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2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball Cards Checklist

2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball Cards Checklist

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Back for the new NCAA season, 2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball highlights college stars on chromium stock.

The "Bowman U" Hobby boxes again contain two autographs.

Available ahead of the release date, the Topps.com presale is scheduled for November 9 at noon (Eastern).

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2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball Base / Inserts

Celebrating the standouts of the collegiate game, 2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball covers 100 young players in the base set with multiple Refractor editions. Some of the newest talent is treated to the "1st Bowman" designation.

Angel Reese and Bronny James are two of the names picked for the 10-card Base Image Variation short prints.

2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball Cards Checklist 1

Turning to the inserts, Prodigal Playermakers showcases a top college player with a basketball court background.

2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball Cards Checklist 2

Other possible inserts include 2007-08 Bowman, Let's Go, Sapphire Selections, Sharp Shooters, The Big Kahuna, and Treasured Talent.

2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball Autographs

The 2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball checklist also makes room for autographs via the 100-card Bowman Chrome Prospects Autographs line.

Other signed versions arrive in 2007-08 Bowman Autographs, Prime Chrome Signatures, Prodigal Playmakers Autographs, Sapphire Selections Autographs, Sharp Shooters Autographs, and The Big Kahuna Autographs.

2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball Cards Checklist 3

The ultimate chase is the Footsteps dual autograph featuring LeBron James and Bronny James.

Estimated Release Date: December 15, 2023
Hobby Configuration: 4 cards per pack, 24 packs per box

2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball Hobby Box Break

  • 2 Autographs

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Designs and contents are subject to change. 

Set Checklist

2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball Checklist


Subject to change. Email us or leave a comment below about any differences.


**Parallel info to be added when revealed by Topps.**



Base Set Checklist

100 cards.

1 Dillon Jones - Weber State 1st
2 Georgia Amoore - Virginia Tech 1st
3 Kylan Boswell - Arizona 1st
4 Mikaylah Williams - LSU 1st
5 AJ Hoggard - Michigan State 1st
6 Johni Broome - Auburn 1st
7 Layden Blocker - Arkansas 1st
8 Trevon Brazile - Arkansas 1st
9 Zaccharie Risacher 1st
10 Aden Holloway - Auburn 1st
11 Cormac Ryan - UNC 1st
12 Miro Little - Baylor 1st
13 Prince Aligbe - Boston College 1st
19 Aaliyah Edwards - UConn 1st
15 Simeon Wilcher - St. Johns 1st
16 Cody Williams - Colorado 1st
17 Ryan Kalkbrenner - Creighton 1st
18 Jared McCain - Duke
14 Quinten Post - Boston College 1st
20 Tyrese Proctor - Duke 1st
21 Sean Stewart - Duke 1st
22 Diamond Johnson - Norfolk State 1st
23 Kyle Filipowski - Duke
24 Darin Green Jr. - Florida State 1st
25 Hailey van Lith - LSU 1st
26 Hannah Hidalgo - Notre Dame 1st
27 Isaac McKneely - Virginia 1st
28 Dusty Stromer - Gonzaga 1st
29 Rejean Ellis - USC 1st
30 Jamal Shead - Houston 1st
31 J'Wan Roberts - Houston 1st
32 Omaha Biliew - Iowa State 1st
33 Milan Momcilovic - Iowa State 1st
34 Caitlin Clark - Iowa
35 Jordan Dingle - St. Johns 1st
36 Jaden Akins - Michigan State 1st
37 RJ Jones - K-State 1st
38 Riley Kugel - Florida 1st
39 Chris Johnson - Texas 1st
40 Jamari McDowell - Kansas 1st
41 Elmarko Jackson - Kansas 1st
42 Aaron Bradshaw - Kentucky 1st
43 DJ Wagner - Kentucky 1st
44 Rob Dillingham - Kentucky 1st
45 Reed Sheppard - Kentucky 1st
46 Justin Edwards - Kentucky 1st
47 Dennis Evans - Louisville 1st
48 Dalton Knecht - Tennessee 1st
49 Angel Reese - LSU 1st
50 Tyler Kolek - Marquette 1st
51 Jahmir Young - Maryland 1st
52 DeShawn Harris-Smith - Maryland 1st
53 Javonte Taylor - Memphis 1st
54 Ashton Hardaway - Memphis 1st
55 Malik Hall - Michigan State 1st
56 Jeremy Fears - Michigan State 1st
57 Xavier Booker - Michigan State 1st
58 Caleb Love - Arizona
59 Alijah Martin - FAU 1st
60 Kevin McCullar - Kansas 1st
61 Scotty Middleton - Ohio State 1st
62 Taison Chatman - Ohio State 1st
63 Devin Royal - Ohio State 1st
64 Brandon Garrison - Oklahoma State 1st
65 Jackson Shelstad - Oregon 1st
66 Kwame Evans - Oregon 1st
67 Mookie Cook - Oregon 1st
68 Blake Hinson - Pittsburgh 1st
69 Garwey Dual - Providence 1st
70 Bryce Hopkins - Providence 1st
71 Zach Edey - Purdue
72 Mark Sears - Alabama 1st
73 Andrej Stojaković - Stanford 1st
74 Spencer Jones - Stanford 1st
75 Cameron Brink - Stanford 1st
76 Freddie Dilione - Tennessee 1st
77 Rickea Jackson - Tennessee 1st
78 Santiago Vescovi - Tennessee 1st
79 Terrance Shannon Jr. - Illinois 1st
80 Dylan Disu - Texas 1st
81 Max Abmas - Texas 1st
82 El Ellis - Arkansas 1st
83 Steele Venters - Gonzaga 1st
84 Tyler Burton - Villanova 1st
85 Wooga Poplar - Miami 1st
86 Devin Williams - UCLA 1st
87 Tre Norman - Marquette 1st
88 Stephon Castle - UConn 1st
89 Solomon Ball - UConn 1st
90 Paige Bueckers - UConn 1st
91 Nimari Burnett - Michigan 1st
92 Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana 1st
93 Zayden High - UNC 1st
94 Armando Bacot - UNC
95 Bronny James - USC 1st
96 Isaiah Collier - USC 1st
97 Coleman Hawkins - Illinois 1st
98 Eric Dixon - Villanova 1st
99 Zaide Lowery - Marquette 1st
100 Baba Miller - Florida State 1st


