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Ultimate Funko Pop Borderlands Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Borderlands Figures Checklist and Gallery


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Funko Pop Borderlands includes numerous fan-favorite characters from the popular franchise. Offering gamers a unique experience with the initial 2009 launch, Borderlands quickly developed a loyal following. The first-person shooter also implements a variety of role-playing aspects, in particular, the ability to customize weapons and characters. Having both colorful visuals and characters, Borderlands gives Funko enough ammo to create many captivating Pop! figures.

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While Handsome Jack made his villainous debut in the franchise’s second installment, he kicks off the first series of Funko Pop Borderlands. The Hyperion Corporation president/dictator stands with perfectly coiffed hair wearing the notorious face mask. Jack, dressed in his usual gray and brown attire, grips a blue pendant necklace close to his chest. The main option for Mad Moxxi features The Underdome hostess in a purple ensemble including a top hat with a Queen of Hearts playing card tucked inside the ribbon. Meanwhile, the red Mad Moxxi variant is a GameStop exclusive. Giving the bandits some love, there is also a shirtless Psycho wearing orange pants and a striped mask.

Fans of the sarcastic robot need not worry as Funko Pop Borderlands includes several options for Claptrap. Aside from the main vinyl, which features the bot in standard yellow, GameStop issued Claptrap variants in blue, gray, and gold. Also found at GameStop outlets is a Gentleman Claptrap that sports a gray tuxedo paint job with a top hat and mustache.

Announced at the 2017 New York Toy Fair, the second wave features Emperor Claptrap along with the teenage explosives expert Tiny Tina holding her stuffed rabbit, and Lilith the Siren. The elusive assassin Zer0 is depicted with precision as he wields both a blue sword and gold gun with a red "0" across his masked face.

Listed in numerical order below is the complete Funko Pop Borderlands checklist including variants and exclusives. Images for each figure are located on the corresponding visual guide tab above.

Ultimate Funko Pop Borderlands Figures Checklist and Gallery 1  Ultimate Funko Pop Borderlands Figures Checklist and Gallery 2

Funko Pop Borderlands Master Checklist

Wave 1
42 Handsome Jack
43 Mad Moxxi
43 Mad Moxxi Red - GameStop
44 Claptrap
44 Claptrap Blue - GameStop
44 Claptrap Gray - GameStop Mystery Box
44 Claptrap Gold - GameStop
45 Psycho
46 Gentleman Claptrap - GameStop
Wave 2*
208 Emperor Claptrap
209 Lilith
210 Zero
211 Tiny Tina
212 Commando Claptrap - GameStop

Estimated Release Date (Wave 2): June 2017

Ultimate Funko Pop Borderlands Figures Checklist and Gallery 3
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