2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Trading Cards

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Trading Cards


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One of the most offbeat sets every year, 2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions touches on many different collecting interests in one all-encompassing brand.

Featuring top athletes, historical and celebrity figures, animals, and more, Goodwin Champions is a part multi-sport and part entertainment/historical product.

In terms of the expected box contents, there is a change compared to last year. Each Hobby box should have at least two hits that can be autographs, relics, patches, memorabilia, lenticular and/or special inserts. The 2020 version averaged three hits per box.

The ePack version arrives around one month after Hobby.

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2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Base / Inserts

The 2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions base set (#1-100) works in the typical assortment of athletes and other notable subjects, with the Splash of Color SPs (#101-150) adding 50 more cards to the main set numbering.

In addition, Goudey cards average 1:7 packs. These three groups each offer one-of-one Printing Plates.

There are also the all-new chromium parallels for the base and Goudey cards. The Platinum versions combine to fall six per box.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Base/Goudey Platinum Parallels

  • Base Platinum - 1:7
  • Rainbow - 1:20
  • Red - 1:30
  • Blue - 1:60
  • Orange Prism - #/399
  • Pink Traxx - #/299
  • Cosmic - #/99
  • Purple Pulsar - #/23
  • Green Wave - #/10
  • Golden Treasures - 1/1

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Trading Cards 1

And keep a lookout for the Michael Jordan Platinum Legacy (1:320) cards.

Bringing the extra firepower to 2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions, the legendary Exquisite Collection returns with a base insert set and parallels. The updated design covers all-time greats and top prospects, including UD spokespersons. The selection consists of Base Exquisite Collection (#/99) as well as Gold Spectrum (#/10) and Black (1/1) parallels.

Letting collectors build a full deck, the Goodwin Playing Card set combines "original art and vibrant technology." For each suit, the 2s to Ks fall at 1:14 packs and the Ace averages 1:320 packs.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions UD Bounty Program

Thanks to the UD Bounty program, 2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions collectors are presented with an extra incentive to finish the Splash of Color Lenticular Bounty set. However, there are some tough groupings, including Tier 1 (1:40), Tier 2 (1:178) and Tier 3 (1:1,600). And only some of these cards feature the special scratch-off codes that can be used for the promo.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Trading Cards 2

Those that redeem the codes for the entire 35-card series are eligible for prizes. The first 25 collectors to do so earn a Splash of Color Red Ink Autograph achievement card for tennis star Naomi Osaka.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Trading Cards 3

Find full details at the release date on the Upper Deck Bounty website.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Autographs

The 2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions checklist provides many choices for autograph fans, as well.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Trading Cards 4

Look for signed cards in Goodwin Autographs (1:1,200), Goodwin Horizontal Autographs (1:640), Goodwin Inscribed Autographs (1:1,200), Goudey Autographs (1:100), Goudey Sport Royalty Autographs (1:8,000) and Splash of Color Autographs (1:1,920).

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Trading Cards 5

On top of that, chase one-of-one cards in Base Set Platinum Auto Golden Treasures and Michael Jordan Platinum Legacy Auto.

The always-popular Exclusive Collection line is back for 2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions with Base Autographs (#/99) and Rookie Autograph Patch (#/99) cards along with limited Gold Spectrum (#/10) and Black (1/1) parallels.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Trading Cards 6

In addition, there's Signature Kicks (vertical and horizontal) showcasing premium sneaker pieces. These are issued as redemptions.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Trading Cards 7

2003-04 Retro SPA Rookie Authentics Autographs celebrates the earlier design via Tier 1 (#/199) and Tier 2 (#/299) subjects.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Memorabilia / Relics / Illustration

From there, 2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions turns to the various swatches/pieces. The sets below each add a serial-numbered Premium edition.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Memorabilia Rundown

  • Goodwin Memorabilia - 1:60
  • Goodwin Memorabilia Dual Swatch - 1:400
  • Goodwin Splash of Color Memorabilia - 1:600
  • Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia - 1:1520
  • Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia Dual Swatch - 1:2880

Digging into history, Museum Collection Legendary Ship highlights "Old Ironsides" with low-numbered relics capped at 25 copies. There is also the Oversized Relic redemption to hunt down.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Trading Cards 8

