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2022-23 SP Hockey Cards

2022-23 SP Hockey Cards

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Sticking with a few key options, 2022-23 SP Hockey remains a staple of the Upper Deck card portfolio.

NHL collectors again have a choice between Blaster boxes and Hanger packs.

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2022-23 SP Hockey Base / Inserts

The 2022-23 SP Hockey checklist primarily works around the 140-card set. However, the first 100 cards and the final 40 cards are treated quite differently.

In fact, the base set (#1-100) only has Blue (1:2 packs) parallels.

2022-23 SP Hockey Cards 1

There are many more versions for the 40-card SP Rookie Authentics subset, with the main cards being numbered to 2,299 copies.

Blue parallels for the base cards and SP Rookie Authentics combine to average one per pack.

Look for short-printed editions like the colorful Green Tint Patterned Foilboard parallel that only appears once in every 500 packs.

2022-23 SP Hockey Cards 2

Also numbered to 2,299 copies, Authentic Profiles is the other main set, mirroring the full run of SP Rookie Authentics parallels. The insert highlights league stars.

2022-23 SP Hockey Parallels Rundown 

SP Rookie Authentics

  • Blue - 1:2 packs
  • Patterned Foilboard - 1:50 packs
  • Gold Tint Patterned Foilboard - 1:200 packs
  • Green Tint Patterned Foilboard - 1:500 packs
  • Silver Spectrum - #/1,299
  • Gold - #/999
  • Red - #/799
  • Purple - #/99
  • Green - #/25
  • Black - 1/1
Authentic Profiles

  • Blue - 1:5 packs
  • Patterned Foilboard - 1:200 packs
  • Gold Tint Patterned Foilboard - 1:800 packs
  • Green Tint Patterned Foilboard - 1:2,000 packs
  • Silver Spectrum - #/1,299
  • Gold - #/999
  • Red - #/799
  • Purple - #/99
  • Green - #/25
  • Black - 1/1

2022-23 SP Hockey Autographs / Relics

Among the hits, autographs remain tough cards to uncover in 2022-23 SP Hockey.  

Chase young stars in the SP Rookie Authentics Signatures (1:480 packs) set, which has a low-numbered Gold (#/25) edition.

2022-23 SP Hockey Cards 3

Veteran talent arrives in Authentic Profiles Signatures (1:2,880 packs).

2022-23 SP Hockey Cards 4

Authentic Signatures is another rarity, averaging 1:1,600 packs.

2022-23 SP Hockey Cards 5

In addition, Authentic Profiles and SP Rookie Authentics both add memorabilia options, including Authentic Profiles Jersey Relics (1:640 packs) and SP Rookie Authentics Jersey Relics (1:40 packs).

2022-23 SP Hockey Cards 6

UD mentioned that the Authentic Profiles Jersey relics are game-worn.

2022-23 SP Hockey Cards 7

Estimated Release Date: September 20, 2023
Hanger Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 3 packs per hanger, 72 hangers per case
Blaster Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 8 packs per box, 20 boxes per case

2022-23 SP Hockey Hanger Pack Break Average

  • 15 cards

2022-23 SP Hockey Blaster Box Break Average

  • 40 cards

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Designs and contents are subject to change. 

Set Checklist

2022-23 SP Hockey Checklist


The checklist will be added as soon as it is available.


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