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Ultimate Funko Dorbz Star Wars Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Dorbz Star Wars Figures Checklist and Gallery


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Funko Dorbz Star Wars figures are the delightful vinyls you are looking for. No really, they are! Collectors can get started with a trio of standard Dorbz options and a Dorbz Ride.

Likely the beginning of a large set, the initial offering is aptly named the "Cantina" 3-pack, and many fans of Star Wars will instantly recognize each figure. The Funko Dorbz Star Wars multi-pack features Greedo in green, Walrus Man in a yellow shirt, and Snaggletooth in a red jumpsuit. Also, it should come as no surprise to see that all three have a blaster gun by their side.

Hoth Han Solo with TaunTaun is chosen as the inaugural Funko Dorbz Ride Star Wars figure. This Ridez release is essentially a Dorbz replica of the Deluxe Funko Pop Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty figure (#125).

While the set's launch is exclusive to Disney's 2017 D23 Expo, later moving to Disney Stores, Funko CEO, Brian Mariotti, indicated that the line will then be made available to purchase through other outlets. "Funko Brian" (yes, that's his nickname) also stated in the reveal that future subjects include Star Wars "ships and beasts, and individual Dorbz characters all within the Star Wars Dorbz line."

Check back often for new figures and details, as Funko Dorbz Star Wars is certain to grow.

Ultimate Funko Dorbz Star Wars Figures Checklist and Gallery 1

Funko Dorbz Star Wars Checklist

001 Luke Skywalker - Disney Store
002 Princes Leia - Disney Store
003 Darth Vader - Disney Store
003 Darth Vader Holographic - Disney Store
004 Han Solo - Disney Store
005 Chewbacca - Disney Store
005 Chewbacca Flocked Chase - Disney Store
006 C-3PO - Disney Store
007 Stormtrooper - Disney Store
008 Jawa - Disney Store
3-Pk: Greedo, Walrus Man, Snaggletooth - 2017 D23 Expo
Dorbz Ridez
009 Luke Skywalker with Speeder - Disney Store
010 Tusken Raider with Bantha - Disney Store
25 Hoth Han Solo w/ TaunTaun - 2017 D23 Expo

Ultimate Funko Dorbz Star Wars Figures Checklist and Gallery 2
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