2021 Topps Now Formula 1 F1 Racing Cards Checklist

2021 Topps Now Formula 1 F1 Racing Cards Checklist

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F1 returns to collectors in the print-to-order 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 Racing.

The online-exclusive set first debuted in 2020.

Beyond that, Topps has several traditional F1 product offerings. Although they are 2020 sets, 2020 Topps Chrome Formula 1 and 2020 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 both arrive in 2021.

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2021 Topps Now Formula 1 Racing Set Details

Just like the 2020 Now F1 cards, the 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 Racing checklist grows over time. The total print run is limited to the amount ordered.

Each card is sold for seven days at $9.99 with free SmartPost shipping. The cards can be purchased individually or in a discounted bundle.

Covering big F1 wins, milestones or other key moments from the track, the 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 set highlights top drivers and teams.

2021 Topps Now Formula 1 F1 Racing Cards Checklist 1

The image on the front showcases the date and the back digs a little deeper into the action.

2021 Topps Now Formula 1 F1 Racing Cards Checklist 2

Fresh talent is noted with a themed rookie card (RC) logo.

View available Now Formula 1 cards on the Topps site.

A new addition this time, limited parallels, numbered to 99 or less, are randomly inserted. However, these are only for select cards.

2021 Topps Now Formula 1 F1 Racing Cards Checklist 3

Given the immense popularity of F1 and the overall lack of mainstream cards, several of the Topps Now Formula 1 cards have proven to be quite valuable.

Set Checklist

2021 Topps Now Formula 1 Racing Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Ongoing set. Announced print runs (PR) noted when known.
PARALLEL CARDS: #/99, #/10, 1/1.
Parallels available for select cards.

2021 Topps Now Formula 1 F1 Racing Cards Checklist 4

1 Lewis Hamilton: New Record: Most laps led in the history of Formula 1 (PR=16,117)
2 Mick Schumacher RC: Debut race in F1 (PR=19,730)
3 Yuki Tsunoda RC: Picks up points in debut Formula 1 race (PR=17,586)
4 Max Verstappen: First win of the season (PR=7,899)
5 Lando Norris: Equals career best drive with podium finish (PR=7,755)
6 Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen & Valtteri Bottas: New Record: Most Recurring Podium Trio (PR=5,400)
7 Sergio Perez: Secures his best finish for Red Bull Racing Honda (PR=3,735)
8 Lewis Hamilton: New Record - First Driver To Record 100 Poles (PR=15,247)
9 Max Verstappen: 100 Starts For Red Bull Racing Honda (PR=6,930)
10 Max Verstappen: Wins In Monte Carlo for First Championship Lead (PR=8,598)
11 Lando Norris: Podium Finish in Gulf Livery (PR=4,914)
12 Carlos Sainz: First Podium for Scuderia Ferrari (PR=4,031)
13 Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team: Double Point Finish in Monte Carlo (PR=2,953)
14 Williams Racing: 750th Grand Prix For Iconic Team (PR=3,130)
15 Sergio Perez: Wins dramatic race in Baku (PR=4,498)
16 Sebastian Vettel: First Podium For Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team (PR=4,313)
17 Pierre Gasly: Seals first podium of 2021 (PR=2,906)
18 Yuki Tsunoda RC: Highest finish in debut F1 season (PR=3,364)
19 Jüri Vips: Double-Winner in F2's 100th race (PR=3,176)
20 Max Verstappen: Late overtake seals thrilling victory (PR=3,691)
21 Red Bull Racing Honda: Three wins in a row (PR=2,565)
22 George Russell: Highest finish of the season so far (PR=2,531)
23 Max Verstappen: Biggest margin of victory since 2016 (PR=3,992)
24 Lewis Hamilton: Formula 1 record - Most second place finishes in F1 history (PR=3,771)
25 Valtteri Bottas: Into Top 10 of podium finishers (PR=2,395)
26 Charles Leclerc: Thrilling comeback from back of field (PR=3,088)
27 Max Verstappen: First career grand slam (PR=5,025)
28 George Russell: Secures Williams Racing's first Q3 run since 2018 (PR=2,207)
29 Sergio Perez: 200 Formula1 starts (PR=2,133)
30 Lando Norris: Qualifies on the front row and finishes P3 (PR=3,795)
31 Fernando Alonso: Wins late battle to finish in the points (PR=2,107)
32 Lewis Hamilton: Ties for most victories at a single F1 event (PR=5,616)
33 Max Verstappen: Victory in first-ever Sprint qualifying (PR=4,512)
34 Charles Leclerc: First podium of 2021 (PR=2,285)
35 Antonio Giovinazzi: Career Milestone: 50 Starts In F1 (PR=2,250)
36 Formula 1: New Car For 2022 (PR=2,406)
37 Esteban Ocon: Career Milestone: First win in F1 (PR=3,678)
38 Fernando Alonso: Defensive masterclass (PR=2,549)
39 George Russell: First points for Williams Racing (PR=2,923)
40 Nicholas Latifi: Career Milestone: First points in F1 (PR=2,249)
41 Heavy Rain: The weather wins at Spa (PR=TBA)
42 George Russell: First podium after scintillating qualifying lap (PR=TBA)
43 Mick Schumacher RC: Races in Spa 30 years after his father's debut (PR=TBA)
44 Lando Noris: 50th Formula 1 Race (PR=TBA)
45 Daniel Ricciardo: 200th Formula 1 Race (PR=TBA)
46 Sebastien Vettel: Shows huge class to check on Lando (PR=TBA)
47 Max Verstappen: Stunning victory at home Grand Prix (PR=TBA)
48 Lewis Hamilton: Podium at record 33rd circuit (PR=TBA)
49 Sergio Perez: Incredible drive from the back of the grid (PR=TBA)
50 Robert Kubica: Returns to F1 for one-off drive (PR=TBA)
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51 Daniel Ricciardo: Wins first Grand Prix since 2018
52 McLaren F1 Team: 1-2 finish ends 170 race win drought
53 Valtteri Bottas: Wins second-ever Sprint Race
54 Lance Stroll: Highest finish in 2021 so far



2021 Topps Now Formula 1 F1 Racing Cards Checklist 5

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  1. I really like the product. Haven’t seen any auto offerings, if there are any. And would love to see more “car” shots.
    I’m in!

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