Free Stickers for Sports Fans Courtesy of GetGlue

Free Stickers for Sports Fans Courtesy of GetGlue

GetGlue has emerged as one of the hottest social media sites in recent months. The concept is simple: check-in to whatever you're watching, reading, listening to or thinking about and share it with anyone who's listening. But the real draw is the free stickers users get for checking in. Yes, FREE STICKERS!

While most of the stickers are for watching movies and TV, recently, there have been a host of sports-related stickers.

But users need to be quick. Many of the stickers are only available for a limited time. This can range from a window of a few days to just a few hours (in extreme cases, it has been as little as a couple of minutes). For example, during the Sunday Night Football game, I checked in and got a Colts/Steelers sticker commemorating the match-up. It was only available from right before kickoff until the end of the game. That particular sticker is now retired and won't be offered again.

GetGlue stickers are the real deal. They're not imaginary badges offered by other similar check-in apps like FourSquare that are good for bragging rights and not much else. After earning 20 stickers, users can request a shipment, no money required. The catch is, they'll only send 20 stickers per month and GetGlue picks the stickers to send (from the ones a user has unlocked).

Check-ins can be done on either the GetGlue website or through their smartphone apps.

Amazingly, very few GetGlue stickers have made their way onto eBay thus far. However, they do hold some major potential as possible collectibles. Due to the limited availability of many of the stickers, they're rare. Plus, without being able to pick which stickers they'll get delivered, a potential collector would have to be very disciplined in the ones they choose to unlock (or have several accounts).

Here's a just a small sample of the current and recent sports-related GetGlue stickers:

Moneyball Box Office

How to get it: Check into Moneyball.

Moneyball Opening Weekend

How to get it: Only available September 23 to 25.

Hulk Hogans Micro Championship Wrestling Premiere

How to get it: Only available September 14.

Hulk Hogans Micro Championship Wrestling Fan

How to get it: Like and check into Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling five times.

HBO Sports: Mayweather vs. Ortiz

How to get it: Available only September 17.

Philadelphia Union Kickoff

How to get it: Check into Philadelphia Union once live during a game.

Baseball Fan

How to get it: Like and check into baseball five times.

Hockey Night in Canada Stanley Cup Finals Superfan

How to get it: No longer available.

MLB Tonight Diehard Fan

How to get it: Like and check into MLB Tonight 50 times.

To learn more about GetGlue, check out their site. For a guide to available stickers, is essential.

If you sign up for the site, let everyone know in the comments below with your user name and help build your GetGlue network.

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