2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards

2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards


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2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy brings full-fledged chromium stock to the popular brand for the first time.

Collectors can expect one autograph per Hobby box and two sketch cards per Hobby case.

2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Base / Inserts

Taking the artwork from previous Star Wars Galaxy releases, 2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy enhances the images with Chrome technology.

2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards 1

The base set includes these prior images along with all-new art done in Chrome. Each Hobby pack delivers one Refractor parallel.

2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards 2

2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Base Refractor Parallels Breakdown

Base Refractors (1 per pack)

  • Refractor
  • Atomic Refractor - #/150
  • Wave Refractor - #/99
  • Prism Refractor - #/75
  • Mojo Refractor - #/50
  • Purple Refractor - #/25
  • X-Fractor - #/10
  • Red Refractor - #/5
  • SuperFractor - 1/1

Among the inserts, The Mandalorian artwork debuts on trading cards via Mandalorian Visions.

2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards 3

Retro options include Global Posters, highlighting the original trilogy, and Vintage Star Wars, which showcases characters and toys from the 1970s and 1980s.

2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards 4

Every insert set adds five Refractor parallels, as well.

2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Insert Refractor Parallels Breakdown

Insert Refractors

  • Green Refractor - #/99
  • Purple Refractor - #/50
  • Orange Refractor - #/25
  • Red Refractor - #/5
  • SuperFractor - 1/1

2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Autographs / Sketch

Guaranteeing one signed card per Hobby, the 2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy checklist finishes up with the hits.

The main autograph line includes several Refractor editions.

2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards 5

There are also limited multi-signed cards to track down.

2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Autograph Refractor Parallels Breakdown


  • Blue Refractor - #/150
  • Green Refractor - #/99
  • Purple Refractor - #/50
  • Orange Refractor - #/25
  • Red Refractor - #/5
  • SuperFractor - 1/1
Dual Autographs

  • Red Refractor - #/5
  • SuperFractor - 1/1

Triple Autographs

  • SuperFractor - 1/1

A rare chase insert, the Sketch cards appear just twice per case.

Release Date: August 25, 2021
Product Configuration: 8 cards per pack, 24 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Hobby Box Break

  • 1 Autograph


Set Checklist

2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Checklist


Base Set Checklist

100 cards. Artist noted.
REFRACTOR PARALLELS (1 per pack): Refactor, Atomic #/150, Wave #/99, Prism #/75, Mojo #/50, Purple #/25, X-Fractor #/10, Red #/5, SuperFractor 1/1.

