 Cat in the Hat w/ umbrella, cake - BoxLunch
11 Lorax Flocked - 2017 SDCC

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  1. Has the box lunch exclusive been released yet? I can’t find it online and checked the store a couple times with no luck.

  2. I’m wondering the same. Has this been released??? I NEED it, lol

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