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2018 Funko Cuphead Mystery Minis

2018 Funko Cuphead Mystery Minis


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The popular indie game gets even bigger (by going even smaller) in Funko Cuphead Mystery Minis! While collectors obviously don't know what's waiting inside each sealed box, another mystery comes with the various exclusives, and where to find them.

Working with 1930s-style animation, the many characters of Cuphead transition quite well to the miniature vinyl world. Of course, there's Cuphead (in red) and Mugman (in blue), who both headline the Funko Pop Cuphead set, as well. There are also many new options and exclusives to be aware of as you attempt to complete the set.

Buy Cuphead Mystery Minis Boxes on Entertainment Earth.

Issued in three different versions, the grand total equals to at least 18 figures. The main Funko Cuphead Mystery Minis release offers Baroness Von Bon Bon, Cagney Carnation and the Slot Machine-frog hybrid formed by Ribby and Croaks.

On top of that, GameStop exclusives include Beppi the Clown, Chauncey Chantenay (the psychic carrot) and Cuphead in an airplane. To obtain the Grim Matchstick, Mugman in plane and Werner Werman figures, a trip to Hot Topic is required.

While that should be all the exclusives, the individual figure odds are still not known. However, fear not as rarity info will be added here as soon as possible.

Funko Cuphead Mystery Minis Main Gallery

Funko Cuphead Mystery Minis

Funko Cuphead Mystery Minis Exclusives

GameStop - Cuphead Plane, Beppi the Clown, Chauncey Chantenay

Hot Topic - Mugman Plane, Grim Matchstick, Werner Werman

Funko Cuphead Mystery Minis Checklist

Baroness Von Bon Bon - main
Beppi the Clown - GameStop
Cagney Carnation - main
Cala Maria
Captain Brineybeard
Chauncey Chantenay - GameStop
Cuphead Plane - GameStop
Djimmi The Great
Grim Matchstick - Hot Topic
Hilda Berg
King Dice
Mugman Plane - Hot Topic
Rumor Honeybottoms
Slot Machine - main
The Devil
Werner Werman - Hot Topic

Estimated Release Date: June 2018

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  1. Is Psycarrot’s name really Chauncey Chantenay?

  2. According to Funko it is.

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