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2021 Onyx Vintage Baseball Cards

2021 Onyx Vintage Baseball Cards

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With 2021 Onyx Vintage Baseball, on-card autographs are the name of the game.

Every box contains two hard-signed cards that feature a wide variety of MLB talent and potential stars.

There is also 2021 Onyx Vintage Extended Baseball later in the year.

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2021 Onyx Vintage Baseball Set Details

Keeping it simple, 2021 Onyx Vintage Baseball contains base cards for over 50 players. Each box has two base cards.

2021 Onyx Vintage Baseball Cards 2

The autographed versions are distinguished by the ink color, ranging from as high as 325 copies (blue) to as low as five copies (black).

While still mostly geared to prospects, the 2021 Onyx Vintage Baseball checklist offers top draft picks, international standouts and even a current MLB superstar.

2021 Onyx Vintage Baseball Cards 3

Release Date: June 4, 2021
Product Configuration: 4 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 24 boxes per case

2021 Onyx Vintage Baseball Hobby Box Break

  • 2 Autograph Cards
  • 2 Base Cards


Set Checklist

2021 Onyx Vintage Baseball Checklist

Subject to change.

Base Set Checklist

51 cards.
AUTOGRAPH PARALLELS: Blue Signatures (325 or 275 copies), Purple Signatures (100 copies), Green Signatures (50 copies) Red Signatures (50 or 25 copies), Black Signatures (25 or 5 copies).

Aaron Sabato - Minnesota
Adley Rutschman - Baltimore
Alexander Vargas - New York AL
Alfredo Duno - International
Anthony Volpe - New York AL
Armando Cruz - International
Bobby Witt Jr. - Kansas City
Carlos Colmenarez - Tampa Bay
Cristian Hernandez - Chicago NL
Cristian Santana - Detroit
Ed Howard - Chicago NL
Eddy Yean - Pittsburgh
Erick Pena - Kansas City
Felnin Celesten - International
Fernando Tatis Jr. - San Diego
Francisco Alvarez - New York NL
Gilberto Jimenez - Boston
Helcris Olivarez - Colorado
Heston Kjerstad - Baltimore
Jackson Chourio - Milwaukee
Jarlin Susana - San Diego
Jasson Dominguez - New York A
Joan Adon - Washington
Juan Carlos Negret - Kansas City
Julio Rodriguez - Seattle
Kody Hoese - Los Angeles NL
Kristian Robinson - Arizona
Luis Gil - New York AL
Luis Rodriguez - Los Angeles NL
Manuel Beltre - Toronto
Marco Luciano - San Francisco
Maximo Acosta - Texas
Miguel Bleis - Boston
Nick Bitsko - Tampa Bay
Nick Lodolo - Cincinnati
Noelvi Marte - Seattle
Nolan Gorman - St. Louis
Nolan Jones - Cleveland
Orelvis Martinez - Toronto
Pedro Pineda - Oakland
Randy Arozarena - Tampa Bay
Rece Hinds - Cincinnati
Reid Detmers - Los Angeles AL
Riley Greene - Detroit
Robert Puason - Oakland
Roderick Arias - International
Ronny Mauricio - New York N
Wander Franco - Tampa Bay
Yendry Rojas - International
Zac Veen - Colorado
Zayed Salinas - San Diego


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Each Hobby box is slated to have:

  • 2 Autographs

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Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

User Reviews

joey G.
joey G.

Actual Rating = 3.5 Stars

As with any product there are pros and cons. And Onyx is no exception. I’ll begin with a few of the “pros” that this brand has going for it. For starters you get 4 cards a box, half of which are on-card, hard-signed autographs. No sticker autos here! You can expect to pay between $35 to maybe $55/$60 a box – which is not bad at all in today’s market. I know that’s $10-$15 per card but if you dabble in selling then you shouldn’t have too much trouble recouping some of your initial investment back. I also like the look and feel of these cards. The borders are pretty cool. Nothing too fancy, nothing too boring. All-in-all, you get 2 base cards and 2 autos for less than $50 on average. Compared to your average Topps Hobby Box where you’re more likely to receive 1 white tissue paper “relic” for your “hit” that looks like it could be from any piece of clothing, along with a boat load of useless cardboard and a box of Onyx doesn’t look so bad.

