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Cardboard Cliff Notes: 2010 Bowman Baseball

Cardboard Cliff Notes: 2010 Bowman Baseball

Here's a rundown of the cards I am looking forward to most in the upcoming 2010 Bowman Baseball. Hopefully this will help you pass the time until Bowman releases later this week.

Top 20 2010 Bowman Autographs (Base Set, BCP, and BP)
There are 15 Base Set Autographs, 12 Retail-Only Prospect Autographs, and 31 Bowman Chrome Prospect autographs.Cardboard Cliff Notes: 2010 Bowman Baseball 1

  1. #200 Jason Heyward AU (RC)
  2. #BP1 Stephen Strasburg AU
  3. #BCP100 Starlin Castro AU
  4. #BCP89 Dustin Ackley AU
  5. #BCP117 Wil Myers AU
  6. #189 Austin Jackson AU (RC)
  7. #BCP90 Donovan Tate AU
  8. #BCP119 Martin Perez AU
  9. #BCP93 Brett Jackson AU
  10. #BCP109 Jaff Decker AU
  11. #BCP106 Grant Green AU
  12. #BCP115 James Darnell AU
  13. #BCP105 Julio Teheran AU
  14. #BCP101 Anthony Rizzo AU
  15. #BCP108 Jose Iglesias AU
  16. #BCP91 Nolan Arenado AU
  17. #BCP98 Alexia Amarista AU
  18. #BCP99 Thomas Neal AU
  19. #BCP104 Anthony Gose AU
  20. #BCP116 Kirk Nieuwenhuis AU

Top 5 Base Cards (220 card set)Cardboard Cliff Notes: 2010 Bowman Baseball 2
Base cards are base cards, but this year there's a certain rookie named Jason Heyward. Even better, I believe this is Heyward's first card to carry the official "RC" tag! This card should be one of the more exciting base rookies in recent memory, especially when you factor in the parallel potential.

  1. #200 Jason Heyward RC
  2. #198 Austin Jackson RC
  3. #208 Buster Posey RC
  4. #203 Wade Davis RC
  5. #206 Madison Bumgarner RC

Top 10 Bowman Prospect/Bowman Chrome Prospects (110 card set/each)
The "1st Bowman Card" of Strasburg and Ackley! An added Bonus is that Aroldis Chapman's card will carry the same distinction, as his 2009 Bowman Cards were considered part of the World Baseball Classic set and he was not a Major League Player at the time.Cardboard Cliff Notes: 2010 Bowman Baseball 3

  1. BCP1 Stephen Strasburg
  2. BCP10 Aroldis Chapman
  3. BCP89 Dustin Ackley
  4. BCP90 Donovan Tate
  5. BCP93 Brett Jackson
  6. BCP106 Grant Green
  7. BCP100 Starlin Castro (Not 1st Bowman Card)
  8. BCP103 Nick Franklin
  9. BCP104 Anthony Gose
  10. BCP101 Anthony Rizzo

Top 10 Future's Game Triple Relics (37 card set)
Jason Heyward, Mike Stanton: four of the most beautiful words in sports cards! Each triple relic card will also be numbered to 99! I left a few big names like Jesus Montero off the list, simply because he has a ton of cards in circulation already. Here's a little secret, Montero isn't the future backstop of the Yankees, it's Austin Romine, a fellow Yankees farmhand. Cardboard Cliff Notes: 2010 Bowman Baseball 4

  1. #FG-JH Jason Heyward
  2. #FG-MS Mike Stanton
  3. #FG-SC Starlin Castro
  4. #FG-DJE Desmond Jennings
  5. #FG-CC Chris Carter
  6. #FG-CS Carlos Santana
  7. #FG-WF Wilmer Flores
  8. #FG-JV Josh Vitters
  9. #FG-TG Tyson Gillies
  10. #FG-NW Nick Weglarz

Top 20 Top 100 Prospect Inserts (100 Card Set)
This was a really cool idea. Basically, Topps ranked their Top 100 prospects and made an insert set out of it. When ranking them, I used the same principle that I used with the Relic rankings, favoring guys who have less cards in circulation whenever possible. Cardboard Cliff Notes: 2010 Bowman Baseball 5

  1. #TP3 Jason Heyward
  2. #TP5 Mike Stanton
  3. #TP1 Stephen Strasburg
  4. #TP10 Starlin Castro
  5. #TP6 Mike Moustakas
  6. #TP2 Aroldis Chapman
  7. #TP9 Austin Jackson
  8. #TP18 Domonic Brown
  9. #TP21 Dustin Ackley
  10. #TP22 Desmond Jennings
  11. #TP30 Austin Romine
  12. #TP29 Wilmer Flores
  13. #TP52 Michael Taylor
  14. #TP59 Angel Morales
  15. #TP12 Carlos Santana
  16. #TP92 Chris Carter
  17. #TP20 Buster Posey
  18. #TP94 Ben Revere
  19. #TP31 Tony Sanchez
  20. #TP33 Mike Montgomery

Top 10 1992 Bowman Throwback Inserts (110 card set)
Cool idea, but I feel like these are going to be plentiful and get old real fast, but I don't think there's a product in history that doesn't have one of "those" inserts in it. I basically ranked these based on some of my favorite players.Cardboard Cliff Notes: 2010 Bowman Baseball 6

  1. #BT13 Joe Mauer
  2. #BT79 Ichiro
  3. #BT72 Albert Pujols
  4. #BT62 Ken Griffey Jr.
  5. #BT66 Chase Utley
  6. #BT9 Justin Morneau
  7. #BT71 Vladimir Guerrero
  8. #BT52 Evan Longoria
  9. #BT107 John Smoltz
  10. #BT54 Ryan Howard

Top Ten Bowman Expectations Inserts (50 card set)
These are essentially a "now and then" themed insert. My Favorite combo was the Mauer/Posey. One combo I would have loved to see is Griffey/Heyward. This might be Griffey's last season and it's Heyward's rookie season, that would make for an awesome crossroads combo!

  1. BE-13 Joe Mauer / Buster Posey
  2. BE-17 Chipper Jones / Jason Heyward
  3. BE-3 Hanley Ramirez / Mike Stanton
  4. BE-2 Ryan Howard / Domonic Brown
  5. BE-45 Prince Fielder / Chris Carter

Top 5 USA Baseball InsertsCardboard Cliff Notes: 2010 Bowman Baseball 7
Man, it is nice to finally see USA Baseball in Bowman! Future Washington National Bryce Harper is the obvious attraction in this insert set. For some reason, I am drawn to SS Manny Machado.

  1. #USA18-BC8 Bryce Harper
  2. #USA18-BC10 Manny Machado
  3. #USA-BC3 Bryce Brentz
  4. #USA18-BC17 Jameson Taillon
  5. #USA18-BC2 Nick Castellanos

On paper 2010 Bowman looks like it is going to be great. The only problem I had with the checklist was the absence of the following 5 prospects:

  • Aaron Hicks (Twins OF)
  • Carlos Peguero (Mariners OF)
  • Miguel Velazquez (Rangers OF)
  • Eric Hosmer (Royals 1B)
  • Miguel Sano (Twins SS, I have no clue whether he qualifies for a card yet, but if they made them, I would buy them)

Also, wouldn't it be cool if they did a Latin American Prospect subset to accompany the USA set?

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Brett is a former contributor to The Cardboard Connection.

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