Top 10 Bart Starr Cards of All-Time

Top 10 Bart Starr Cards of All-Time

Bart Starr is one of the most beloved figures in the history of the Green Bay Packers and also a Hall of Fame quarterback. Both a player and a coach for Packers, Bart Starr cards are very popular with collectors, especially his autographs and vintage options.

Drafted out of the University of Alabama in 1956 by the Green Bay Packers, the 17th-round pick adapted quickly and led the Packers to five titles, including two Super Bowl wins. The four-time Pro Bowl selection was the league MVP in 1966 and Super Bowl MVP in both of the Packers' wins.

With the earliest Bart Starr card debuting in 1957, card collectors did not have to wait long. Following the rookie release, vintage cards for Starr were consistent until his retirement in 1971. Those are some of the most popular cards and offer a good mix of value and design along with options for almost any budget. In modern times, Bart Starr autographs and memorabilia cards have seen the most interest. Although he signed frequently for card products in the 2000s, values are still strong, with more demand for his earlier autographs.

The following guide covers ten of the top Bart Starr cards of all time. View more info about Bart Starr in our detailed collecting profile.

Top Bart Starr Football Cards

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1957 Topps Bart Starr RC #119

The most popular card for Bart Starr is also his very first. Part of the 1957 Topps product celebrated for an appealing design and strong Hall of Fame checklist, the official rookie card for Bart Starr is a key piece for many collectors, especially fans of the Green Bay Packers. A PSA 8 copy sold for just under $9,500 in March of 2015.

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1958 Topps Bart Starr #66

Although high grades are tough to find in 1958 Topps and overall card numbers are noticeably lower than 1957 Topps, the second card for Bart Starr is a much more affordable vintage option for collectors. The framed green border with an oval cutout makes for a distinctive look. Also, the card has an uncorrected error on the back. The Passing Record section for Starr mixes up his yearly and career stats.

Top 10 Bart Starr Cards of All-Time 2
1959 Topps Football Bart Starr #23

The hard-to-miss pink background makes the 1959 Topps card for Bart Starr immediately stand out. Adding even more color, the font used for the name alternates blue and red and is slightly askew. While values don't approach the Bart Starr rookie card, a PSA 9 sold for $1,077 in March of 2015.

Top 10 Bart Starr Cards of All-Time 3
1961 Fleer Bart Starr #88

Collectors were treated to the first and only Bart Starr Fleer card from his playing career in 1961. Astute collectors will notice that the image of  Wisconsin is backwards on the 1961 Fleer card and that is the case for all the Packers in the release.

Top 10 Bart Starr Cards of All-Time 4
1961 Lake to Lake Packers Bart Starr #18

Although most vintage releases for Bart Starr are not available in huge supply, the regional 1961 Packers release from Lake to Lake Dairy is one of the most difficult cards to find for the former quarterback, especially in high grade. As one of the short prints in the 36-card set, don't expect to find too many of these green-tinted cards.

Top 10 Bart Starr Cards of All-Time 5
1962 Topps Bart Starr #63

Part of the set that is plagued by the sensitive black borders, 1962 Topps remains a hobby favorite because of the appealing design and the search for high grades. Combining a posed color image and black-and-white action shot, this is among the most unique Bart Starr vintage designs.

Top 10 Bart Starr Cards of All-Time 6
1963 Topps Bart Starr #86

Apparently Bart Starr really wanted to get rid of that football. The 1963 Topps card utilizes a very similar primary image to his 1962 card, but flips the layout. The added multi-color border gives the card a different feel and has a more classic look.

Top 10 Bart Starr Cards of All-Time 7
1997 Upper Deck Legends Autographs Bart Starr #AL-1

As one of the key cards from the famed 1997 Upper Deck Legends Autograph set, this signed Bart Starr card commands big bucks whenever it surfaces. Because it is also one of several short prints in the set, that does not happen very often. The bold vintage image and on-card signature make this one of the most popular Bart Starr cards of all-time. A PSA 10 sold for $2,000 in April of 2015.

Top 10 Bart Starr Cards of All-Time 8
2000 Upper Deck Game Jersey Greats Autographs Bart Starr #GJG-BS #/200 (2 versions)

Featuring one of the first autographed relic cards for Bart Starr, the Game Jersey Greats Autograph in 2000 Upper Deck boasts an on-card signature and game-worn jersey piece. While the card is hand-numbered to 200, there are two versions that are basically identical except for the card number (#GJG-BS1 vs. #GJG-BS2). Therefore, there are actually 400 of these cards.

Top 10 Bart Starr Cards of All-Time 9
2002 Topps Ring of Honor Autographs Bart Starr #RH-BS (2 versions)

Although there are a good amount of signed cards for Bart Starr, the 2002 Topps Ring of Honor Autographs is another popular option for collectors. The Ring of Honor insert set celebrates each of the Super Bowl MVPs and is available in both Topps and Topps Chrome. The signed versions are found in 2002 Topps Football and there are two versions for Starr since he was the MVP in both Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II.

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