Jaroslav Halak Rookie Card Checklist

Jaroslav Halak Rookie Card Checklist

In case you missed it, Jaroslav Halak and the #8 seed Montreal Canadiens upset Alexander Ovechkin and his #1 seeded Washington Capitals, in the process becoming the first #8 seed in NHL history to come back and beat a #1 seed after trailing a series 3-1.

The reason for this was simple, Goalie Jaroslav Halak held one of the greatest scoring teams in NHL History to just 3 goals in the final 3 games of the series, despite being shot on 141 times! Here's a look at some of Halak's rookies that were booked before his legendary feat.

1. 2007-08 The Cup #158 Jaroslav Halak JSY AU RC ($120)

2. 2007-08 SP Authentic #223 Jaroslav Halak AU RC ($30)

3. 2007-08 Hot Prospects #236 Jaroslav Halak PP JSY AU RC ($100)

4. 2007-08 OPC Premier #122 Jaroslav Halak JSY AU RC ($50)

5. 2007-08 SPx #219 Jaroslav Halak JSY AU RC ($40)

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