2021 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Baseball Cards - Checklist Added

2021 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Baseball Cards – Checklist Added


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2021 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Baseball is a preview set, of sorts, for the MLB prospects in the primary Bowman Draft.

The distribution seems to be similar to 2021 Bowman 1st Edition Baseball, which was initially made available to Topps MVP Hobby store accounts before being sold on the Topps website a few days later.

See also: 2020 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Baseball Cards

2021 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Baseball Set Details

As is always the case for these First Edition releases, 2021 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Baseball adds "1st edition" stamps to the main prospect lineup in 2021 Bowman Draft Baseball.

2021 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Baseball Cards - Checklist Added 1

Joining the run of exclusive paper cards are limited Foil parallels.

In addition, there are rare Chrome Autographs for select signers found in Bowman Draft. These average 1:206 packs.

Changing from prior years, boxes on the Topps site include 50 packs and sell for $750. This is a high number but it falls in line with the $15 packs of prior releases. It is not clear whether this is a "jumbo" box format, a 50-pack bundle, or another combination of packs/boxes. Nevertheless, this new format sold out quickly.

Other retailers have listed standard boxes, as well. These feature 24 packs in a sealed box, which is the norm for this product.

Release Date: November 24, 2021
Hobby Configuration: 10 cards per pack, 24 packs per box
Topps Configuration: 10 cards per pack, 50 packs per box

2021 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Baseball Hobby Box Break

  • 240 Cards

2021 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Baseball Topps Box Break

  • 500 Cards

2021 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Baseball Cards - Checklist Added 2

Set Checklist

2021 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Baseball Checklist


Bowman Draft First Edition Base Prospect Set Checklist

200 cards. "1st Bowman" cards noted as 1st.
FOIL PARALLELS: Sky Blue (1:2), Blue #/150 (1:7), Yellow #/75 (1:14), Gold #/50 (1:21), Orange #/25 (1:42), Red #/5 (1:210), Rainbow 1/1 (1:1,047).