Base SP Image Variations Set Checklist

10 cards.

16 Cody Williams - Colorado
34 Caitlin Clark - Iowa
43 DJ Wagner - Kentucky
46 Justin Edwards - Kentucky
49 Angel Reese - LSU
88 Stephon Castle - Uconn
90 Paige Bueckers - Uconn
92 Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana
95 Bronny James - USC
96 Isaiah Collier - USC


2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball Autograph Checklist


Bowman Chrome Prospects Autographs Set Checklist

100 cards.

BCPA-AB Aaron Bradshaw - Kentucky 1st
BCPA-ABA Armando Bacot - UNC
BCPA-AE Aaliyah Edwards - UConn 1st
BCPA-AH Aden Holloway - Auburn 1st
BCPA-AHA Ashton Hardaway - Memphis 1st
BCPA-AJH AJ Hoggard - Michigan State 1st
BCPA-AMA Alijah Martin - FAU 1st
BCPA-AR Angel Reese - LSU 1st
BCPA-AS Andrej Stojaković - Stanford 1st
BCPA-BG Brandon Garrison - Oklahoma State 1st
BCPA-BH Blake Hinson - Pittsburgh 1st
BCPA-BHO Bryce Hopkins - Providence 1st
BCPA-BJ Bronny James - USC 1st
BCPA-BM Baba Miller - Florida State 1st
BCPA-CBR Cameron Brink - Stanford 1st
BCPA-CCL Caitlin Clark - Iowa
BCPA-CH Coleman Hawkins - Illinois 1st
BCPA-CJ Chris Johnson - Texas 1st
BCPA-CLO Caleb Love - Arizona
BCPA-CR Cormac Ryan - UNC 1st
BCPA-CW Cody Williams - Colorado 1st
BCPA-DDI Dylan Disu - Texas 1st
BCPA-DE Dennis Evans - Louisville 1st
BCPA-DG Darin Green Jr. - Florida State 1st
BCPA-DH DeShawn Harris-Smith - Maryland 1st
BCPA-DIJ Dillon Jones - Weber State 1st
BCPA-DJ Diamond Johnson - Norfolk State 1st
BCPA-DK Dalton Knecht - Tennessee 1st
BCPA-DR Devin Royal - Ohio State 1st
BCPA-DS Dusty Stromer - Gonzaga 1st
BCPA-DW DJ Wagner - Kentucky 1st
BCPA-DWI Devin Williams - UCLA 1st
BCPA-ED Eric Dixon - Villanova 1st
BCPA-EE El Ellis - Arkansas 1st
BCPA-EJ Elmarko Jackson - Kansas 1st
BCPA-FD Freddie Dilione - Tennessee 1st
BCPA-GA Georgia Amoore - Virginia Tech 1st
BCPA-GD Garwey Dual - Providence 1st
BCPA-HH Hannah Hidalgo - Notre Dame 1st
BCPA-HVL Hailey Van Lith - LSU 1st
BCPA-IC Isaiah Collier - USC 1st
BCPA-IM Isaac McKneely - Virginia 1st
BCPA-JA Jaden Akins - Michigan State 1st
BCPA-JB Johni Broome - Auburn 1st