1 Speeder Bike Chase - June Brigman
2 The Light of Padmé Amidala - Marcia Dye
3 The Droids - Dave Dorman
4 Frozen in Carbonite - Dale Keown
5 The Max Rebo Band - Karl Kesel
6 An Oversized Presence - Jean "Moebius" Giraud
7 The Emperor’s Royal Guards - Jerome Moore
8 The Rancor - Jason Palmer
9 Darth Vader - George Pratt
10 T-16 Skyhopper - Ken Steacy
11 A Dangerous Boba Fett - Brian Stelfreeze
12 Warrior Ewok - William Stout
13 Jawas - Greg Theakston
14 Chewbacca - Russell Walks
15 Imperial Snowtroopers - AI Williamson
16 Mos Eisley Cantina - Bruce Zick
17 IG-88 on the Attack - Karl Altstaetter
18 Boba Fett’s Starship - Joe DeVito
19 Aurra Sing on Tatooine - Darrin Pepe
20 Triple Threat - Kyle Babbit
21 "I Love You" - Rebecca Guay
22 A Dark Presence - Matt Haley
23 Larger than Life - Jack Kirby
24 Crushing the Rebels - Walter McDaniel
25 Rule of Two - Nelson
26 Forsake the Dark Side - Hoang Nguyen
27 AT-ST - Kevin O'Neill
28 Leap of Faith - Zina Saunders
29 The Four Jedi - Greg and Tim Hildebrandt
30 Galaxy's Edge - Arthur Adams
31 Escaping the AT-STs - Dave Dorman
32 Boba Fett - Brett Booth
33 New Friends - Scott Neely
34 Luke Skywalker - Jerry Vanderstelt
35 Leia Organa - Jerry Vanderstelt
36 Han Solo - Jerry Vanderstelt
37 Darth Sidious - Steve Chorney
38 Qui-Gon Jinn - Steve Chorney
39 Anakin Skywalker - Steve Chorney
40 Padmé Amidala - Steve Chorney
41 Jango Fett - Steve Chorney
42 Mace Windu - Steve Chorney
43 The Empire on Hoth - Brian Rood
44 Yoda on Dagobah - Doug Cowan
45 A Padawan's Challenge - Grant Gould
46 Teaching The Younglings - Joe Corroney
47 Call to Vengeance - Ken Steacy
48 Empire and Rebellion - Jerry Vanderstelt
49 Republic: Unite - Joe Corroney
50 Rebellion: Celebrate - Joe Corroney
51 New Republic: Together - Joe Corroney
52 Enlist Today - Cliff Chiang
53 Loose Lips - Cliff Chiang
54 Rebuild the Death Star - Cliff Chiang
55 Regrets - Jerry Vanderstelt
56 Palpatine Plays Possum - Mark McHaley
57 Rey The Scavenger - Andrew Fry
58 Luke's Ground Assault - Doug Cowan
59 Surveyed by the Dark Lord - Doug Cowan
60 The Battle of Hoth - Matt Busch
61 The Falcon Fires - Brian Rood
62 Endor Chase - Steve McNiven
63 A Sad Farewell - Chris Trevas
64 Reflections on Endor - Doug Cowan
65 The Dangers of Felucia - Doug Cowan
66 The Solitary Wicket - Doug Cowan
67 Gamorrean Guard - Jason Edminston
68 Offbeat Buddies - Steve Chorney
69 The Darkest Lord - Ed Repka
70 We are Bearing Gifts - Nathan Hamill
71 Curiosity Blasts Threepio - Matt Busch
72 Fall of a Jedi - Matt Busch
73 Focused And Fearless - Allison Sohn
74 Boba's Prize - Leinel Yu
75 Rancor Ranks Best of Beasts - Rob Dobi
76 Logray's Hunt - Patrick Schoenmaker
77 The Wrath of Maul - Russ Walks
78 The Finest on Naboo - Jerry Vanderstelt
79 The Rogue Years - Steve Chorney
80 Birth of a Hero - Steve Chorney
81 A Menace Named Maul - Joe Corroney
82 The Hopeful Princess - Doug Cowan
83 Vader's Revenge - Brian Rood
84 In the Court of the Evil Hutt - Patrick Schoenmaker
85 A Hutt Called Jabba - Ed Repka
86 Dueling with Dooku - Paul Shipper
87 Rites of Passage - William Silvers
88 Jedi a la Kurosawa - Randy Martinez
89 Dashing Derring-Do - Randy Martinez
90 The Karloff Connection - Randy Martinez
91 The Skywalker Saga: Luke - Carlos Cabaleiro
92 Student Becomes the Teacher - Randy Martinez
93 United behind General Grievous - Ben Abu Saada
94 Mos Eisley After Dark - Eric Lehtonen
95 Commander Poe Dameron - Paul Andrews
96 Light Rises to Meet Dark - Bob Stevlic
97 The Sand People - Kris Pennix
98 Thrawn's Private Quarters - Rich Molinelli
99 Stardust on Scarif - Todd Aaron Smith
100 The First Order's Enforcer - Joe Coronney


2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Autograph / Sketch Checklist

Galaxy Autograph Set Checklist

59 cards. 1:35 packs.
REFRACTOR PARALLELS: Blue #/150, Green #/99, Purple #/50, Orange #/25, Red #/5, SuperFractor 1/1.

