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Funko Pop Digimon Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Digimon Vinyl Figures


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The Digital Monsters take a vinyl form with Funko Pop Digimon. The Japanese franchise adds multiple options to Pop! Animation.

The Digimon world features the various creatures and the DigiDestined humans that train them. The Tai Kamiya (Taichi Yagami in Japan) figure is dressed mainly in blue with his trademark goggles resting above his eyes. He holds his Digivice, as well. Collectors can also find Tai's reptile Digimon, Agumon. Resembling a small dinosaur, Agumon has yellow-orange skin and green eyes.

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Another choice is Matt Ishida. Ishida sports blue jeans and tan gloves that match his hair. His Digimon creature is Gabumon, an odd-looking monster that has yellow skin, bluish fur, purple claws and red eyes. However, the most obvious feature is the yellow horn atop its head.

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Funko Pop Digimon Checklist

Tai Kamiya
Matt Ishida

Estimated Release Date: August 2018

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Funko Pop Digimon Gallery

Tai Kamiya

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Matt Ishida

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