BCPA-JD Jordan Dingle - St. Johns 1st
BCPA-JE Justin Edwards - Kentucky 1st
BCPA-JF Jeremy Fears - Michigan State 1st
BCPA-JM Jared McCain - Duke
BCPA-JMC Jamari McDowell - Kansas 1st
BCPA-JR J'Wan Roberts - Houston 1st
BCPA-JS Jamal Shead - Houston 1st
BCPA-JSH Jackson Shelstad - Oregon 1st
BCPA-JT Javonte Taylor - Memphis 1st
BCPA-JY Jahmir Young - Maryland 1st
BCPA-KB Kylan Boswell - Arizona 1st
BCPA-KE Kwame Evans - Oregon 1st
BCPA-KF Kyle Filipowski - Duke
BCPA-KM Kevin McCullar - Kansas 1st
BCPA-LB Layden Blocker - Arkansas 1st
BCPA-MA Max Abmas - Texas 1st
BCPA-MAC Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana 1st
BCPA-MC Mookie Cook - Oregon 1st
BCPA-MH Malik Hall - Michigan State 1st
BCPA-MIW Mikaylah Williams - LSU 1st
BCPA-ML Miro Little - Baylor 1st
BCPA-MM Milan Momcilovic - Iowa State 1st
BCPA-MS Mark Sears - Alabama 1st
BCPA-NB Nimari Burnett - Michigan 1st
BCPA-OBI Omaha Biliew - Iowa State 1st
BCPA-PA Prince Aligbe - Boston College 1st
BCPA-PB Paige Bueckers - UConn 1st
BCPA-QP Quinten Post - Boston College 1st
BCPA-RD Rob Dillingham - Kentucky 1st
BCPA-RE Rejean Ellis - USC 1st
BCPA-RIK Riley Kugel - Florida 1st
BCPA-RJ RJ Jones - K-State 1st
BCPA-RJA Rickea Jackson - Tennessee 1st
BCPA-RK Ryan Kalkbrenner - Creighton 1st
BCPA-RS Reed Sheppard - Kentucky 1st
BCPA-SB Solomon Ball - UConn 1st
BCPA-SC Stephon Castle - UConn 1st
BCPA-SJ Spencer Jones - Stanford 1st
BCPA-SM Scotty Middleton - Ohio State 1st
BCPA-SS Sean Stewart - Duke 1st
BCPA-SV Santiago Vescovi - Tennessee 1st
BCPA-SVE Steele Venters - Gonzaga 1st
BCPA-SWI Simeon Wilcher - St. Johns 1st
BCPA-TB Trevon Brazile - Arkansas 1st
BCPA-TC Taison Chatman - Ohio State 1st
BCPA-TK Tyler Kolek - Marquette 1st
BCPA-TN Tre Norman - Marquette 1st
BCPA-TPR Tyrese Proctor - Duke 1st
BCPA-TS Terrance Shannon Jr. - Illinois 1st
BCPA-TYB Tyler Burton - Villanova 1st
BCPA-WP Wooga Poplar - Miami 1st
BCPA-XB Xavier Booker - Michigan State 1st
BCPA-ZE Zach Edey - Purdue
BCPA-ZH Zayden High - UNC 1st
BCPA-ZL Zaide Lowery - Marquette 1st
BCPA-ZR Zaccharie Risacher 1st


Bowman SP Image Variations Autographs Set Checklist

10 cards.

