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2023 Bowman 1st Edition Baseball Cards Checklist and Odds

2023 Bowman 1st Edition Baseball Cards Checklist and Odds

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An early option for Bowman fans, 2023 Bowman 1st Edition Baseball offers collectors an exclusive version of the prospect-filled card brand.

Releasing on April 21, 2023, jut ahead of the primary Bowman MLB product, the price is $279.99 per box.

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2023 Bowman 1st Edition Baseball Set Details

Pulling from the main Bowman Baseball lineup, the 2023 Bowman 1st Edition Baseball checklist includes 150 names in the Paper Prospects set. These display an added "1st Edition" logo and work in a mix of foil parallels.

2023 Bowman 1st Edition Baseball Cards Checklist and Odds 1

Among the foil versions, the listed box odds are virtually identical to last year.

2023 Bowman 1st Edition Baseball Base Parallels Breakdown

  • Sky Blue Foil (1:2 packs)
  • Blue Foil - #/150 (1:17 packs)
  • Yellow Foil - #/75 (1:33 packs)
  • Gold Foil - #/50 (1:49 packs)
  • Orange Foil - #/25 (1:98 packs)
  • Black Foil - #/10 (1:245 packs)
  • Red Foil - #/5 (1:489 packs)
  • Rainbow Foil - 1/1 (1:2,523 packs)

Be on the lookout for rare Chrome Prospects Special Die-Cut Variation (1:1,514 packs) cards covering five top players. These cards are limited to 49 copies with a gold nugget design.

Another chase is the Chrome Autographs 1st Edition (1:256 packs) insert featuring 20 subjects.

Release Date: April 21, 2023
Product Configuration: 10 cards per pack, 24 packs per box

2023 Bowman 1st Edition Baseball Box Break Average

  • 240 cards


Set Checklist

2023 Bowman 1st Edition Baseball Checklist


Subject to change. Email us or leave a comment below about any differences.




Bowman First Edition Paper Base Prospect Set Checklist

150 cards.
Cards with "1st Bowman" designation are noted below as 1st.
FOIL PARALLELS: Sky Blue (1:2), Blue #/150 (1:17), Yellow #/75 (1:33), Gold #/50 (1:49), Orange #/25 (1:98), Black #/10 (1:245), Red #/5 (1:489), Rainbow 1/1 (1:2,523).

