Farewell, Captain: 10 Derek Jeter Retirement Collectibles

Farewell, Captain: 10 Derek Jeter Retirement Collectibles

Yankees fan or not, it's hard not to respect Derek Jeter and what he has accomplished. With the Derek Jeter Retirement Tour coming to a close, there is no shortage of collectibles honoring the future Hall of Famer. From high-end autographs to much more affordable pieces, there are things that fit every budget.

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A common theme with most of the Derek Jeter retirement collectibles is the special logo. Featuring a massive 2, it has cemented the Jeter brand and his connection to the Yankees.

Below, we've highlight ten key pieces of Derek Jeter retirement collectibles. Some were widely released. Others were exclusive to specific games or events.

Derek Jeter Retirement Collectibles

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Steiner Derek Jeter Retirement Autographed Baseball

With Derek Jeter having an exclusive deal with Steiner Sports, looking to the memorabilia dealer is the safest way to buy new autographs of the future Hall of Famer. An autographed Derek Jeter tribute ball is probably one of the most iconic, albeit pricey, pieces or retirement memorabilia.

Derek Jeter Signed Steiner Retirement Baseball

Derek Jeter Day Ticket Stub and Program

When the Yankees celebrated Derek Jeter's career on September 7, several mundane items became instant collectibles. Ticket stubs and programs from the game are direct connections to the day. Similarly, tickets and programs from the final Yankees home game of 2014 (September 25 versus Baltimore) and the team's last game of the year (September 28 in Boston) should also be popular pieces.

Derek Jeter Day Program Derek Jeter Day Ticket

Derek Jeter Day Coin

Other items were also available to fans at Derek Jeter Day. A commemorative coin was a stadium giveaway. It showcases Jeter's Turn 2 Foundation. The front has the retirement logo while the back is highlighted by a facsimile signature.

Derek Jeter Day Coin

Derek Jeter Day Rawlings Baseball

Another item specific to the September 7th game against the Royals is a special Jeter baseball made by Rawlings. The Derek Jeter Day baseball has lots happening on every panel. Jeter's portrait, career highlights, the game's date and the retirement logo are all included on the piece.

Derek Jeter Day Baseball Face Derek Jeter Retirement Collectibles - Derek Jeter Day Baseball

Rawlings Commemorative Baseballs

Rawlings Derek Jeter Retirement Gold Baseball 3 Panels

Sticking with the ball theme, Rawlings has a few different commemorative Derek Jeter balls that have the now-familiar logo. The most distinct of these balls are done to look gold and silver.

Rawlings Derek Jeter Retirement Silver Baseball

Derek Jeter Retirement Jersey Patch

Easy to add to a jersey or attractive to keep in the package, the Derek Jeter retirement patch is one of the more affordable farewell collectibles.

Derek Jeter Retirement Patch

Commemorative Derek Jeter McFarlane Figures

McFarlane has a couple of Derek Jeter items honoring the shortstop's career. The first is a figure two-pack that not only comes with a pair of figures but five World Series trophies and five Silver Slugger bats, noting his accomplishments. The set comes packaged with the retirement logo.

2014 McFarlane MLB Derek Jeter Commemorative Two-Pack Prelim

McFarlane is also making five limited edition Derek Jeter World Series figures, one for each of his championships. Sold individually, each is numbered to 3,000.

Both the Derek Jeter two-pack and the five World Series figures are slated for a November release.

New Era Commemorative Derek Jeter Caps

New Era never has any trouble coming up with ideas for official MLB caps. This includes a handful of options for Derek Jeter fans as he waves good-bye. The most common commemorative Derek Jeter caps are similar to regular ones with the addition of the retirement logo on the side. Other options include one with a metallic Yankees logo and a Derek Jeter Day cap.

New Era Derek Jeter Cap B

New Era Derek Jeter Retirement Three-Cap Set

In addition to single caps, New Era has a high-end set of three Yankees caps that honor Jeter and his career accomplishments. Limited to 2,014 sets, the caps come boxed with a certificate of authenticity. It is exclusive to the Yankee Stadium shop and other official team stores.

Derek Jeter New Era Cap Set

OYO Derek Jeter Curtain Call Series Figures

Sports brick toy maker, OYO, has a few different Derek Jeter retirement pieces as part of its Curtain Call Series. All-Time Leaders has a home figure that has the shortstop in his familiar pinstripes. There's also a road version that has him in the Yankees grey jersey. Both versions are numbered to 2,222.

Special road versions were also produced for various teams, commemorating his final games in each city. These have the opposing team's colors and logo on the packaging.

OYO has also made a commemorative infield set that comes with Jeter-centric packaging and a Jeter mini-figure.

OYO Derek Jeter Curtain Call Home  OYO Derek Jeter Curtain Call Road

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