Art of Cards: 2013 Topps Museum Collection Canvas Collection Guide

Art of Cards: 2013 Topps Museum Collection Canvas Collection Guide

Baseball is an art. 2013 Topps Museum Collection Canvas Collection inserts prove baseball can also be art. Following up on the popular set from 2012 comes another collection of past and present stars as interpreted by top artists.

Inserted one per 2013 Topps Museum Collection Baseball box, Canvas Collection cards all have paintings presented on a canvas card stock. The set has 35 cards, which is down from 48 in 2012. A total of seven artists contributed to the set: Dan Bergren, Gabe Farber, Brandon Kenney, Gary Kezele, James Henry Smith, Bob Stevlic, Brad Utterstrom and Russell Walks. Kenney, Kezele and Walks return from last year's lineup.

Besides basic versions of the cards, each player also has ten cards that feature original art done directly on the card. These are numbered to 10. Random boxes have redemptions for over-sized Canvas Collection cards. Artists also have a very limited number of Artist's Proofs, returns that they can do more original artwork on and distribute as they see fit. Collectors can try contacting the artists to check for availability and pricing.

Below is a full gallery of the entire set, comprehensive checklist and another list arranged primarily by artist.

2013 Topps Museum Collection Canvas Collection Gallery

2013 Topps Museum Collection Canvas Collection Checklist

Checklist includes the team the player is depicted on as well as the card's artist.

CC-1 Albert Pujols, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Gary Kezele
CC-2 Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates - Gabe Farber
CC-3 Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals - Russell Walks
CC-4 David Price, Tampa Bay Rays - Gabe Farber
CC-5 Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals - James Henry Smith
CC-6 Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants - Gabe Farber
CC-7 Prince Fielder, Detroit Tigers - Brandon Kenney
CC-8 Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - James Henry Smith
CC-9 Willie Mays, San Francisco Giants - Russell Walks
CC-10 Cal Ripken Jr., Baltimore Orioles - Gary Kezele
CC-11 Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers - Gabe Farber
CC-12 Reggie Jackson, New York Yankees - Brad Utterstrom
CC-13 Johnny Bench, Cincinnati Reds - Russell Walks
CC-14 Roberto Clemente, Pittsburgh Pirates - Russell Walks
CC-15 Mike Schmidt, Philadelphia Phillies - Brandon Kenney
CC-16 Carlton Fisk, Boston Red Sox - Dan Bergeren
CC-17 Yu Darvish, Texas Rangers - Brandon Kenney
CC-18 Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers - Russell Walks
CC-19 R.A. Dickey, New York Mets - Dan Bergeren
CC-20 Nolan Ryan, Texas Rangers - Gary Kezele
CC-21 Tony Gwynn, San Diego Padres - Russell Walks
CC-22 Derek Jeter, New York Yankees - James Henry Smith
CC-23 Ernie Banks, Chicago Cubs - Brandon Kenney
CC-24 Ozzie Smith, St. Louis Cardinals - Gary Kezele
CC-25 George Brett, Kansas City Royals - Dan Bergeren
CC-26 Will Clark, San Francisco Giants - Dan Bergeren
CC-27 Stan Musial, St. Louis Cardinals - Gary Kezele
CC-28 Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers - Russell Walks
CC-29 Ken Griffey Jr., Seattle Mariners - Brad Utterstrom
CC-30 Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox - Russell Walks
CC-31 John Smoltz, Atlanta Braves - Brad Utterstrom
CC-32 Tom Seaver, New York Mets - Dan Bergeren
CC-33 Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners - Bob Stevlic
CC-34 Orlando Cepeda, San Francisco Giants - Brandon Kenney
CC-35 Lou Gehrig, New York Yankees - Russell Walks

2013 Topps Museum Collection Canvas Collection Artist Checklist

The following list easily sorts the set according to the artist.

Dan Bergren

CC-16 Carlton Fisk
CC-19 R.A. Dickey
CC-25 George Brett
CC-26 Will Clark
CC-32 Tom Seaver

Gabe Farber

CC-2 Andrew McCutchen
CC-4 David Price
CC-6 Buster Posey
CC-11 Ryan Braun

Brandon Kenney

CC-7 Prince Fielder
CC-15 Mike Schmidt
CC-17 Yu Darvish
CC-23 Ernie Banks
CC-34 Orlando Cepeda

Gary Kezele

CC-1 Albert Pujols
CC-10 Cal Ripken Jr.
CC-20 Nolan Ryan
CC-24 Ozzie Smith
CC-27 Stan Musial

James Henry Smith

CC-5 Bryce Harper
CC-8 Mike Trout
CC-22 Derek Jeter

Bob Stevlic

CC-33 Felix Hernandez

Brad Utterstrom

CC-12 Reggie Jackson
CC-29 Ken Griffey Jr.
CC-31 John Smoltz

Russell Walks

CC-3 Stephen Strasburg
CC-9 Willie Mays
CC-13 Johnny Bench
CC-14 Roberto Clemente
CC-18 Clayton Kershaw
CC-21 Tony Gwynn
CC-28 Miguel Cabrera
CC-30 Ted Williams
CC-35 Lou Gehrig

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