Funko Pop Artists Figures

Funko Pop Artists Figures


Exactly as it sounds, Funko Pop Artists covers talented and innovative creators from throughout history.

The standalone vinyl set first debuted at 2019 New York Comic Con. Fittingly, the initial figures include two names that got their start in NYC, including Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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Of course, Funko Pop Artists is not just for modern subjects. The series also features figures for the legends. And if you are going to highlight the top artists from history, it is likely that the same masters would be mentioned time and time again. For many collectors and fans, that means Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci.

Other notable figures from the past come in the Funko Pop Icons line.

Check back for updates and information on any new Pop! Artists figures.

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Funko Pop Artists Figures Checklist

01 Keith Haring - 2019 NYCC
02 Jean-Michel Basquiat - 2019 NYCC
03 Vincent van Gogh
04 Leonardo da Vinci


Funko Pop Artists Figures Gallery


01 Keith Haring - 2019 New York Comic Con / Barnes & Noble

Funko Pop Artists Figures 1

02 Jean-Michel Basquiat - 2019 New York Comic Con / Foot Locker

Funko Pop Artists Figures 2

03 Vincent van Gogh

Funko Pop Artists Figures 3

04 Leonardo da Vinci

Funko Pop Artists Figures 4

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