2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball Cards

2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball Cards


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2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball forges a premium card path that pays tribute to baseball bat relics.

Per Leaf, the brand offers "one of the most celebrated and unique baseball products in the hobby."

Each four-card Hobby box contains only memorabilia cards or autograph relics.

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2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball Bat Memorabilia

Available as single-player or multi-player relic cards, 2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball features many different game-used bat memorabilia inserts.

Bat Speed celebrates the fastest on the diamond, Contract Hitter is for big-money talent, Game Used Lumber features all-time greats, and Have Bat Will Travel is a triple relic for top players who appeared on multiple teams.

2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball Cards 1

Other choices include Historical Home Runs for the legendary dingers, The Hall, which honors Cooperstown legends, and Weapons of Mass Production for the stat kings.

2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball Cards 2

Chase options arrive in Bat Barrel, Bat Knob, Off the End of the Bat, and Double Barrel Dual Nameplates.

2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball Cards 3

In addition, there are many multi-player cards in play. HR Kings identifies two top hitters from the same year, while MVP Seasons features the AL and NL winners in a given year.

The Bat Rack line comes with three, four or eight pieces, and adds Bat Rack Rivals with different teams on either side.

2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball Cards 4

Look for more 2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball multi-subject sets in Lumber Lineage (three players), Stat Bats (six players), Sultans of Swing (6 players), Legendary Lumber Lineup (8 players), Lumber Team 8s (8 players), Silver Sluggers (8 players), and The Hit Kings (8 players).

2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball Autograph Relics

There are also autograph relics to uncover in the 2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball checklist.

Signature Sticks is the main series, offering single, dual and triples along with six-player editions.

2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball Cards 5

On top of that, The Exemplars highlights top names of past and present.

2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball Cards 6

However, some of the rarest choices arrive in Bat Barrel Signatures and Lumber Marks Cut Signatures.

2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball Cards 7

Estimated Release Date: May 2022 TBD
Product Configuration: 4 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 10 boxes per case

2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball Hobby Box Break

  • 4 Autographs or Relics

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Designs and contents are subject to change. 

Set Checklist

2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball Checklist


This is a preliminary checklist and subject to change. The checklist will be added as soon as it is available.


Autographs Set Checklist


Bat Barrel Signatures
Albert Pujols
Johnny Bench
Rickey Henderson
Lumber Marks Cut Signatures
Al Rosen
Billy Herman
Bobby Doerr
The Exemplars
Fernando Tatis Jr.
George Brett
Ken Griffey Jr.
Signature Sticks
Albert Pujols
George Brett
Ken Griffey Jr.
Rickey Henderson
Signature Sticks 2
Mike Schmidt/George Brett
Rickey Henderson/Tim Raines
Johnny Bench/Carlton Fisk
Signature Sticks 3
Signature Sticks 6
George Brett/Johnny Bench/Nolan Ryan/Tony Perez/Brooks Robinson
Pete Rose/Fred Lynn/Andre Dawson/Jim Rice/Tony Perez/Keith Hernandez


Memorabilia Set Checklist


Bat Barrel
Mel Ott
Roy Campanella
Ted Williams
Willie Mays
Bat Knob
Babe Ruth
Mickey Mantle
Thurman Munson
Willie Mays
Bat Speed
Rickey Henderson
Tim Raines
Contract Hitter
Alex Rodriguez
Bobby Bonilla
Mike Trout
Game Used Lumber
Mickey Mantle
Roy Campanella
Willie Mays
Have Bat Will Travel
Mike Piazza
Pete Rose
Rickey Henderson
Off the End of the Bat
Derek Jeter
George Brett
Mel Ott
Willie Mays
The Hall
Babe Ruth
Roy Campanella
Ted Williams
Weapons of Mass Production
Babe Ruth
Barry Bonds
Mickey Mantle
Roberto Clemente
Historical Home Runs
Bill Mazeroski - World Series Walk-Off
Carlton Fisk - Foul Pole Wave it Fair
Kirk Gibson - Pinch-Hit 1988 World Series Walk-Off
HR Kings Duals
Mel Ott/Ted Williams (1942)
Willie Mays/Mickey Mantle (1955)
Mike Schmidt/Dick Allen (1974)
MVP Seasons Duals
Ted Williams/Stan Musial (1946)
Frank Robinson/Roberto Clemente (1966)
Frank Thomas/Barry Bonds (1993)
Double Barrel Dual Nameplates
Bat Rack 3
Mickey Mantle/Ted Williams/Mel Ott
Willie Mays/Kirby Puckett/Mike Trout
Bat Rack 4
Bat Rack 8
Bat Rack Rivals 8
Snider/Campanella/Garvey/Cey/Mays/McCovey/Cepeda/Bonds (LA vs SF)
Munson/Jackson/Chambliss/Randolph/Fisk/Yastrzemski/Lynn/Evans (NY vs Boston)
Lumber Lineage Triples
Ted Williams/Rod Carew/Tony Gwynn
Stat Bats 6
Sultans of Swing 6
Legendary Lumber Lineup 8
Silver Sluggers 8
Hernandez/Randolph/Templeton/Brett/Simmons/Oliver/Oglivie/Dawson (1980)
The Hit Kings 8
Fox/Kluszewski/Mays/Ashburn/Snider/Vernon/Mantle/Campanella (1955)
Lumber Team 8s
Pujols/Musial/Brock/Simmons/Smith/Flood/Hernandez/Cepeda (St. Louis)
Clemente/Parker/Stargell/Oliver/Bonds/Mazeroski/Easler/Hayes (Pittsburgh)


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