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Funko Pop Black Panther Movie Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Black Panther Movie Vinyl Figures


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Hero. Legend. King. The Funko Pop Black Panther Movie set goes deep into the legacy of T'Challa, the Wakanda king known to most as the Black Panther. The vinyl release also includes Erik Killmonger, Nakia, Okoye, and many others from the 2018 Marvel film.

While not his first Pop! figures, the titular character kicks off the Funko Pop Black Panther Movie line with an unmasked option and a masked chase variant (1:6 boxes). Other choices include Black Panther wearing his purple "Warrior Falls" attire, along with the Target exclusive for the blue glow-in-the-dark Black Panther.

Order Funko Black Panther Figures on Entertainment Earth.

In addition, the set equally represents the villainous N'Jadaka, a.k.a. Erik Killmonger. Aside from the primary figure, masked Erik Killmonger is a chase that averages 1:6 boxes, while the glow-in-the-dark edition can be located at Walmart outlets.

Numbered as part of the larger Pop! Marvel brand, the Funko Pop Black Panther Movie checklist also features members of the king's all-female special forces bodyguard unit, Dora Milaje. This includes Nakia and Okoye, who is issued through Funko-Shop. Honoring the Wakanda princess (and sister of T'Challa), Shuri wears the signature royal colors of purple and gold.

Amazon even has a special page for Funko Pop Black Panther figures.

Funko Pop Black Panther Movie

Funko Pop Black Panther Movie Checklist

273 Black Panther
273 Black Panther Masked - Chase Variant
273 Black Panther Blue GITD - Target
273 Black Panther Purple GITD - Target
274 Black Panther Warrior Falls
275 Okoye - Funko-Shop
276 Shuri
277 Nakia
278 Erik Killmonger
278 Erik Killmonger Masked - Chase Variant
279 Erik Killmonger Glow Panther GITD - Walmart
351 T'Challa Black Robe
352 T'Challa White Robe
385 Okoye w/ wig - 2018 NYCC/Amazon
386 Erik Killmonger Black Jacket
387 Ulysses Klaue
388 M'Baku


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