Now for some “cons”… You only get 4 cards per box. As mentioned above, that’s $10-$15 per card. Take that for what you will but I think this one can go either way. If your a set builder, it’s a def. negative. Also, as with any hobby box, it’s a crapshoot. You might get lucky and get some great pulls. Or you might get 4 stinkers. But 4 stinkers is better than 100+ stinkers if you ask me. But perhaps the biggest flaw or “con” that I’ve personally found with Onyx has to be with their redemptions. I HATE REDEMPTIONS!!! I don’t care who the card manufacturer is – redemptions SUCK! (But this is a topic for another day) However, with Onyx their redemptions are a little different. I don’t see an expiration date anywhere – but I’m sure there’s one somewhere. And there’s no way to redeem the card on-line. You have to physically mail the redemption card in to Onyx and wait. With the way the US postal system has been working (or should I say NOT WORKING) as of late, I have some reservations about this. I’m sitting on a Wander Franco redemption now deciding on what the heck to do with the thing. Sell it? redeem it? redeem it and then sell it? Or just redeem it and keep it? Either way, I’m forced to trust a faulty system with something of some value.

Other than the few things I’ve mentioned, I have no issues with Onyx. I’d have no problem at all purchasing their products again. You get what you pay for. If you can live with that then you should be able to accept the Onyx brand for what it is.

pt wert
pt wert

Seen several breaks and even got a box myself. Great looking cards but a total rip off. Quality control seemed to be an issue. I only 3 cards in my box. It seems to be a problem their having. The company that produced it just messed up big. Don’t waste your cash. The look is not worth the cheat.

Alejandro Santiago
Alejandro Santiago

please look up jabs family on youtube, today december 8, he did a break live opening up 49 boxes of onyx, like 20 of those boxes were only 3 cards in the pack and the card missing was the auto he had to replace those cards from his own collection of cards, i would never buy this again EVER so buyer beware that you might only get 3 cards and get ripped off terrible quality control, that was beyond ridiculous

James Stram
James Stram

Although these Onyx Vintage cards do look very vintage for sure , there is something about them that I can’t quite put my finger on that just tells me that this is not a type of card that I would want to invest in as I sense that these cards are not going to appreciate at all down the road . I don’t like the artist’s print look that the cards have and I’m not real fond of the watercolor blob background either .The old nostalgic playing card border is not what you would call “original ” , either . Doesn’t look bad as a border but already been done before . As far as I know , this brand of cards goes back to 2018 and the only thing that I have noticed is that the price keeps going down on these cards year after year . It’s nice to see that somebody is trying to break the Topps Company stranglehold on baseball cards but the picture design and quality of the card just isn’t there in my opinion . This brand of cards appear to have the goal of putting out the very first card and auto’s of some of the newest prospects to the game of baseball before anybody else does . Just my opinion but that’s really all I see with these Onyx brand cards . The rear of the card seems to be more of a Onyx brand advertisement more than anything else .Overall , if you plan on beating the Topps Company and Panini to the punch with a new brand of baseball cards , you better have really deep pockets and you better have friends in the printing , photography , manufacturing , artwork design business that also have deep pockets . . I do like the fact that these cards are made in the USA . I would really like to hear about what you think of these cards Trey . You definitely seem to be of a considerable amount above average intelligence in the sports card collecting hobby . With you being College Educated as well as myself , I would love to hear what you’re overall opinion of these cards happens to be . Jim

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

I think it’s great for collectors to have a choice, especially with the news that Topps is losing the MLB license in 2026. https://www.cardboardconnection.com/fanatics-card-license

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