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Ultimate Funko Pop Ant-Man Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Ant-Man Figures Checklist and Gallery


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He’s not your average-sized superhero, but then again, neither is the Funko Pop Ant-Man figure line. And, this is precisely what makes them too adorable to ignore!

Appearing in Marvel Comics since 1962, only three men have had the honor to suit up as Ant-Man: Dr. Hank Pym, Scott Lang and Eric O'Grady. However, after Ant-Man debuted as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, audiences fell in love with Paul Rudd's adaptation of Lang, which is also the version Funko Pop Ant-Man covers.

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Aside from the main silver, black and red edition for Funko Pop Ant-Man, a glow-in-the-dark variant is issued through Hot Topic, while the "Black Out" version is a 2015 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Fans and collectors who subscribe to Funko's Marvel Collector Corps received a special treat as the June 2015 box included an Unmasked Ant-Man along with a very, very tiny, masked Ant-Man.

Although Scott Lang made a brief, albeit memorable appearance, he received his own Giant-Man 6" super-sized Pop! in the Captain America: Civil War set. Of course, Funko Pop Ant-Man wouldn't be complete without a Pop! Rides listing. Ant-Man is featured riding the winged Ant-Thony.

Part of Pop! Marvel, the full lineup for the Funko Pop Ant-Man figures is listed in numerical order below. The visual guide tab above features images for each vinyl.

Funko Pop Ant-Man Checklist

85 Ant-Man
85 Ant-Man GITD - Hot Topic
85 Ant-Man Black Out - 2015 SDCC
87 Ant-Man Unmasked - MCC
Captain America: Civil War
135 Giant-Man 6”
Pop! Rides
13 Ant-Man and Ant-Thony

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