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Ultimate Funko Pop Alice in Wonderland Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Alice in Wonderland Figures Checklist and Gallery


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Don't worry, you're not late! The Funko Pop Alice in Wonderland series covers the Disney franchise, offering many figures from the famed fairytale.

Featuring a host of familiar subjects, the Funko Pop Alice in Wonderland lineup begins with classic animated characters including Alice and the Mad Hatter. Also, Cheshire Cat exclusives come via the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) blue variant along with a disappearing Cheshire Cat from Hot Topic.

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Part of later releases, the live-action films captivated young audiences and the young at heart, and their stylized figures do, too. The Alice in Wonderland Pop! movie set features updated versions of Alice, Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter, while the Queen of Hearts makes her vinyl debut. Not to be overshadowed, Alice Through the Looking Glass brings several more characters to the Pop! spotlight including McTwisp, Chessur, Time and Iracebeth.

For Alice in Wonderland completists, you might have a challenge finding Freddy Funko as the Mad Hatter given that the 2016 SDCC exclusives have a small production run. The main option is limited to 400 copies, while just 24 glow-in-the-dark variants were made.

Naturally included in the Pop! Disney family, each Funko Pop Alice in Wonderland figure stands nearly 4" tall.

Funko Pop Alice in Wonderland   Funko Pop Alice in Wonderland

Funko Pop Alice in Wonderland Checklist

Funko Pop Disney
35 Cheshire Cat
35 Cheshire Cat Blue - 2012 SDCC
35 Cheshire Cat Disappearing - Hot Topic
36 Mad Hatter
49 Alice
234 Queen of Hearts with Hedgehog - Hot Topic
Funko Pop Alice in Wonderland
176 Alice
177 Mad Hatter
178 Cheshire Cat
178 Cheshire Cat Flocked - Hot Topic
178 Cheshire Cat GITD - BAM!
179 Queen of Hearts
3-Pack: Alice Kingsleigh, Chessur & Time - Europe Disney Store
Funko Pop Alice Through the Looking Glass
180 Alice Kingsleigh
181 Mad Hatter
182 McTwisp
183 Chessur
184 Time
185 Iracebeth
185 Iracebeth Patina - Hot Topic
204 Mad Hatter with Chromosphere - Hot Topic
Freddy Funko
43 Freddy Funko Mad Hatter - 2016 SDCC
43 Freddy Funko Mad Hatter GITD - 2016 SDCC

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