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10 Amazing Ways to Decorate the Ultimate Sports-Themed Man Cave

10 Amazing Ways to Decorate the Ultimate Sports-Themed Man Cave

The ideal man cave is one where you can escape, have some fun and watch the big game. And while the TV, autographs and jerseys are a given, there is plenty more you can do to create the ultimate experience.

Creating the ultimate sports-themed man cave or game room comes down to a matter of taste and preference. Budget is also a consideration. However, there are some essentials you may want to consider.

Here are ten items you may want to consider when setting up you man cave. We're going to assume you already have autographed memorabilia and framed jerseys covered. Most are available at a variety of prices. All will show your fandom. In many cases, they'll double-up and serve another convenient purpose as well.

XZipit Rocker

10 Amazing Ways to Decorate the Ultimate Sports-Themed Man Cave 1You'll find no shortage of chairs and couches that are comfortable to plop down on and watch the game. But XZipit Rockers get you even closer. Not only are they comfortable, but they come with all sorts of features that make game day (and mid-week Madden-a-thons) even more of an experience.

The headrest has its own stereo speakers. A built-in sub-woofer brings bone-crushing hits home. You can connect your iPod, game console or TV to the chair. A pair of pockets help keep track of remotes and controllers.

The seats are made of high-quality synthetic leather, which means they should hold up well over time.

XZipit Rockers have interchangeable panels, allowing you to switch teams as seasons change. The embroidered panels are available for MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and NCAA.

Shop for XZipit Rockers on eBay.


Team-Themed Mini Fridge

10 Amazing Ways to Decorate the Ultimate Sports-Themed Man Cave 2Whether it's beer, pop, juice or seven-layer dip, it's always nice to have something cold at arm's length. Team-themed mini fridges not only add some convenience to your man can, but they add to the decor.

A 1.7 cubic-foot fridge can hold up to 60 cans. That's plenty for a night of entertaining with your friends. Or, if you're watching solo, you won't have to stock it much over the course of a long season.

Shop for team-themed mini fridges on eBay.


Sports Artwork and Prints

10 Amazing Ways to Decorate the Ultimate Sports-Themed Man Cave 3One of the great things about artwork is that it's available in so many different styles. When it comes to decorating your man cave, you can opt for classic photographs, folk art, modern paintings from the likes of LeRoy Nieman or anything in between.

Not only is artwork available in so many different styles, but tons of different sizes as well. Whether you have an entire basement to deck out or something not much bigger than a walk-in closet, the options are endless.

Most artwork goes well with a frame. Again, the options are numerous and available at all budgets.

Shop for sports artwork on eBay.


10 Amazing Ways to Decorate the Ultimate Sports-Themed Man Cave 4Busts and Mini Statues

Looking to add a little class to your man cave? Busts and mini statues are a relatively inexpensive way to make your shelves look a little more museum-like.

Hartland Statues are among the most popular and plentiful options. Dating back decades, the company has captured plenty of stars over the years. Many are also considered highly collectible today.

In recent years, statues and busts have become popular stadium giveaways as well. While some can get fairly pricey, even the most popular are reasonable given what high-end artwork can go for at retail.

Busts and mini statues look great -- usually. They capture big players and some of the greatest moments in sports. If you want something a little more fun, there are options for that as well.

Shop for busts and statues on eBay.


Neon Signs

10 Amazing Ways to Decorate the Ultimate Sports-Themed Man Cave 5Good for atmosphere more than actual lighting, team-themed neon signs give some added flair for man caves. Fewer things show more team pride than a sign that can literally be seen from the other side of the neighborhood.

Neon signs come in a variety of sizes. One thing to watch for is if it's a knock-off or not. They might be a little cheaper, but the quality likely won't be as good. Nailing a team logo in neon is tough enough. But when it's a fly-by-night company working from the other side of the world, it might not be worth the risk.

That said, a high-quality neon sign can be a focus point for any man cave.

Shop for neon signs on eBay.


Wall Clocks

10 Amazing Ways to Decorate the Ultimate Sports-Themed Man Cave 6The wall clock is quickly becoming unnecessary. With Smart Phones and any number of gadgets coming with built-in time pieces, we can find the time just about anywhere. But what if you're caught up in a game and there's something in the oven? Or you need to go pick up the kids? Fumbling through your pocket for your phone can be annoying.

A nice team-themed clock can serve multiple purposes in a man cave. Not only will it help you from letting time get away from you, but they can blend in with the overall decor of your room.

Clocks come in tons of different styles and at every price point. Traditionalists may want to go for a round clock that can hang anywhere in your room. For something a little wilder, there are scoreboard clocks that you can use to keep track of every point as well as knowing what time it is.

Shop for sports-themed clocks on eBay.



10 Amazing Ways to Decorate the Ultimate Sports-Themed Man Cave 7Bobblehead dolls are an all-time classic. Similar in some ways to statues and busts, they're a lot more fun and animated.

No matter your team or player, chances are there's a bobblehead out there for you and your man cave. There are probably tons. One of the most popular stadium giveaways, hundreds of new ones come out every year. That's not even counting the ones made for retail.

Bobbleheads run a variety of price ranges. Vintage figures can cost a lot. More recent ones, even of popular players, can be found for under $20.

Shop for bobbleheads on eBay.


10 Amazing Ways to Decorate the Ultimate Sports-Themed Man Cave 8Felt Banners

When you go to watch a game in an arena and you look to the rafters, the banners hanging down are a reminder of greatness. Honoring championships, accomplishments and all-time legends, they are among the most iconic of trophies.

Today, sports fans can buy their own banners to hang from the walls of their man cave. They can add a tremendous amount of class. Also, when your buddy tries to point out the shortcomings of a bad year, you can end the argument with a nudge and show a history of greatness. Unless, of course, your team hasn't won a championship in several decades.

Shop for felt banners on eBay.


10 Amazing Ways to Decorate the Ultimate Sports-Themed Man Cave 9Wastebaskets

It's the small things that take a good man cave and make it great. In most parts of the house, a sports-themed wastebasket may seem tacky and out-of-place. In a themed room, it's one of the small touches.

Usually inexpensive, wastebaskets can be found with most any team's logo. Several players also appear on these small garbage cans.

You can also use wastebaskets to make your man cave more environmentally conscious. Line up three or four so that you can use them for recycling as well.

Shop for wastebaskets on eBay.


10 Amazing Ways to Decorate the Ultimate Sports-Themed Man Cave 10Fathead Wall Decals

Fatheads are like an evolution of the traditional poster. The die-cut stickers can be applied directly to a wall or the front of a man cave bar. They peel off easily and can be moved from one place to another as your room evolves and changes.

Fatheads are available for both athletes and in team packs. Sizes vary. Full-sized ones can be an affordable centerpiece to any man cave. Fathead Juniors are about half the size and priced accordingly. They don't have quite the same pop but do fit in nicely to tighter spaces.

One of the great things about Fatheads is the selection. Not only are they available for the 'big four' sports and college, but you can also find them in NASCAR, UFC, soccer and more.

Shop for Fathead wall decals on eBay.


10 Amazing Ways to Decorate the Ultimate Sports-Themed Man Cave 11Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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