Funko Pop Billy Madison Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Billy Madison Vinyl Figures


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Head back to school with Funko Pop Billy Madison figures. The cult-classic comedy from 1995 is the first of many popular films with Adam Sandler in the lead role.

The definition of a slacker, Billy Madison is forced to retake his entire elementary and high school curriculum in order to gain control of the family business. The hotel heir is naturally the focus of the Pop! Movies set. Billy can be found at various stages in his schooling, including an outfit he wore for third grade. Another choice is the Target-exclusive version wearing a ripped Izod sweater and holding a sack lunch.

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Perhaps the most memorable moment is the deluxe figure for Madison which captures his time in the tub with the shampoo and conditioner. 

Collectors can also find the elusive penguin and deranged Danny McGrath (Steve Buscemi) in the Funko Pop Billy Madison set.

Of course, the movie is filled with other notable appearances that would be great in Pop! form. If Funko decides to roll out additional figures, possible choices include Veronica Vaughn (Bridgette Wilson), Eric Gordon (Bradley Whitford), Frank (Norm Macdonald) and Chris Farley as the bus driver.

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If you are looking for more Adam Sandler collectibles from Funko, there is a set for Happy Gilmore, as well.

Funko Pop Billy Madison Figures Checklist

Billy Madison in Bath Deluxe
Penguin w/ Cocktail
899 Penguin w/ Cocktail Flocked - Hot Topic
Billy Madison w/ Book
Danny McGrath
Billy Madison w/ Lunch - Target

Estimated Release Date: March 2020

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899 Penguin with Cocktail Flocked - Hot Topic

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Funko Pop Billy Madison Vinyl Figures 3

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