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2017 Funko Pop Bob Ross Vinyl Figures

2017 Funko Pop Bob Ross Vinyl Figures


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Funko Pop Bob Ross celebrates The Joy of Painting host with a handful of unmistakable figures. While every vinyl features Ross' signature look thanks to his permed afro, each adds a unique touch, too.

The original Funko Pop Bob Ross figure stands in blue jeans and a button-down shirt with a clear paint palette. There is also a Bob Ross flocked (just his hair!) variant issued with Big G Creative's The Art of Chill game. Meanwhile, another has his foot in a paint bucket as Ross holds an oversized paintbrush.

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Known for his love of the wilderness and animals, other Funko Pop Bob Ross editions pair him with a raccoon, and a squirrel named PeaPod, which is issued through Target. Additionally, Bob Ross and Hoot (a baby owl) is a limited chase that averages 1:6 boxes.

Although Bob Ross served in the U.S. Air Force for 20 years before retiring as a Master Sergeant, he demeanor during the instructional PBS show broke any stereotype of hardened soldiers. The soft-spoken artist helped many viewers become better painters, or at least enjoy watching him create flawless paintings. Hence, every Funko Pop Bob Ross figure is standing with either a painting tool or a painted canvas.

Funko Pop Bob Ross  Funko Pop Bob Ross

Funko Pop Bob Ross Checklist

524 Bob Ross
524 Bob Ross Flocked - Big G Creative
558 Bob Ross and Raccoon*
559 Bob Ross with Paintbrush*
560 Bob Ross and PeaPod - Target*
561 Bob Ross and Hoot - Chase*

Estimated Release Date (#558 - #561*): December 2017

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Funko Pop Bob Ross Gallery

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524 Bob Ross

Funko Pop Bob Ross

524 Bob Ross Flocked - Big G Creative

Funko Pop Bob Ross

558 Bob Ross and Raccoon

Funko Pop Bob Ross

559 Bob Ross with Paintbrush

Funko Pop Bob Ross

560 Bob Ross and PeaPod - Target

Funko Pop Bob Ross

561 Bob Ross and Hoot - Chase (1:6 boxes)

Funko Pop Bob Ross

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