BPPF-1 Zack Gelof - Oakland Athletics 1st
BPPF-2 Pedro Ramírez - Chicago Cubs 1st
BPPF-3 Justin Crawford - Philadelphia Phillies 1st
BPPF-4 Javier Osorio - Detroit Tigers 1st
BPPF-5 Daniel Susac - Oakland Athletics 1st
BPPF-6 Wilber Sánchez - Chicago White Sox 1st
BPPF-7 Mishael Deson - Baltimore Orioles 1st
BPPF-8 Max Wagner - Baltimore Orioles 1st
BPPF-9 Cole Young - Seattle Mariners
BPPF-10 Ryan Clifford - Houston Astros 1st
BPPF-11 Moisés Ballesteros - Chicago Cubs 1st
BPPF-12 Jesus Baez - New York Mets 1st
BPPF-13 Oscar Colás - Chicago White Sox
BPPF-14 Henry Davis - Pittsburgh Pirates
BPPF-15 Jonathan Mejia - St. Louis Cardinals
BPPF-16 Drew Gilbert - Houston Astros
BPPF-17 Austin Charles - Kansas City Royals 1st
BPPF-18 Jasson Domínguez - New York Yankees
BPPF-19 Randy De Jesus - Los Angeles Angels 1st
BPPF-20 Jackson Holliday - Baltimore Orioles
BPPF-21 Daniel Guilarte - Milwaukee Brewers 1st
BPPF-22 Dyan Jorge - Colorado Rockies 1st
BPPF-23 Elijah Green - Washington Nationals
BPPF-24 Cristian Hernández - Chicago Cubs
BPPF-25 Druw Jones - Arizona Diamondbacks 1st
BPPF-26 Dayan Frías - Cleveland Guardians 1st
BPPF-27 Rickardo Perez - Philadelphia Phillies 1st
BPPF-28 Martin Gonzalez - Seattle Mariners 1st
BPPF-29 Ceddanne Rafaela - Boston Red Sox
BPPF-30 Yanquiel Fernandez - Colorado Rockies
BPPF-31 Brooks Lee - Minnesota Twins
BPPF-32 Colby Thomas - Oakland Athletics 1st
BPPF-33 Ambioris Tavarez - Atlanta Braves 1st
BPPF-34 Abdias De La Cruz - Arizona Diamondbacks 1st
BPPF-35 Frederick Bencosme - Baltimore Orioles 1st
BPPF-36 Logan Wagner - Los Angeles Dodgers 1st
BPPF-37 Bryan Acuña - Minnesota Twins
BPPF-38 Simon Juan - New York Mets
BPPF-39 Kumar Rocker - Texas Rangers
BPPF-40 Kenni Gomez - Houston Astros 1st
BPPF-41 Eric Brown Jr. - Milwaukee Brewers
BPPF-42 Ruben Santana - Arizona Diamondbacks 1st
BPPF-43 Marco Luciano - San Francisco Giants
BPPF-44 Andres Mesa - Texas Rangers 1st
BPPF-45 Gabriel Martinez - Toronto Blue Jays 1st
BPPF-46 Marcos Cabrera - New York Yankees 1st
BPPF-47 Lizandro Rodriguez - Kansas City Royals 1st
BPPF-48 Colson Montgomery - Chicago White Sox
BPPF-49 Jett Williams - New York Mets
BPPF-50 Alex Ramirez - New York Mets
BPPF-51 Justyn-Henry Malloy - Atlanta Braves 1st
BPPF-52 Hao Yu Lee - Philadelphia Phillies 1st
BPPF-53 Jace Jung - Detroit Tigers
BPPF-54 Cristhian Vaquero - Washington Nationals
BPPF-55 Mairoshendrick Martinus - Los Angeles Dodgers 1st
BPPF-56 Christian Cerda - Arizona Diamondbacks 1st
BPPF-57 Peyton Graham - Detroit Tigers 1st
BPPF-58 Lázaro Montes - Seattle Mariners 1st
BPPF-59 Gleider Figuereo - Texas Rangers 1st
BPPF-60 Aeverson Arteaga - San Francisco Giants
BPPF-61 Junior Caminero - Tampa Bay Rays 1st
BPPF-62 Antony Peguero - Miami Marlins 1st
BPPF-63 Michael Arroyo - Seattle Mariners 1st
BPPF-64 Zach Neto - Los Angeles Angels
BPPF-65 Elly De La Cruz - Cincinnati Reds
BPPF-66 Edwin Arroyo - Cincinnati Reds
BPPF-67 William Bergolla - Philadelphia Phillies
BPPF-68 Brady House - Washington Nationals
BPPF-69 Mikey Romero - Boston Red Sox
BPPF-70 Jefferson Rojas - Chicago Cubs 1st
BPPF-71 Roman Anthony - Boston Red Sox 1st
BPPF-72 Yoffry Solano - Miami Marlins 1st
BPPF-73 Axel Sanchez - Seattle Mariners 1st
BPPF-74 Matt Mervis - Chicago Cubs 1st
BPPF-75 Samuel Zavala - San Diego Padres
BPPF-76 Jackson Chourio - Milwaukee Brewers
BPPF-77 Juan Brito - Colorado Rockies 1st
BPPF-78 Ariel Almonte - Cincinnati Reds 1st
BPPF-79 Manuel Beltre - Toronto Blue Jays
BPPF-80 Samuel Munoz - Los Angeles Dodgers
BPPF-81 Nerwilian Cedeño - San Diego Padres 1st
BPPF-82 Edouard Julien - Minnesota Twins 1st
BPPF-83 Jaison Chourio - Cleveland Guardians
BPPF-84 Leandro Arias - Baltimore Orioles 1st
BPPF-85 Anthony Gutierrez - Texas Rangers
BPPF-86 Yilber Herrera - Minnesota Twins 1st
BPPF-87 Max Muncy - Oakland Athletics
BPPF-88 Termarr Johnson - Pittsburgh Pirates
BPPF-89 Nikau Pouaka-Grego - Philadelphia Phillies 1st
BPPF-90 Braylon Bishop - Pittsburgh Pirates 1st
BPPF-91 Kevin Parada - New York Mets
BPPF-92 Jordan Lawlar - Arizona Diamondbacks
BPPF-93 Kyle Harrison - San Francisco Giants 1st
BPPF-94 Luis Garcia - Toronto Blue Jays 1st
BPPF-95 Hector Rodríguez - Cincinnati Reds 1st
BPPF-96 Henry Ramos - Kansas City Royals 1st
BPPF-97 Fraymi De Leon - Boston Red Sox 1st
BPPF-98 Jorge Burgos - Cleveland Guardians 1st
BPPF-99 Yasser Mercedes - Minnesota Twins
BPPF-100 Luis Lara - Milwaukee Brewers 1st
BPPF-101 Blaze Jordan - Boston Red Sox
BPPF-102 Vincent Perozo - New York Mets 1st
BPPF-103 Chase DeLauter - Cleveland Guardians
BPPF-104 Luisangel Acuña - Texas Rangers
BPPF-105 Juan Chacon - Boston Red Sox 1st
BPPF-106 Miguel Bleis - Boston Red Sox
BPPF-107 Marcelo Mayer - Boston Red Sox
BPPF-108 Jacob Berry - Miami Marlins 1st
BPPF-109 Gavin Cross - Kansas City Royals
BPPF-110 Yhoangel Aponte - Toronto Blue Jays 1st
BPPF-111 Josue De Paula - Los Angeles Dodgers 1st
BPPF-112 Ronny Simon - Tampa Bay Rays 1st
BPPF-113 Abel Bastidas - Detroit Tigers 1st
BPPF-114 Daniel Montesino - San Diego Padres 1st
BPPF-115 Brock Jones - Tampa Bay Rays 1st
BPPF-116 Deyvison De Los Santos - Arizona Diamondbacks 1st
BPPF-117 Freili Encarnacion - Boston Red Sox 1st
BPPF-118 Lyonell James - Boston Red Sox 1st
BPPF-119 Trey Sweeney - New York Yankees
BPPF-120 Carlos Jorge - Cincinnati Reds 1st
BPPF-121 Yordany De Los Santos - Pittsburgh Pirates
BPPF-122 Blake Loubier - Boston Red Sox 1st
BPPF-123 Jorge Ruiz - Los Angeles Angels 1st
BPPF-124 Robert Perez Jr. - Seattle Mariners 1st
BPPF-125 Cam Collier - Cincinnati Reds 1st
BPPF-126 Marcus Lee Sang - Philadelphia Phillies 1st
BPPF-127 Joshua Baez - St. Louis Cardinals
BPPF-128 Emaarion Boyd - Philadelphia Phillies 1st
BPPF-129 James Wood - Washington Nationals
BPPF-130 Luis Rodriguez - St. Louis Cardinals 1st
BPPF-131 Alejandro Osuna - Texas Rangers 1st
BPPF-132 Nelson Rada - Los Angeles Angels 1st
BPPF-133 Gabriel Gonzalez - Seattle Mariners 1st
BPPF-134 Tony Blanco Jr. - Pittsburgh Pirates 1st
BPPF-135 Roderick Arias - New York Yankees
BPPF-136 Juan Olmos - Kansas City Royals 1st
BPPF-137 Juan Alonso - Los Angeles Dodgers 1st
BPPF-138 Yeiner Fernandez - Los Angeles Dodgers 1st
BPPF-139 Spencer Jones - New York Yankees 1st
BPPF-140 Angel Genao - Cleveland Guardians 1st
BPPF-141 William Lugo - New York Mets 1st
BPPF-142 Yunior Garcia - Los Angeles Dodgers 1st
BPPF-143 Dylan O'Rae - Milwaukee Brewers 1st
BPPF-144 Colton Cowser - Baltimore Orioles
BPPF-145 Xavier Isaac - Tampa Bay Rays 1st
BPPF-146 Jase Bowen - Pittsburgh Pirates 1st
BPPF-147 Kahlil Watson - Miami Marlins
BPPF-148 Kenedy Corona - Houston Astros 1st
BPPF-149 José Peroza - New York Mets 1st
BPPF-150 Jace Avina - Milwaukee Brewers 1st


