Funko Pop Don't Starve Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Don’t Starve Vinyl Figures


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The popular open world survival video game adds some vinyl in the Funko Pop Don't Starve line. Each Pop! Games figure features an accompanying mini plus an exclusive digital download card.

Displaying the distinct animation style of the Don't Starve video game franchise, Funko Pop Don't Starve works in some of the key characters from the series. The gentleman scientist Wilison, torch in hand, is paired with Chester, who acts as a mobile chest. In addition, the blond-haired Wendy is joined by her deceased twin sister, Abigail. They come in glow-in-the-dark form.

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Other choices include the firestarter Willow and her teddy bear, Bernie. The most terrifying of the bunch, Webber resembles a humanoid spider but is actually a kid that still resides within the spider that ate him. He comes with a spider warrior.

Beyond the buddy figure in each combo set, the boxes offer exclusive in-game content via free download cards.

Funko Pop Don't Starve Vinyl Figures 1

Funko Pop Don't Starve Checklist

Exclusive digital download items noted for each figure.

401 Wilson and Chester - Telsa Coil Lantern
402 Wendy and Abigail GITD - Mourning Veil
403 Willow and Bernie - Fiery Witch's Hat
404 Webber and Warrior Spider - Webber's Webrolly

Estimated Release Date: November/December 2018

Funko Pop Don't Starve Gallery

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401 Wilson and Chester

Funko Pop Don't Starve Vinyl Figures 2

402 Wendy and Abigail Glow-in-the-Dark

Funko Pop Don't Starve Vinyl Figures 3

403 Willow and Bernie

Funko Pop Don't Starve Vinyl Figures 4

404 Webber and Warrior Spider

Funko Pop Don't Starve Vinyl Figures 5

Funko Pop Don't Starve Vinyl Figures 6

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