Funko Pop BT21 Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop BT21 Vinyl Figures


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Merging K-pop band BTS and the 21st century, Funko Pop BT21 is home to the LINE FRIENDS animated franchise.

The Universtar BT21 characters featured in the vinyl set were originated by BTS. The entire seven-member group is also part of the Funko Pop Rocks line.

Collectors can find nearly all of the key options from BT21 in vinyl form. The sleepy KOYA, created by RM, resembles a blue koala. The dance-crazed MANG (J-hope) never removes the horse mask that hides the true identity of the character. Clad in a yellow hoodie, the tongue-wagging CHIMMY (Jimin) is a cute puppy.

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In addition, RJ (Jin), the white alpaca, wears a red scarf, while SHOOKY (Suga) is a mischievous chocolate chip that hates milk. Tougher than it looks, the pink rabbit COOKY was created by Jungkook for his girlfriend.

That leaves Prince TATA of Planet BT. Created by V, the heart-shaped creature has superpowers.

Providing all the initial figures at once, there is also an exclusive seven-pack at Barnes & Noble.

Fans and collectors will have to wait a bit longer for VAN, the space robot that protects BT21 and represents the BTS fanbase (A.R.M.Y.).

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Funko Pop BT21 Figures Checklist

682 Koya
683 RJ
684 Shooky
685 Mang
686 Chimmy
687 Tata
688 Cooky
BT21 7-Pack - Barnes & Noble
(Koya / RJ / Shooky / Mang / Chimmy / Tata / Cooky)

Estimated Release Date: November 2019

Funko Pop BT21 Figures Gallery

682 KOYA

Funko Pop BT21 Vinyl Figures 1

683 RJ

Funko Pop BT21 Vinyl Figures 2


Funko Pop BT21 Vinyl Figures 3

685 MANG

Funko Pop BT21 Vinyl Figures 4


Funko Pop BT21 Vinyl Figures 5

687 TATA

Funko Pop BT21 Vinyl Figures 6


Funko Pop BT21 Vinyl Figures 7

BT21 7-Pack (KOYA / RJ / SHOOKY / MANG / CHIMMY / TATA / COOKY) - Barnes & Noble

Funko Pop BT21 Vinyl Figures 8

Funko Pop BT21 Vinyl Figures 9

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