Beginner's Guide to Collecting Sports Tickets

Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Sports Tickets

Beginner's Guide to Collecting Sports Tickets 1An often overlooked aspect to collecting sports memorabilia are the actual tickets to the events. Documenting the game's place and time in history, tickets serve as relic that connects us with not only a particular sport, but the games and events that our favorite teams and athletes take part in.

Technology is even on the side of collectors. The use of barcodes and scanners at gate entrances have allowed newer tickets to stay intact and consumers are left with a full piece of history and not just the stub many people had grown accustomed to through the years.

Ticket Collecting 101

The rise in popularity of ticket collecting has spawned several resources and services that cater to this specific niche. Tickets are now graded by PSA, one of the industries leading grading and preservation companies. eBay now has a section for tickets. There are even annual price guides and display products.

One of the best ticket collecting resources is a company called That's My Ticket. Not only does the company utilize your ticket to create memorable collectibles, the site also offers a library of articles on the very subject of ticket collecting.

Moments in History

As one might imagine, games and events of historical significance are most in demand. These might include championship games or ones in which records were broken or significant milestones were reached.

Ticket collecting can be catered specifically to the collector's interest and offer an endless list of possibilities. One might assemble a collection of opening game tickets from a favorite team, no-hitters, 500 home run games, milestone events, division-clinching games, team shutouts, rookie games, Super Bowls, NCAA Championship games, World Series, All-Star Games and more. The imagination is the only limitation upon which one can build an impressive ticket collection.

Sports Ticket Values

Recently completed auctions reveal a treasure trove the types of tickets that are available. They also show what people are willing to pay for them. Here are just a few with links to the completed auction.

It is amazing to think that these rare pieces of history still exist, but they do. Thanks to collectors, sentimentalists, hoarders and fans, these unique pieces of sports Americana can serve as the cornerstone or centerpiece of any ticket collection. As you can see the value of tickets of this vintage often command more money than trading cards from the same year regardless of their condition.

Essential Ticket Collecting Resources

Below is a list of links to various ticket collecting resources to get you started or help further educate you on the hobby of ticket collecting, ticket pricing, archival storage and supplies and more.

So whether you're just starting out, or looking to add to your collection, there are many resources that can help you along the way. So remember, after you get into the venue, protect that ticket. You never know what might happen come game time.

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  1. I have a pretty strong collection of WFL Tickets(1974-5). I am always looking for more. I have quite a few of the tougher WFL tickets to trade. I can be reached at:
    Thanks, Ron Hanley

  2. I have a July 28th 1968
    NY Met Ticket Stub
    Can you tell me the worth?
    In ok condition
    Thank You, Joe

  3. Hi!
    I’m wondering what your opinion is of tickets from unplayed games – Ie. Game 7 from a playoff series that ended in Game 5 or 6?
    I’m starting a bit of a collection and am wondering from a collectors view, what would be a “better” stub to have?

  4. I’m looking for two September 4, 1994 San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos used and/or unused tickets.

  5. For sale 1 1930 NOTREDAME vs smu. First ever game played in the new rockne vstadium. Serious buyers onky will submit pic to valid e mail

  6. I have a ticket stub from the last game played by the Buffalo Braves (NBA) in “The Aud” in Buffalo NY. They played the NY Knicks. The following year the team relocated.

  7. I have 2 tickets to cancelled Monday night football game between Cleveland browns and Denver Broncos in 1987. Are they worth anything?

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