BSPA-AR Angel Reese - LSU
BSPA-BJ Bronny James - USC
BSPA-CC Caitlin Clark - Iowa
BSPA-CW Cody Williams - Colorado
BSPA-DW DJ Wagner - Kentucky
BSPA-IC Isaiah Collier - USC
BSPA-JE Justin Edwards - Kentucky
BSPA-MM Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana
BSPA-PB Paige Bueckers - UConn
BSPA-SC Stephon Castle - UConn


2007-08 Bowman Autographs Set Checklist

27 cards.

07BA-AB Aaron Bradshaw - Kentucky
07BA-ABA Armando Bacot - UNC
07BA-AR Angel Reese - LSU
07BA-BJ Bronny James - USC
07BA-CC Caitlin Clark - Iowa
07BA-CW Cody Williams - Colorado
07BA-DS Dusty Stromer - Gonzaga
07BA-DW DJ Wagner - Kentucky
07BA-EJ Elmarko Jackson - Kansas
07BA-HVL Hailey van Lith - LSU
07BA-IC Isaiah Collier - USC
07BA-JE Justin Edwards - Kentucky
07BA-JM Jared McCain - Duke
07BA-KE Kwame Evans - Oregon
07BA-KF Kyle Filipowski - Duke
07BA-MC Mookie Cook - Oregon
07BA-MM Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana
07BA-OB Omaha Biliew - Iowa State
07BA-PB Paige Bueckers - UConn
07BA-RD Rob Dillingham - Kentucky
07BA-SC Stephon Castle - UConn
07BA-SW Simeon Wilcher - St. Johns
07BA-TB Trevon Brazile - Arkansas
07BA-TP Tyrese Proctor - Duke
07BA-XB Xavier Booker - Michigan State
07BA-ZE Zach Edey - Purdue
07BA-ZR Zaccharie Risacher


Footsteps Dual Autographs Set Checklist

1 card.


FS-LJBJ LeBron James/Bronny James - St. Vincent St. Mary's/USC


Prime Chrome Signatures Set Checklist

33 cards.

PCS-AB Aaron Bradshaw - Kentucky
PCS-ABO Armando Bacot - UNC
PCS-AH Aden Holloway - Auburn
PCS-AR Angel Reese - LSU
PCS-AS Andrej Stojaković - Stanford
PCS-BG Brandon Garrison - Oklahoma State
PCS-CC Caitlin Clark - Iowa
PCS-CW Cody Williams - Colorado
PCS-DW DJ Wagner - Kentucky
PCS-DWI Devin Williams - UCLA
PCS-EJ Elmarko Jackson - Kansas
PCS-FD Freddie Dilione - Tennessee
PCS-GD Garwey Dual - Providence
PCS-IC Isaiah Collier - USC
PCS-JE Justin Edwards - Kentucky
PCS-JF Jeremy Fears - Michigan State
PCS-JS Jackson Shelstad - Oregon
PCS-KB Kylan Boswell - Arizona
PCS-LB Layden Blocker - Arkansas
PCS-LBJ Bronny James - USC
PCS-MC Mookie Cook - Oregon
PCS-ML Miro Little - Baylor
PCS-MM Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana
PCS-PB Paige Bueckers - UConn
PCS-RD Rob Dillingham - Kentucky
PCS-RS Reed Sheppard - Kentucky
PCS-SC Stephon Castle - UConn
PCS-SM Scotty Middleton - Ohio State
PCS-SS Sean Stewart - Duke
PCS-TC Taison Chatman - Ohio State
PCS-TPR Tyrese Proctor - Duke
PCS-XB Xavier Booker - Michigan State
PCS-ZH Zayden High - UNC


Prodigal Playmakers Autographs Set Checklist

15 cards.

PPA-AH Aden Holloway - Auburn
PPA-AS Andrej Stojaković - Stanford
PPA-CC Caitlin Clark - Iowa
PPA-DW DJ Wagner - Kentucky
PPA-FD Freddie Dilione - Tennessee
PPA-IC Isaiah Collier - USC
PPA-JE Justin Edwards - Kentucky
PPA-KB Kylan Boswell - Arizona
PPA-LB Layden Blocker - Arkansas
PPA-LBJ Bronny James - USC
PPA-MM Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana
PPA-RD Rob Dillingham - Kentucky
PPA-SC Stephon Castle - UConn
PPA-SM Scotty Middleton - Ohio State
PPA-TP Tyrese Proctor - Duke


Sapphire Selections Autographs Set Checklist

12 cards.

