37 Classic Costacos Brothers Posters You Wish You Still Had

37 Classic Costacos Brothers Posters You Wish You Still Had

You might not recognize the Costacos brothers name. But if you grew up in the 1980s or early 90s and were into sports, you probably had some of their handiwork hanging in your bedroom. Wild and over-the-top, Costacos brothers posters defined a generation of pro athletes.

Many Costacos brothers posters make sports stars out to be larger-than-life personalities. Their best work refused to simply blow up a generic action shot and add a player name and logo. These posters are mass-produced works of art.

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Embracing pop culture from the day, many of these posters are, in some ways, dated now. Or is that part of what makes them timeless? Athletes aren't necessarily pictured as themselves. Rather, they're portrayed as a persona, a literal embodiment of their nickname.

Much of the fun comes from the props and references. Multiple posters riff on The Terminator. Christian Okoye channels Freddy Krueger wearing the movie monster's infamous glove. Even the courtroom drama L.A. Law is touched on a James Worthy poster.

Here's a 2013 short documentary on the Costacos brothers from Amy K. Nelson:


The Costacos brothers poster empire was born in the mid-1980s in Seattle. Somehow, they convinced athletes to dress up as cowboys, cyborgs, superheroes and soldiers. Toss in a few props like a plane, hot car or tank and give it some dramatic lighting and the rest is pop culture history. Being the 1980s, there was also a lot of guns -- something that likely wouldn't fly now.

Today, many recognize Costacos brothers posters as works of art. And they are. Although they were intended to be pinned to walls, these posters were printed in enough quantities that they can still be found today. Expect to pay more than the $5 (or less) they went for at the local sporting goods stores back in the day. Depending on the size, style and athlete, many sell for $50 to $100 today.

Here's a small sample of Costacos brothers posters. Over the years they produced hundreds of different pieces so this is just a small sampling of their iconic awesomeness. We were sure to make sure some Zubaz appeared.

Iconic Costacos Brothers Posters

Costacos Brothers Posters Bob Golic

Top eBay Listings

Michael Jordan Poster Space The Final Frontier 1990 Costacos Brothers Inc Lay-Up

Costacos 1083 HUGE Michael Jordan in Action II Poster 72" x 24" Factory Sealed!!

1990 Costacos Michael Jordan Space the Final Frontier Poster 24" x 36"

Vintage Original Reggie White 1993 Costacos Poster

2002 Ed Belfour "The Eagle" Costacos Poster. 22 1 2" x 34". Maple Leafs. RARE

Vintage Original 1996 Dan Marino Costacos Door Size Poster (6')

Vintage 1991 Costacos Poster Wayne Gretzky Kings (24 x 36)

Vintage Original 1996 NY Knicks "RUMBLE" Costacos Poster (24x36")

Costacos Isaac Bruce poster-Ramming Speed

Vintage Deadstock Costacos Brothers Michael Jordan Poster The Chosen One #6385

Sealed Deadstock Costacos Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan Career Poster #6578

Sealed Deadstock Costacos Micheal Jordan Poster Eighth Wonder of the World #612

Warren Moon Minnesota Vikings Costacos Brothers 23x35 Poster 1995 - COOL!!!

Steve Young POWER PORTRAIT San Francisco 49ers 1995 Costacos Brothers Poster

TIM HARDAWAY DIE HARDER Golden State Warriors 1992 Costacos Brothers Poster

Rare Charles Barkley ELITE Phoenix Suns 1994 Slam Dunk Costacos Brothers Poster
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  1. Were any of the posters ever turned into cards?

  2. Greg Jayhawkaholic’ I’m not sure, although I think they would make for a fantastic insert in something like Topps Archives.

  3. I have many of these. Bought them for my 2 boys for their rooms. If you have any please leave a comment. Would like to talk to you to see what you have. Thanks

  4. I have almost the complete mini poster/cards of all of these since 1980. mint ..and the nike versions to bout.

  5. Does anyone have any of these?

  6. I have 1990 SF 49ers rare poster “Monumental” four times world champions”.. nearly mint…will send pics if request…thanks Jeff

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