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Ultimate Funko Pop American Horror Story Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop American Horror Story Figures Checklist and Gallery


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Like magic, Funko Pop American Horror Story takes the gruesome and sometimes frightful characters and turns them into charming collectibles. The full AHS set showcases variants and exclusives in addition to multiple base figures.

When the first American Horror Story season debuted on FX in 2011, viewers didn't know what to expect. Obviously, it was a horror show, however, little else was known. Now, with several years under their belt, television audiences know that each season is essentially a mini-series, featuring many recurring cast members returning to play a new role with a new story to tell.

The first season, retroactively named Murder House, has just two figures with Tate Langdon and the now infamous Rubber Man. In contrast, AHS: Coven offers several options, including figures for Fiona Goode and a bloody variant, as well as Cordelia Foxx and her blind variant. Both variations are issued through Hot Topic. Other figures for Coven include Marie Laveau, Myrtle Snow, and Misty Day, which portrays the wannabe Stevie Nicks to perfection.

In addition, the Funko Pop American Horror Story figures include options from AHS: Freak Show such as Elsa Mars with a tiny Ma Petite and the Tattler Twins. Even the monstrous clown Twisty gets his own vinyl figure. An unmasked Twisty is a 2015 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. On AHS: Hotel, Lady Gaga played The Countess and she received her very first Pop! figure in doing so.

Taking AHS a bit further, there are two versions of Freddy Funko dressed as Twisty from the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con Funko Fundays. Of course, one of them has to be bloody.

Numbered as part of the main Pop! Television line, the full checklist for Funko Pop American Horror Story is sorted below in chronological order by individual seasons, including any variants and exclusives. A full image gallery for the set is provided on the corresponding visual guide tab.

Ultimate Funko Pop American Horror Story Figures Checklist and Gallery 1

Funko Pop American Horror Story Master Checklist

AHS: Murder House
168 Tate Langdon
169 Rubber Man
AHS: Coven
170 Fiona Goode
170 Fiona Goode Bloody - Hot Topic
171 Cordelia Foxx
171 Cordelia Foxx Blind - Hot Topic
172 Marie Laveau
173 Myrtle Snow
174 Misty Day
175 Papa Legba
AHS: Freak Show
241 Elsa Mars and Ma Petite
242 Tattler Twins
243 Twisty
243 Twisty Unmasked - 2015 SDCC
244 Pepper
AHS: Hotel
323 Mr. March
324 Hypodermic Sally
325 Holden
342 The Countess
Freddy Funko
42 Freddy Funko (Twisty) - 2015 SDCC
42 Freddy Funko (Twisty Bloody) - 2015 SDCC

Ultimate Funko Pop American Horror Story Figures Checklist and Gallery 2
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