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2017 Funko Pop Crash Bandicoot Vinyl Figures

2017 Funko Pop Crash Bandicoot Vinyl Figures


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Wahoo! Funko Pop Crash Bandicoot joins the Pop! Games family with plenty of variations for the famed video game character, along with a figure for the mad scientist, and his chief enemy, Doctor Neo Cortex.

Like the many games that have been released since the 1990s, fans of the Crash Bandicoot series have a whole host of vinyls available to collect. The main option for Crash sports classic denim cutoff shorts, gloved hands and a pair of Chucks. More limited, the black-and-white chase variant averages 1:6 boxes.

Order Funko Crash Bandicoot Figures on Entertainment Earth.

In addition, Funko Pop Crash Bandicoot offers several retail exclusives for the Tasmanian-like creature. These include a Crash Bandicoot glow-in-the-dark (Best Buy), fur-like Flocked (GameStop), and a version with a Jet Pack (Toys R Us), while the Crash Bandicoot Biker Outfit figure is issued through Hot Topic. Lastly, the nefarious Dr. Neo Cortex is posed in a lab coat and yellow latex gloves while holding a laser gun.

Funko Pop Crash Bandicoot  Funko Pop Crash Bandicoot

Funko Pop Crash Bandicoot Checklist

273 Crash Bandicoot
273 Crash Bandicoot Black and White - Chase Variant
273 Crash Bandicoot GITD - Best Buy
273 Crash Bandicoot Flocked - GameStop
274 Crash Bandicoot w/ Jet Pack - Toys R Us
275 Crash Bandicoot Biker Outfit - Hot Topic
276 Dr. Neo Cortex

Estimated Release Date: November 2017

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