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Funko Pop Caddyshack Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Caddyshack Vinyl Figures


Product DetailsFunko Pop Caddyshack takes the landmark comedy from 1980 and applies the Pop! spin. The vinyl line offers Bushwood Country Club regulars like Ty, Al, Judge Smails and even the pesky gopher.

The country club elite and low-level staffers give the film its back-and-forth element, but the Funko Pop Caddyshack set mainly sticks with the established stars. Of course, that includes a young Chevy Chase as Ty Webb. He looks ready to tee off in his base figure dressed in golf attire. Meanwhile, a blindfold is added to the chase variation where he attempts to "be the ball."

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Joining Webb is Rodney Dangerfield as the brash Al Czervik. He wears a colorful outfit and has a bewildered look. In addition, the figure for the ornery Judge Elihu Smails captures his demeanor quite well. He also has an exclusive option at FYE that adds a striped hat.

Rounding out the initial wave of the Pop! Movies release, Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) is ready for war with the gopher. Spackler wears his camo gear and holds gopher-shaped explosives. Naturally, the gopher figure is shown mid-dance.

Given the large cast of characters in Caddyshack, there are many other subjects worthy of inclusion. We will have to wait to see who else makes the vinyl cut.

Please reach out if you see any additional Funko Pop Caddyshack figures.

Funko Pop Caddyshack Vinyl Figures 1

Funko Pop Caddyshack Checklist

720 Ty Webb
720 Ty Webb Blindfold Chase
721 Al Czervik
722 Judge Smails
723 Carl Spackler
724 Gopher
725 Judge Smails w/ Hat - FYE

Estimated Release Date: April / May 2019

Funko Pop Caddyshack Gallery

720 Ty Webb

Funko Pop Caddyshack Vinyl Figures 2

720 Ty Webb Blindfold Chase

Funko Pop Caddyshack Vinyl Figures 3

721 Al Czervik

Funko Pop Caddyshack Vinyl Figures 4

722 Judge Smails

Funko Pop Caddyshack Vinyl Figures 5

723 Carl Spackler

Funko Pop Caddyshack Vinyl Figures 6

724 Gopher

Funko Pop Caddyshack Vinyl Figures 7

725 Judge Smails with Hat - FYE

Funko Pop Caddyshack Vinyl Figures 8

Funko Pop Caddyshack Vinyl Figures 9
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User Comments

  1. Author

    I find it funny that the one character that is missing is Danny Noonan who the movie is about kinda. Just my opinion

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