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2016 Funko Pop Doom Vinyl Figures

2016 Funko Pop Doom Vinyl Figures


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One of the classic video game releases of all-time, 2016 Funko Pop Doom vinyl figures cover the popular 1990s first-person shooter with a few Pop! options.

Spawning multiple sequels and spin-offs and even a terrible 2005 movie starring The Rock, Doom got its start in 1993 and was a major success. The small line includes figures for the main protagonist — Space Marine — as well as a 6" Super Sized Pop for Cyberdemon. Part minotaur and part robot, the cyborg monster is one of the more troublesome enemies faced in the game.

Both primary figures also pack heat, with Space Marine sporting a shotgun and Cyberdemon brandishing the trademark rocket launcher that is actually part of its left arm. Collectors can find several exclusive variants of Space Marine at GameStop that alter the color of his gear to fit several themes.

The Funko Pop Doom release is numbered as part of the Pop! Games line. Outside of the 6-inch figures, the other options follow regular sculpt sizing and stand approximately 3 3/4" tall.

Funko Pop Doom 90 Space Marine 1Funko Pop Doom 90 Space Marine American Hero Gamestop exclusive 1

Funko Pop Doom Checklist

90 Space Marine
90 American Hero Space Marine (RWB) - GameStop
90 Astronaut Space Marine (White) - GameStop
90 Elite Space Marine (Red) - GameStop
90 Gold Space Marine - GameStop
91 Cyberdemon - 6" Super Sized Pop


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