SA-AB Aaron Bradshaw - Kentucky
SA-BJ Bronny James - USC
SA-CC Caitlin Clark - Iowa
SA-CW Cody Williams - Colorado
SA-DW DJ Wagner - Kentucky
SA-HVL Hailey van Lith - LSU
SA-IC Isaiah Collier - USC
SA-MM Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana
SA-PB Paige Bueckers - UConn
SA-SW Simeon Wilcher - St. Johns
SA-TP Tyrese Proctor - Duke
SA-XB Xavier Booker - Michigan State


Sharp Shooters Autographs Set Checklist

18 cards.

SSA-AH Aden Holloway - Auburn
SSA-AS Andrej Stojaković - Stanford
SSA-CC Caitlin Clark - Iowa
SSA-CW Cody Williams - Colorado
SSA-DW DJ Wagner - Kentucky
SSA-FD Freddie Dilione - Tennessee
SSA-IC Isaiah Collier - USC
SSA-JE Justin Edwards - Kentucky
SSA-KB Kylan Boswell - Arizona
SSA-LB Layden Blocker - Arkansas
SSA-LBJ Bronny James - USC
SSA-ML Miro Little - Baylor
SSA-MM Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana
SSA-RD Rob Dillingham - Kentucky
SSA-RS Reed Sheppard - Kentucky
SSA-SC Stephon Castle - UConn
SSA-SM Scotty Middleton - Ohio State
SSA-TP Tyrese Proctor - Duke


The Big Kahuna Autographs Set Checklist

22 cards.

BKA-AB Aaron Bradshaw - Kentucky
BKA-AR Angel Reese - LSU
BKA-AS Andrej Stojaković - Stanford
BKA-BJ Bronny James - USC
BKA-CC Caitlin Clark - Iowa
BKA-CJ Chris Johnson - Texas
BKA-CL Caleb Love - Arizona
BKA-CW Cody Williams - Colorado
BKA-DW DJ Wagner - Kentucky
BKA-EJ Elmarko Jackson - Kansas
BKA-HVL Hailey van Lith - LSU
BKA-IC Isaiah Collier - USC
BKA-JE Justin Edwards - Kentucky
BKA-JM Jared McCain - Duke
BKA-KF Kyle Filipowski - Duke
BKA-MM Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana
BKA-OB Omaha Biliew - Iowa State
BKA-PB Paige Bueckers - UConn
BKA-SC Stephon Castle - UConn
BKA-TP Tyrese Proctor - Duke
BKA-ZE Zach Edey - Purdue
BKA-ZR Zaccharie Risacher


2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball Insert Checklist


2007-08 Bowman Set Checklist

30 cards.

07B-1 Bronny James - USC
07B-2 Aaron Bradshaw - Kentucky
07B-3 DJ Wagner - Kentucky
07B-4 Kyle Filipowski - Duke
07B-5 Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana
07B-6 Simeon Wilcher - St. Johns
07B-7 Dusty Stromer - Gonzaga
07B-8 Elmarko Jackson - Kansas
07B-9 Omaha Biliew - Iowa State
07B-10 Justin Edwards - Kentucky
07B-11 Angel Reese - LSU
07B-12 Rob Dillingham - Kentucky
07B-13 Isaiah Collier - USC
07B-14 Stephon Castle - Uconn
07B-15 Jared McCain - Duke
07B-16 Kwame Evans - Oregon
07B-17 Xavier Booker - Michigan State
07B-18 Armando Bacot - UNC
07B-19 Cody Williams - Colorado
07B-20 Trevon Brazile - Arkansas
07B-21 Mookie Cook - Oregon
07B-22 Caitlin Clark - Iowa
07B-23 Paige Bueckers - Uconn
07B-24 Riley Kugel - Florida
07B-25 Zaccharie Risacher
07B-26 Hailey van Lith - LSU
07B-27 Chris Johnson - Texas
07B-28 Zach Edey - Purdue
07B-29 Matas Buzelis - G League Ignite
07B-30 Tyrese Proctor - Duke


Let's Go Set Checklist

5 cards.


LG-1 Bronny James - USC
LG-2 Justin Edwards - Kentucky
LG-3 DJ Wagner - Kentucky
LG-4 Angel Reese - LSU
LG-5 Ron Holland II - G League Ignite


Prodigal Playmakers Set Checklist

15 cards.

