Funko Pop Cheers Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Cheers Vinyl Figures


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The Funko Pop Cheers figures finally let fans and collectors grab a seat at the bar and have a beer with some of their favorite characters. The iconic Boston bar's patrons add to the massive Pop! Television lineup.

A former pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, bartender and owner Sam Malone (Ted Danson) wears his business casual attire while holding a baseball. However, "Mayday Malone" has his eyes on cocktail waitress and aspiring writer Diane Chambers (Shelley Long), who is also part of the Cheers staff, wearing high heels and an apron while reading a book.

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Although a later entry to Cheers, Woody Boyd is another bartender. Memorably played by a young Woody Harrelson, the figure for Boyd shows him cleaning out a mug.

And it wouldn't be a true Funko Pop Cheers set without regulars like Cliff Calvin and Norm Peterson. Cliff, dressed in his postman uniform, holds a full mug of beer. He is joined by Norm, wearing a suit, who also holds a glass of beer.

With 11 seasons in total, Cheers had a long run on television. As such, the possible Funko Pop Cheers line expansion leaves open plenty of additional options, including Carla Tortelli, Coach Ernie Pantusso, Fraiser Crane, Lilith Sternin and Rebecca Howe.

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Funko Pop Cheers Checklist

Sam Malone
Cliff Clavin
Diane Chambers
Norm Peterson
Woody Boyd

Estimated Release Date: May / June 2019

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