Funko Pop Bleach Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Bleach Vinyl Figures


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The Pop! Animation set offers subjects from the Weekly Shonen Jump manga series and anime television show. As with most of the anime on Adult Swim's Toonami, Bleach shares its title with the Japanese manga that it's based on. The series follows a teenage boy, Ichigo Kurosaki, who can see and talk with ghosts.

Funko Pop Bleach features Ichigo with spiked orange hair, wearing the traditional Shinigami robe that includes a red strap across the chest. He also grasps a rather large knife resting at his foot. Don't worry, the fate of Funko Pop Bleach is anything but grim.

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Although she has the appearance of a young teen, Rukia is almost 150 years old (what a lucky lady!). Her Funko Pop Bleach vinyl reflects her youthfulness as black bangs hang across her face. Rukia also wears a black robe but with a white belt, and wields her Zanpakuto—a soul-cutting sword. Both Ichigo and Rukia have a pre-release sticker version at Hot Topic. Rounding out the first series is the GameStop-exclusive figure for Hollow Ichigo, which features Ichigo with an inverted color scheme and crimson red eyes.

Funko Pop Bleach wave two brings Grimmjow and Renji. In addition to the main version, Renji has a GameStop-exclusive version featuring his Bankai sword, as well.

Funko Pop Bleach Vinyl Figures 1  Funko Pop Bleach Vinyl Figures 2

Funko Pop Bleach Checklist

59 Ichigo
59 Ichigo Pre-Release - Hot Topic
60 Rukia
60 Rukia Pre-Release - Hot Topic
96 Hollow Ichigo - GameStop
December 2018
347 Renji w/ Bankai sword - GameStop
348 Renji
349 Grimmjow

Funko Pop Bleach Gallery

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59 Ichigo

Funko Pop Bleach Vinyl Figures 3

60 Rukia

Funko Pop Bleach Vinyl Figures 4

96 Hollow Ichigo - GameStop

Funko Pop Bleach Vinyl Figures 5

347 Renji with Bankai sword - GameStop

Funko Pop Bleach Vinyl Figures 6

348 Renji

Funko Pop Bleach Vinyl Figures 7

349 Grimmjow

Funko Pop Bleach Vinyl Figures 8

Funko Pop Bleach Vinyl Figures 9

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