PP-1 Bronny James - USC
PP-2 DJ Wagner - Kentucky
PP-3 Rob Dillingham - Kentucky
PP-4 Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana
PP-5 Ron Holland II - G League Ignite
PP-6 Tyrese Proctor - Duke
PP-7 Isaiah Collier - USC
PP-8 Stephon Castle - UConn
PP-9 Jared McCain - Duke
PP-10 Cody Williams - Colorado
PP-11 Caleb Love - Arizona
PP-12 Santiago Vescovi - Tennessee
PP-13 Zaccharie Risacher
PP-14 Riley Kugel - Florida
PP-15 Justin Edwards - Kentucky


Sapphire Selections Set Checklist

12 cards.

SAS-1 Bronny James - USC
SAS-2 Aaron Bradshaw - Kentucky
SAS-3 DJ Wagner - Kentucky
SAS-4 Simeon Wilcher - St. Johns
SAS-5 Cody Williams - Colorado
SAS-6 Caitlin Clark - Iowa
SAS-7 Paige Bueckers - UConn
SAS-8 Hailey van Lith - LSU
SAS-9 Isaiah Collier - USC
SAS-10 Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana
SAS-11 Tyrese Proctor - Duke
SAS-12 Xavier Booker - Michigan State


Sharp Shooters Set Checklist

20 cards.

SS-1 Bronny James - USC
SS-2 DJ Wagner - Kentucky
SS-3 Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana
SS-4 Zaccharie Risacher
SS-5 Justin Edwards - Kentucky
SS-6 Ron Holland II - G League Ignite
SS-7 Isaiah Collier - USC
SS-8 Stephon Castle - UConn
SS-9 Jared McCain - Duke
SS-10 Cody Williams - Colorado
SS-11 Caleb Love - Arizona
SS-12 Riley Kugel - Florida
SS-13 Mookie Cook - Oregon
SS-14 Tyrese Proctor - Duke
SS-15 Caitlin Clark - Iowa
SS-16 Paige Bueckers - UConn
SS-17 Cameron Brink - Stanford
SS-18 Sean Stewart - Duke
SS-19 Elmarko Jackson - Kansas
SS-20 Simeon Wilcher - St. Johns


The Big Kahuna Set Checklist

25 cards.

BK-1 Bronny James - USC
BK-2 Aaron Bradshaw - Kentucky
BK-3 DJ Wagner - Kentucky
BK-4 Tyrese Proctor - Duke
BK-5 Omaha Biliew - Iowa State
BK-6 Justin Edwards - Kentucky
BK-7 Angel Reese - LSU
BK-8 Simeon Wilcher - St. Johns
BK-9 Isaiah Collier - USC
BK-10 Stephon Castle - UConn
BK-11 Jared McCain - Duke
BK-12 Cody Williams - Colorado
BK-13 Caleb Love - Arizona
BK-14 Riley Kugel - Florida
BK-15 Caitlin Clark - Iowa
BK-16 Paige Bueckers - UConn
BK-17 Zaccharie Risacher
BK-18 Hailey van Lith - LSU
BK-19 Chris Johnson - Texas
BK-20 Zach Edey - Purdue
BK-21 Elmarko Jackson - Kansas
BK-22 Kyle Filipowski - Duke
BK-23 ndrej Stojaković - Stanford
BK-24 Matas Buzelis - G League Ignite
BK-25 Mackenzie Mgbako - Indiana


Treasured Talent Set Checklist

10 cards.

TT-1 Bronny James - USC
TT-2 DJ Wagner - Kentucky
TT-3 Caitlin Clark - Iowa
TT-4 Justin Edwards - Kentucky
TT-5 Zaccharie Risacher
TT-6 Xavier Booker - Michigan State
TT-7 Angel Reese - LSU
TT-8 El Ellis - Arkansas
TT-9 Stephon Castle - UConn
TT-10 Kwame Evans - Oregon



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Michael Knoblauch
Michael Knoblauch

I have recently started to collect again. It has been at least 30 years give or take a few. So much has changed. A friend recommended your site to me and to be honest. I am blown away. I had no clue about some new features in cards such as SP’s. I would never know how to spot them. Your lists of names and #s is such a huge help to someone such as myself. Anybody asking question to me about collecting will be told immediately to look up your site. So let me just say thank you and all your team for your info you provide. All this knowledge that you provide will surely make the hobby so much more enjoyable. I only collect so not having to worry now whether or not I should have a card graded will help me sleep easy and not worry if I miss a huge hit. Thank you again so VERY VERY much. Take care

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Thanks for the kind words, Michael! We do our best to help!

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