Funko Pop Die Hard Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Die Hard Vinyl Figures


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The unlikely Christmas movie shows its continued popularity with Funko Pop Die Hard. Join John McClane as he attempts to subdue the terrorists at Nakatomi Plaza.

A beaten and bloody McClane, played by Bruce Willis, leads off the set. Barefoot while holding a gun and walkie-talkie, the vinyl look really taps into the character despite having no visible mouth. Adding to the good guys, Sgt. Al Powell is ready to help with an armful of Twinkies.

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Funko Pop Die Hard also offers a few of the German terrorists, including the Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman). Gruber actually has two figures, with the main one matching McClane's gun and walkie-talkie combo. The GameStop exclusive adds a gray overcoat and removes the items from his hands, which reside in his pockets.

In addition, there's Tony Vreski, one of Gruber's henchmen. He is shown after a run-in with McClane, dressed in a Santa hat as well as a sweatshirt that reads "Now I Have a Gun. Ho-Ho-Ho." The movie actually specifies "machine gun," but fans will likely recognize it, nevertheless.

Funko Pop Die Hard Vinyl Figures 1

Funko Pop Die Hard Checklist

667 John McClane
668 Al Powell
669 Hans Gruber
670 Hans Gruber - GameStop
671 Tony Vreski

Estimated Release Date: October / November 2018

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667 John McClane

Funko Pop Die Hard Vinyl Figures 2

668 Al Powell

Funko Pop Die Hard Vinyl Figures 3

669 Hans Gruber

Funko Pop Die Hard Vinyl Figures 4

670 Hans Gruber in gray  jacket - GameStop

Funko Pop Die Hard Vinyl Figures 5

671 Tony Vreski

Funko Pop Die Hard Vinyl Figures 6

Funko Pop Die Hard Vinyl Figures 7
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