GA-AB Anna Brewster
GA-AD Adam Driver
GA-AG Anna Graves
GA-AND Annabelle Davis
GA-AS Andy Serkis
GA-ASG Arti Shah
GA-AT Alan Tudyk
GA-BB Blair Bess
GA-BDW Billy Dee Williams
GA-BL Billie Lourd
GA-CDW Corey Dee Williams
GA-CE Chris Edgerly
GA-CF Carrie Fisher
GA-CW Carl Weathers
GA-DC Dermot Crowley
GA-DMB Dominic Monaghan
GA-DR Daisy Ridley
GA-DT Dee Tails
GA-DY Donnie Yen
GA-EK Erin Kellyman
GA-ES Emily Swallow
GA-EW Ewan McGregor
GA-FJ Felicity Jones
GA-FW Forest Whitaker
GA-GCP Gwendoline Christie
GA-GE Giancarlo Esposito
GA-GG Greg Grunberg
GA-HC Hayden Christensen
GA-HCT Hermione Corfield
GA-HD Harley Durst
GA-HF Harrison Ford
GA-IK Ian Kenny
GA-IR Ian Ruskin
GA-JH Jessica Henwick
GA-JK Jaime King
GA-JR John Ratzenberger
GA-JS Jason Spisak
GA-JT John Tui
GA-KB Kenny Baker
GA-KMT Kelly Marie Tran
GA-LD Laura Dern
GA-MM Mads Mikkelsen
GA-NA Naomi Ackie
GA-NF Nika Futterman
GA-NN Nick Nolte,
GA-OA Omid Abtahi
GA-PAR Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
GA-PM Peter Mayhew
GA-PP Pedro Pascal
GA-RA Riz Ahmed
GA-RAD Robin Atkin Downes
GA-RP Ray Park
GA-SLJ Samuel L. Jackson
GA-TD Tim Dry
GA-TM Temuera Morrison
GA-TW Taika Waititi,
GA-VK Valene Kane
GA-WD Warwick Davis
GA-WH Werner Herzog


Dual Autographs Set Checklist

13 cards. 1:2,178 packs.
REFRACTOR PARALLELS: Red #/5, SuperFractor 1/1.

DA-CB John Boyega
DA-CB Gwendoline Christie
DA-CC Hermione Corfield
DA-CC Crystal Clarke
DA-EB Paul Bettany
DA-EB Alden Ehrenreich
DA-FB Brian Blessed
DA-FB Oliver Ford Davies
DA-FM Peter Mayhew
DA-FM Harrison Ford
DA-JM Mads Mikkelsen
DA-JM Felicity Jones
DA-KE Ashley Eckstein
DA-KE Jaime King
DA-MB Ewan McGregor
DA-MB Ahmed Best
DA-ML Temuera Morrison
DA-ML Daniel Logan
DA-NE Giancarlo Esposito
DA-NE Werner Herzog
DA-RS Joonas Suotamo
DA-RS Daisy Ridley
DA-SL Charlotte Louise
DA-SL Sema-Tawi Smart
DA-TE George Takei
DA-TE Ashley Eckstein


Triple Autographs Set Checklist

10 cards. 1:8,930 packs.

TA-DSC Adam Driver
TA-DSC Andy Serkis
TA-DSC Gwendoline Christie
TA-EKD Alden Ehrenreich
TA-EKD Warwick Davis
TA-EKD Erin Kellyman
TA-FET Jeremy Bulloch
TA-FET Temuera Morrison
TA-FET Daniel Logan
TA-FWM Harrison Ford
TA-FWM Peter Mayhew
TA-FWM Billy Dee Williams
TA-HFP Amanda Hale
TA-HFP Simon Paisley Day
TA-HFP Geff Francis
TA-LHK Denis Lawson
TA-LHK Jack Klaff
TA-LHK Garrick Hagon
TA-MAC Tim Rose
TA-MAC Caroline Blakiston
TA-MAC Dermot Crowley
TA-RBT Daisy Ridley
TA-RBT John Boyega
TA-RBT Kelly Marie Tran
TA-WRQ Simon Williamson
TA-WRQ Mike Quinn
TA-WRQ Deep Roy
TA-YKK Paul Kasey
TA-YKK Nick Kellington
TA-YKK Donnie Yen


Sketch Cards Set Checklist

1:106 packs.


