Derek Jeter Topps Cards Through the Years

Derek Jeter Topps Cards Through the Years

Over the course of his 20-year MLB career, Derek Jeter became one of the game's most beloved players. While his career numbers are worthy of Cooperstown, it's his persona and championship pedigree that has made Jeter the all-time great that he is. Wearing the Yankee pinstripes for his entire career doesn't hurt either. That popularity has transferred over to the collecting world as well. Derek Jeter cards remain among the most popular in the hobby. Yet, with licensing and a revolving door of card manufacturers and brands, only one set has captured his career from start to finish -- Topps.

The first Derek Jeter card from Topps came out in 1993. It is one of eight rookie cards. The somewhat plain design captures the shortstop as a scrawny teenager. While he's stayed in shape, that youthful look has been replaced by the grey hairs of middle age.

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Since his rookie card, Topps has included Jeter in all of their base sets throughout his playing days. Besides basic player cards, he has also had plenty of subset cards like All-Stars, League Leaders, Highlights and World Series. On top of those, there are literally thousands of inserts and Topps Derek Jeter cards from other brands.

Outside of his rookie card, the most memorable Derek Jeter Topps card, at least from the flagship set, is from 2007. With crudely Photoshopped images of Mickey Mantle and President George W. Bush added, the card created mainstream buzz when it first arrived. Although a common card and not a short print, it still commands a premium over other Derek Jeter base cards.

Because the flagship Topps set is the only product to chronicle Jeter's entire career, here's a showcase of his base card from 1993 to 2015.

Derek Jeter Topps Cards - 1993-2015

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