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Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards to Collect

Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards to Collect

Mr. Irrelevant no more, the Brock Purdy rookie cards are surging as the young quarterback leads the way for the San Francisco 49ers.

As many collectors know, the playful nickname is based on being the last overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. This moniker and his early success have also resulted in comparisons to another Mr. Irrelevant from 2000 (Tom Brady). While Purdy still has a very long way to go to live up to that, it shows how much of an impact he has already made in his early career.

The third-string QB for the 49ers at the start of the 2022 season, it was not likely that he would even see the field in his first year. However, injuries to Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo gave him a chance and he's proven to be quite impressive so far. While the overall selection of Brock Purdy rookie cards is much smaller than other top quarterbacks from the 2022 NFL rookie class, at least among the early releases, he should be featured in most of the remaining 2022 football products.

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Despite the limited choices, collectors still have multiple Brock Purdy rookie cards to grab. Several highlights that are available now can be seen below.

There are also official Iowa State collegiate cards from Panini, with a few being on-card autographs, along with several unlicensed prospect options to check out.

Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards Base

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2022 Donruss Elite Brock Purdy RC #185 (#/999)

Revisiting his Iowa State pro day, the generic-looking image on this Brock Purdy rookie card is not ideal. However, the 2022 Donruss Elite Football card has 999 copies at the base level, plus multiple parallels, giving collectors plenty of variety and price points to work with.

Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards to Collect 1

2022 Panini Black Brock Purdy RC #200

Unfortunately, practice uniforms are a staple of the early brock Purdy rookie cards, including his 2022 Panini Black NFL edition. This parallel lineup is much more limited, featuring only seven options and print runs of 75 copies or less.

Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards to Collect 2

2022 Panini Certified Brock Purdy RC #181 (#/399)

Coming in at just 399 copies, 2022 Certified Football supplies one of the better designs among the initial NFL options. In addition to the limited base card, Purdy has 1,200+ more base copies via parallels.

Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards to Collect 3

2022 Panini Mosaic Brock Purdy RC #367

An early favorite is the Brock Purdy rookie card in 2022 Mosaic NFL. As usual, the chromium set offers multiple Mosaic parallels. There is also a short-printed Silver Prizm version, which is shown below. In an odd bit of image editing, Panini decided to remove one of his feet.

Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards to Collect 4

2022 Panini Spectra Brock Purdy RC #198

Although not numbered, the base 2022 Spectra Football rookie for Purdy can be tough to track down. All parallels are numbered except for the Silver Prizm parallel below.

Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards to Collect 5


Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards Autographs

Naturally, the Brock Purdy rookie autographs are another important option for collectors.

2022 Donruss Elite Turn of the Century Autographs Brock Purdy #TC-70 (#/99)

Limited to 99 copies or less, 2022 Donruss Elite NFL has Turn of the Century autographs for Purdy, including several parallels.

Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards to Collect 6

2022 Panini Black Rookie Autographs Brock Purdy #200 (#/199)

He's also in the Rookie Autographs set for 2022 Panini Black Football. With 199 copies at the main tier, this is his most plentiful numbered autograph from the first few NFL releases.

Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards to Collect 7

2022 Panini Certified Rookie Signatures Brock Purdy #RS-BP Autograph (#/149)

Another serial-numbered autograph appears in 2022 Certified NFL. These have 149 copies with several Mirror parallels.

Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards to Collect 8

2022 Panini Illusions Rookie Signs Brock Purdy #RS-BP Autograph (#/199)

While he didn't make the cut for the 2022 Illusions Football base set, Brock Purdy does have an autograph card in the Rookie Signs insert. The main version features 199 copies.

Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards to Collect 9

2022 Panini Mosaic Brock Purdy Autographs

Available in both the Rookie Autographs Mosaic and Scripts Mosaic sets, fans have two signed cards to chase in 2022 Mosaic NFL. While neither base edition is numbered, there are limited parallels.

Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards to Collect 10

2022 Panini Spectra Rookie Autographs Brock Purdy #40 (#/99)

2022 Spectra Football is another place to find a Brock Purdy rookie autograph capped at 99 copies. One huge plus is that this is the first NFL autograph to show him in his 49ers uniform rather than a practice uniform.

Top Brock Purdy Rookie Cards to Collect 11

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