2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Insert Checklist


Global Posters Set Checklist

20 cards. 1:9 packs.
REFRACTOR PARALLELS: Green #/99, Purple #/50, Orange #/25, Red #/5, SuperFractor 1/1.

GP-1 The Empire Strikes Back - Sweden
GP-2 The Empire Strikes Back - Spain
GP-3 The Empire Strikes Back - China
GP-4 The Empire Strikes Back - France
GP-5 The Empire Strikes Back - Argentina
GP-6 The Empire Strikes Back - Japan
GP-7 The Empire Strikes Back - Italy
GP-8 The Empire Strikes Back - Brazil
GP-9 The Empire Strikes Back - Sweden
GP-10 Return of the Jedi - Japan
GP-11 A New Hope - Thailand
GP-12 A New Hope - Spain
GP-13 A New Hope - France
GP-14 Return of the Jedi - Poland
GP-15 Return of the Jedi - Spain
GP-16 A New Hope - France
GP-17 A New Hope - Israel
GP-18 A New Hope - Italy
GP-19 A New Hope - Poland
GP-20 A New Hope - USA


Mandalorian Visions Set Checklist

10 cards. 1:9 packs.
REFRACTOR PARALLELS: Green #/99, Purple #/50, Orange #/25, Red #/5, SuperFractor 1/1.



Vintage Star Wars Set Checklist

15 cards. 1:9 packs.
REFRACTOR PARALLELS: Green #/99, Purple #/50, Orange #/25, Red #/5, SuperFractor 1/1.

V-1 Millennium Faclon
V-2 Hero Action Figures
V-3 Star Destroyer
V-4 Action Figures
V-5 Scout Trooper with Speeder Bike
V-6 Millennium Falcon
V-7 Death Star Racing Set
V-8 Darth Vader Helmet
V-9 Remote Control R2-D2
V-10 Death Star II
V-11 Villain Action Figures
V-12 Action Figure Order Form
V-13 T-65 X-wing Starfighter
V-14 Jabba the Hutt Playset
V-15 Millennium Falcon Scale Model


2021 Topps Chrome Star Wars Galaxy Pack Odds / NPN Info


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Each Hobby box is slated to have:

  • 1 Autograph

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User Reviews

  1. Gorgeous set of cards with really nice inserts and parallels. I bought a few boxes and watched cases get opened as well. Gets a one star reduction for only having one auto per box and the fact that the majority of them are crap. Really really hard to pull a good auto. It’s a shame cause if they had better autos this product would be 6 stars!

  2. Cards are beautiful and well designed. Each pack is fun to open with multiple hits being available in each hobby box. For the current price it is definitely a fun rip to enjoy for all Star Wars fans.

  3. Beautiful cards and very nice collation with little duplication in the case I opened as well as ones I’ve seen online. But the autographs are horrendous. I could not have received a worse set of 12 autos, including two of the absolute worse, twice. I should have done more research. The autograph checklist itself is pretty nice, but a quick search online would have shown that very few big names have surfaced at all. I seriously doubt if some even do exist. 95% of the autographs currently listed for sale on other sites are going for less than $10 a card. And for a product that is retailing for almost $200 a box, buyers deserve more than a $10 autograph.

  4. Beautiful set. Great assortment of cards.

    However, my box was the worst I’ve seen opened of this product.

    0 numbered cards. No Mando Visions. The two vintage cards I got were the same. The auto I got is a $2 auto on eBay.

    Definitely leaves a sour taste when you “beat the odds” in the wrong direction.

    Hopefully your box is better than mine.

  5. Seeing the beautiful artwork of my favorite characters fused together with Topps parallels makes this a must own for this SW fan right here! Admittedly Auto pulls haven’t been great but I never cared too much for them anyway. I’ll take a #’d Prizm refractor any day. Simply put, its a well executed product. I want more!

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