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76 Reasons to Love Collecting Sports Cards

76 Reasons to Love Collecting Sports Cards

For a hobby that has a lot of its roots in fun and nostalgia, there are a lot of things in sports card collecting that can make a collector cynical. If you're having a rough day of collecting, there are dozens of things to get excited about. Even focusing on the small bits of joy can make your collecting so much more fun.

Here's a list of 76 things to love about collecting sports cards.

  1. Flipping through pages and admiring card designs.
  2. Learning about sports history.
  3. Rookie cards.
  4. Going to the hobby shop and chatting with other collectors.
  5. Getting an autograph of a childhood hero or someone from your favorite team.
  6. Game-used jersey cards.
  7. The allure of the last pack in a box.
  8. Trading nights at the card shop.
  9. Sorting through a box of cards for the first time.
  10. Getting the last card for a set. Double if it's one that you've been working on for years.
  11. Team sets that have more than a handful of the top stars.
  12. Old cards with dinged corners.
  13. Cool inserts that use interesting technologies.
  14. Reliving the past.
  15. The anticipation of opening a box.
  16. Stickers.
  17. The first 30 seconds of chewing a piece of fresh pink gum.
  18. Making money off an investment.
  19. Gives an excuse to browse eBay.
  20. Going to card shows.
  21. Different photos on the back of the card.
  22. Laughing at pack searchers.
  23. Busting packs.
  24. On-card signatures.
  25. Unique multicolored patches.
  26. Busting packs with your kids.
  27. Reading collector blogs.
  28. Connecting with other collectors.
  29. Laughing at old hair styles.
  30. Getting a super hit.
  31. Laughing at forum flame wars but not getting involved.
  32. Prospecting, especially when your player reaches the bigs for the first time.
  33. Parallel rainbows, particularly the shiny ones.
  34. Clickety-clack of cards in bicycle spokes.
  35. Calculating "value" in your head.
  36. Bartering with dealers.
  37. Group breaks.
  38. Talking sports at the hobby shop.
  39. Digging and sifting through monster boxes.
  40. Finding treasures in the attic.
  41. Studying stats.
  42. Great photography.
  43. Premium giveaways from cereal boxes, grocery stores and fast food restaurants.
  44. Busting junk wax.
  45. Sifting through packs in the car.
  46. Finding a hit among the commons.
  47. Getting a good price on something you were looking for.
  48. Sniping a last-second eBay victory.
  49. 3D holograms that turn their heads. Bonus points if they wink.
  50. Seeing a long-desired card surface.
  51. Seeing the new Topps baseball design for the first time.
  52. Getting your first autograph of a player.
  53. Getting a high-five from the stranger next to you in the shop when he gets something nice.
  54. Spending an hour going through a common box.
  55. Filling the final spot in a nine-pocket page.
  56. Having your auction end higher than you anticipated.
  57. Getting a hot rookie card out of a pack during the player's first year.
  58. The sound of the doorbell when a postal worker or UPS driver leaves a package of cards on your doorstep.
  59. Finding someone in your commons box who has become a star.
  60. Getting a good grade from a grading submission.
  61. Finding cards at garage sales.
  62. Wax pack designs.
  63. The powder left on your fingers from gum.
  64. Wrapper redemptions that add value to an already good box.
  65. Going back through older rookie cards to find a hit.
  66. Attainable short prints.
  67. Educating new collectors or letting them know what they have.
  68. Through-the-mail autographs.
  69. Sorting by teams.
  70. Goalie cards.
  71. Funny pictures on card fronts.
  72. Learning about players from before your time.
  73. Video box breaks.
  74. Error cards.
  75. Trading with other collectors over the Internet.
  76. Finding cards in strange places.

This list is a pretty good start. What do you love about collecting?

76 Reasons to Love Collecting Sports Cards 1Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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78. The smell of the cards in a freshly opened pack.

Matt D
Matt D

Pulling better cards than your friends and rubbing it their face

77. Feeling like a kid again

Couldn’t have said it better myself

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