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2018 Funko Pop Care Bears Vinyl Figures

2018 Funko Pop Care Bears Vinyl Figures


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Sharing is caring with the Funko Pop Care Bears figures, and that of course means getting some for yourself and your friends! The Pop! Animation set debuts with most of the original Care Bears.

Funko Pop Care Bears does well encapsulating the friendly and cuddly creatures. Each bear has a specific primary color, and a logo on their stomach. For instance, Cheer Bear has a rainbow while Grumpy Bear has a rain cloud with hearts. These unique symbols have become known as "belly badges."

Order Funko Care Bears Figures on Entertainment Earth.

Joining the standard options are chase variants and exclusives for most of the choices. Cheer Bear and Funshine Bear both have glow-in-the-dark chase figures, and Good Luck Bear goes with a glitter chase on a more translucent vinyl. Exclusives include flocked Grumpy Bear at Toys R Us, glitter Love-a-Lot Bear at Entertainment Earth, and the main Bedtime Bear vinyl, which is only issued through Funko Shop.

Funko Pop Care BearsFunko Pop Care Bears

Funko Pop Care Bears Checklist

351 Cheer Bear
351 Cheer Bear GITD Chase
352 Tenderheart Bear
353 Grumpy Bear
353 Grumpy Bear Flocked - Toys R Us
354 Love-a-Lot Bear
354 Love-a-Lot Bear Glitter - Entertainment Earth
355 Good Luck Bear
355 Good Luck Bear Glitter Chase
355 Good Luck Bear Flocked - 2018 ECCC
356 Funshine Bear
356 Funshine Bear GITD Chase
357 Bedtime Bear - FunkoShop

Estimated Release Date: March 2018

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