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Funko Pop Beauty and the Beast Vinyl Figures Checklist and Gallery

Funko Pop Beauty and the Beast Vinyl Figures Checklist and Gallery

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Disney captured hearts everywhere with their animated film Beauty and the Beast. Funko Pop Beauty and the Beast figures deliver the same lovable characters to collectors in a smaller format.

Based on the French fairytale of the same name, Beauty and the Beast debuted in 1991 with worldwide success. The musical follows the love story between Belle, a peasant girl from the local village, and the Beast, a conceited prince named Adam. As a result of his lack of caring for others, a witch casts a spell on the prince that can only be broken when he learns to love another, and she, in turn, loves him.

Along the way, Beauty and the Beast created some of Disney's most memorable characters. Funko Pop Beauty and the Beast features several options for the main subjects along with the adorable staff in the Beast's castle, including Cogsworth and a pairing of Mrs. Potts and Chip together. Lumiere has a primary vinyl figure and a glow-in-the-dark Hot Topic exclusive.

Aside from her first base figure, Belle has several styles to choose from which include a peasant version as well as a few with her in different dresses and gowns. The Funko Pop Beauty and the Beast figures for Belle posed with glasses or with birds are issued exclusively for Hot Topic. There are also a pair of options for The Beast, each displaying his horns and large teeth, although the figure posed with birds appears to be larger than the standard 3 3/4" Pop size. Even the villainous Gaston gets in on the Pop! action with a figure.

In addition to releases for the animated classic, Funko Pop Beauty and the Beast also offers versions for the live-action movie (2017) with quite a few figures for Belle, played by Emma Watson. The Mystery Minis set features even more figures for the film, albeit in a smaller size.

Funko Pop Beauty and the Beast Vinyl Figures Checklist and Gallery 1  Funko Pop Beauty and the Beast Vinyl Figures Checklist and Gallery 2

Funko Pop Beauty and the Beast Master Checklist

Beauty and the Beast Animated
21 Belle
22 The Beast
67 Belle Hipster - Hot Topic
90 Peasant Belle
91 Cogsworth
92 Mrs. Potts and Chip
93 Lumiere
93 Lumiere GITD - Hot Topic
221 Belle Dancing
221 Belle Dancing Glitter - Walmart
238 Belle
239 The Beast
240 Gaston
241 Belle with Birds - Hot Topic
241 Belle with Birds Diamond Collection - Hot Topic
Beauty and the Beast Live Action
242 Belle
243 Beast
243 Beast Flocked - Hot Topic
244 Lumiere
245 Cogsworth
246 Mrs. Potts & Chip
247 Belle (Celebration)
248 Belle with Candlestick - Barnes & Noble
249 Belle (Village) - Walmart
250 Belle (Castle Grounds) - FYE
251 Belle (Garderobe) - Target

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  1. Author

    Why is everyone leaving out the Belle(Garderobe)? She is a Target exclusive. Also, the Wal-Mart Exclusive hasn’t been released as I cannot find it anywhere, online or in store.

  2. Author

    222 is Cinderella (Sparkle Dress) – Walmart
    221 is Belle (Sparkle Dress) – Walmart

    Need to fix Checklist

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