Collectors can roll the dice, so to speak, in hopes of finding Museum Collection Lady Luck Relics (1:280). These cards deal with famed casinos from over the years. The card itself holds an authentic casino chip.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Trading Cards 9

Picking up from prior sets, updates are issued for Museum Collection Space Relics (1:2,000) and World Traveler Map.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Updates Breakdown

Word Traveler Maps

  • Tier 1 - 1:145
  • Tier 2 - 1:403
  • Tier 3 - 1:1,450
  • Tier 4 - 1:2,819
  • Tier 5 - 1:8,056

That's not even close to the end, though. Additional choices provide a shot at some elusive hits.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions - Other Hits

  • Animal Kingdom Painted Art - #/10
  • Centuries of Progress World’s Fair Relics - 1:1,760
  • Entomology Oversized Relics (Redemption)
  • Goodwin Masterpieces Founding Fathers - #/10
  • Goodwin Masterpieces Art of the Ages - 1/1
  • Historic United States Currency Relics - 1:1,120
  • Hometown Icons - 1:3,000
  • Impactful Legacies Vintage Stamps - 1:640

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Manufactured Patches

Goodwin is also known for the manufactured patches. In 2021, the 100-card set looks to the domestic and wild birds of Feathered Creatures.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Manufactured Patches Breakdown

Feathered Creatures Patch

  • Tier 1 - 1:80
  • Tier 2 - 1:240
  • Tier 3 - 1:480
  • Tier 4 - 1:960
  • Tier 5 - 1:7,680

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Trading Cards 10

Estimated Release Date: January/February 2022 TBD
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 20 packs per box, 16 boxes per case (2 inners)

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Hobby Box Break Average

  • At least 2 Hits (Autograph, Memorabilia, Patch, Relic, Lenticular or Special Insert)
  • 6 Splash of Colors SPs and/or Goudy cards
  • 6 Base/Goudey Platinum cards

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Designs and contents are subject to change. 


Set Checklist

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Checklist

This is a preliminary checklist and subject to change. The full checklist will be added as soon as it is available.


New Autograph Signers Set Checklist

Adley Rutschman - Baseball
Chloe Kim - Snowboarding
Cori "Coco" Gauff - Tennis
Jonathan Kuminga - Basketball
Mikaela Shiffrin - Skiing
Naomi Osaka - Tennis
Sabrina Ionescu - Basketball
Sky Brown - Skateboarding
Teofimo Lopez - Boxing


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Each Hobby box is slated to have:

  • 2 Hits

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User Reviews

  1. Goodwin was always a fun rip but I am rating this two stars simply for the fact that 2021 you go from three hits down to two and I seriously doubt the price of a box will be less than last year. This hobby is getting to point where it is not as fun much. Might be time to quit!

  2. Same price less hit. I’ve been a fan of goodwin since 2016 but this time won’t break any more. Maybe I should try some Panini product.

  3. Have been a fan for many years
    Very disappointed to learn there will be only 2 hits at a higher price
    Thinking about switching to Panini

  4. Come on, just 2 hits!
    I agree with every comment
    its not worth buying unless you can get at least 3 hits.

  5. This 2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Hobby Box Was Supposed To Be Released JUNE 6TH.
    That Was Over 1 Month Ago.
    Instead Of 2 Hits It Should Be 5 Hits

  6. I’m intrigued by some of the sports/athlete card offerings, and the new Prizm or platinum cards in 2021 Goodwin. I usually have a hard time finding anything very remarkable in UD product, but might give this a go despite the vast array of non sports cards. It’s hard to complain too much about the pricing because almost every card offering is getting ridiculous.

  7. Please stop. It’s time for Upper Deck to go away. It was nice in 1989, but now it might as well be Onyx or Classic it’s so poorly made and gimmicky. Remember that a fool and their money are soon parted, and there’s one born every minute. Don’t be their dupe.

  8. I’d much rather have a decent parallel set than an extra “hit”. The chrome cards this year, many of them numbered, will be a great chase. A lot more Exquisite content in this year’s too.

    Can’t wait until this comes out.

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