Bowman Chrome Prospector's Special Die-Cut Checklist

5 cards. Serial numbered #/49. 1:1,514 packs. Buy on eBay.


BCPD-3 Justin Crawford - Philadelphia Phillies
BCPD-25 Druw Jones - Arizona Diamondbacks
BCPD-108 Jacob Berry - Miami Marlins
BCPD-125 Cam Collier - Cincinnati Reds
BCPD-139 Spencer Jones - New York Yankees


2023 Bowman 1st Edition Baseball Autograph Checklist


Bowman Chrome 1st Edition Autographs Set Checklist

20 cards. Serial numbered. 1:256 packs. Buy on eBay.

Daniel Montesino - San Diego Padres
Diego Hernandez - Kansas City Royals
Druw Jones - Arizona Diamondbacks
Edouard Julien - Minnesota Twins
Hector Rodríguez - Cincinnati Reds
Jacob Berry - Miami Marlins
Jefferson Rojas - Chicago Cubs
Jorge Ruiz - Los Angeles Angels
Juan Brito - Colorado Rockies
Kyle Harrison - San Francisco Giants
Lazaro Montes - Seattle Mariners
Matt Mervis - Chicago Cubs
Michael Arroyo - Seattle Mariners
Nick Morabito - New York Mets
Pedro Ramírez - Chicago Cubs
Randy De Jesus - Los Angeles Angels
Roman Anthony - Boston Red Sox
Ryan Clifford - Houston Astros
Vaun Brown - San Francisco Giants
Yeiner Fernandez - Los Angeles Dodgers



2023 Bowman 1st Edition Baseball Odds / NPN Info


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Too much paper – this product needs 100% chrome for me to ever buy again, Total suckfest – waste of money.


Still on Topps website for 279. Don’t buy from the flippers.

Bryan K
Bryan K

If you want to over pay for a pile of paper stock mass produced average or below rookie crop. This is the set for you! You get the horrific looking cards that are first edition and first Bowman on the same card. The only reason it’s 350+ plus a box is that their is a bunch of Low IQ Geoffy Wilson wannabes out there.


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