Funko Pop Corpse Bride Figures

Funko Pop Corpse Bride Figures


There's been a grave misunderstanding. Funko Pop Corpse Bride features the stars of Tim Burton's stop-motion film.

The vinyl series includes the Corpse Bride, Emily, with voicework from Helena Bonham Carter, and Victor Van Dort, voiced by Johnny Depp. The two are dressed for a wedding, although the undead Emily has a distinctly bluish tint and vividly blue hair.

In addition, Victor comes with a smaller figure for his deceased dog, Scraps. As Scraps died previously, he comes as a skeleton version.

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The initial Funko Pop Corpse Bride series has just these two common options. The Skeleton arrives as a FunkoShop exclusive.

Other key characters include Victor's living fiancée, Victoria (Emily Watson), and the charming Barkis Bittern (Richard E. Grant).

If this style looks familiar, it might be because Burton and Depp teamed up a decade earlier for The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Funko Pop Corpse Bride Figures Checklist

986 Victor with Scraps
987 Emily
988 Skeleton - FunkoShop
988 Skeleton GITD Chase - FunkoShop

Estimated Release Date: August 2020

Funko Pop Corpse Bride Figures Gallery

986 Victor with Scraps

Funko Pop Corpse Bride Figures 1

987 Emily

Funko Pop Corpse Bride Figures 2

988 Skeleton - FunkoShop

Funko Pop Corpse Bride Figures 3

988 Skeleton Glow-in-the-Dark Chase Variant - FunkoShop

Funko Pop Corpse Bride Figures 4

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