BD-1 Harry Ford - Seattle Mariners 1st
BD-2 Jeremy De La Rosa - Washington Nationals
BD-3 Tyler McDonough - Boston Red Sox 1st
BD-4 Sean Burke - Chicago White Sox 1st
BD-5 Luis Matos - San Francisco Giants
BD-6 Jordy Barley - Washington Nationals
BD-7 Kevin Kopps - San Diego Padres 1st
BD-8 Andrew Abbott - Cincinnati Reds 1st
BD-9 Christian Encarnacion-Strand - Twins 1st
BD-10 Andrew Painter - Philadelphia Phillies 1st
BD-11 Jay Allen - Cincinnati Reds 1st
BD-12 Pete Crow-Armstrong - Chicago Cubs
BD-13 Chayce McDermott - Houston Astros 1st
BD-14 Dustin Saenz - Washington Nationals 1st
BD-15 Tyler Soderstrom - Oakland Athletics
BD-16 Nick Gonzales - Pittsburgh Pirates
BD-17 JJ Bleday - Miami Marlins
BD-18 Daylen Lile - Washington Nationals 1st
BD-19 Austin Martin - Minnesota Twins
BD-20 Spencer Torkelson - Detroit Tigers
BD-21 Brooks Gosswein - Chicago White Sox 1st
BD-22 Eduardo Garcia - Milwaukee Brewers
BD-23 Chad Dallas - Toronto Blue Jays 1st
BD-24 Brock Selvidge - New York Yankees 1st
BD-25 Yohendrick Pinango - Chicago Cubs
BD-26 Jordan McCants - Miami Marlins 1st
BD-27 Ryan Cusick - Atlanta Braves 1st
BD-28 Lonnie White Jr. - Pittsburgh Pirates 1st
BD-29 JC Correa - Houston Astros
BD-30 Julio Carreras - Colorado Rockies
BD-31 Adley Rutschman - Baltimore Orioles
BD-32 Jordyn Adams - Los Angeles Angels
BD-33 Eguy Rosario - San Diego Padres
BD-34 Angel Martinez - Cleveland Indians
BD-35 Drew Gray - Chicago Cubs 1st
BD-36 Shane Panzini - Kansas City Royals 1st
BD-37 Elmer Rodriguez-Cruz - Boston Red Sox 1st
BD-38 Orelvis Martinez - Toronto Blue Jays
BD-39 Brayan Buelvas - Oakland Athletics
BD-40 Heston Kjerstad - Baltimore Orioles
BD-41 Bubba Chandler - Pittsburgh Pirates 1st
BD-42 Ian Moller - Texas Rangers 1st
BD-43 Wes Kath - Chicago White Sox 1st
BD-44 Spencer Schwellenbach - Atlanta Braves 1st
BD-45 Jairo Pomares - San Francisco Giants
BD-46 Izaac Pacheco - Detroit Tigers 1st
BD-47 Bobby Witt Jr. - Kansas City Royals
BD-48 Henry Davis - Pittsburgh Pirates 1st
BD-49 Chase Petty - Minnesota Twins 1st
BD-50 Connor Norby - Baltimore Orioles 1st
BD-51 Chad Patrick - Arizona Diamondbacks 1st
BD-52 Ronny Mauricio - New York Mets
BD-53 Nick Yorke - Boston Red Sox
BD-54 Brainer Bonaci - Boston Red Sox
BD-55 Emmanuel Rodriguez - Minnesota Twins
BD-56 Malcom Nunez - St. Louis Cardinals
BD-57 Ryan Webb - Cleveland Indians 1st
BD-58 Tyler Mattison - Detroit Tigers 1st
BD-59 McCade Brown - Colorado Rockies 1st
BD-60 Dominic Hamel - New York Mets 1st
BD-61 JT Schwartz - New York Mets 1st
BD-62 Kevin Alcantara - Chicago Cubs
BD-63 Ryan Spikes - Tampa Bay Rays 1st
BD-64 Bryce Miller - Seattle Mariners 1st
BD-65 Pedro Pineda - Oakland Athletics
BD-66 Hunter Goodman - Colorado Rockies 1st
BD-67 Robert Hassell - San Diego Padres
BD-68 Misael Urbina - Minnesota Twins
BD-69 Jackson Jobe - Detroit Tigers 1st
BD-70 Cal Conley - Atlanta Braves 1st
BD-71 Osleivis Basabe - Tampa Bay Rays
BD-72 Mick Abel - Philadelphia Phillies
BD-73 Ben Kudrna - Kansas City Royals 1st
BD-74 Edwin Arroyo - Seattle Mariners 1st
BD-75 Alexander Mojica - Pittsburgh Pirates
BD-76 CJ Abrams - San Diego Padres
BD-77 Jasson Dominguez - New York Yankees
BD-78 Gunnar Hoglund - Toronto Blue Jays 1st
BD-79 Alex Binelas - Milwaukee Brewers 1st
BD-80 John Rhodes - Baltimore Orioles 1st
BD-81 Luisangel Acuña - Texas Rangers
BD-82 Jordan Groshans - Toronto Blue Jays
BD-83 Jacob Steinmetz - Arizona Diamondbacks 1st
BD-84 Benny Montgomery - Colorado Rockies 1st
BD-85 Mason Miller - Oakland Athletics 1st
BD-86 Michael Harris - Atlanta Braves
BD-87 Cooper Bowman - New York Yankees 1st
BD-88 Cody Morissette - Miami Marlins 1st
BD-89 Ricky Tiedemann - Toronto Blue Jays 1st
BD-90 Donta' Williams - Baltimore Orioles 1st
BD-91 Michael McGreevy - St. Louis Cardinals 1st
BD-92 Pedro Leon - Houston Astros
BD-93 Gavin Williams - Cleveland Indians 1st
BD-94 Ivan Herrera - St. Louis Cardinals
BD-95 Frank Mozzicato - Kansas City Royals 1st
BD-96 Freddy Valdez - Boston Red Sox
BD-97 Hedbert Perez - Milwaukee Brewers
BD-98 Miguel Hiraldo - Toronto Blue Jays
BD-99 Max Meyer - Miami Marlins
BD-100 Heriberto Hernandez - Tampa Bay Rays
BD-101 Aaron Zavala - Texas Rangers 1st
BD-102 Jake Fox - Cleveland Indians 1st
BD-103 Matheu Nelson - Cincinnati Reds 1st
BD-104 Cade Povich - Minnesota Twins 1st
BD-105 Alek Thomas - Arizona Diamondbacks
BD-106 Carter Jensen - Kansas City Royals 1st
BD-107 Riley Greene - Detroit Tigers
BD-108 Adrian Del Castillo - Arizona Diamondbacks 1st
BD-109 Noah Miller - Minnesota Twins 1st
BD-110 Alexander Ramirez - Los Angeles Angels
BD-111 Tommy Mace - Cleveland Indians 1st
BD-112 Francisco Alvarez - New York Mets
BD-113 Russell Smith - Milwaukee Brewers 1st
BD-114 Logan Henderson - Milwaukee Brewers 1st
BD-115 Landon Marceaux - Los Angeles Angels 1st
BD-116 Garrett Mitchell - Milwaukee Brewers
BD-117 Milkar Perez - Seattle Mariners
BD-118 Brendan Beck - New York Yankees 1st
BD-119 Jackson Merrill - San Diego Padres 1st
BD-120 Owen Kellington - Pittsburgh Pirates 1st
BD-121 Alexander Vargas - New York Yankees
BD-122 Victor Mesa Jr. - Miami Marlins
BD-123 Calvin Ziegler - New York Mets 1st
BD-124 Brennen Davis - Chicago Cubs
BD-125 Jose Torres - Cincinnati Reds 1st
BD-126 Maddux Bruns - Los Angeles Dodgers 1st
BD-127 Cooper Kinney - Tampa Bay Rays 1st
BD-128 Denzel Clarke - Oakland Athletics 1st
BD-129 Mason Black - San Francisco Giants 1st
BD-130 Brett Baty - New York Mets
BD-131 Marco Luciano - San Francisco Giants
BD-132 Jordan Viars - Philadelphia Phillies 1st
BD-133 Trent Deveaux - Los Angeles Angels
BD-134 Luis Rodriguez - Los Angeles Dodgers
BD-135 Robert Gasser - San Diego Padres 1st
BD-136 Grayson Rodriguez - Baltimore Orioles
BD-137 Heliot Ramos - San Francisco Giants
BD-138 Austin Hendrick - Cincinnati Reds
BD-139 Maximo Acosta - Texas Rangers
BD-140 Ethan Wilson - Philadelphia Phillies 1st
BD-141 Jackson Wolf - San Diego Padres 1st
BD-142 Jaden Hill - Colorado Rockies 1st
BD-143 Doug Nikhazy - Cleveland Indians 1st
BD-144 Reed Trimble - Baltimore Orioles 1st
BD-145 Julio Rodriguez - Seattle Mariners
BD-146 Peter Heubeck - Los Angeles Dodgers 1st
BD-147 Noelvi Marte - Seattle Mariners
BD-148 Ryan Holgate - St. Louis Cardinals 1st
BD-149 Ky Bush - Los Angeles Angels 1st
BD-150 Zac Veen - Colorado Rockies
BD-151 Po-Yu Chen - Pittsburgh Pirates
BD-152 Ty Madden - Detroit Tigers 1st
BD-153 Robert Puason - Oakland Athletics
BD-154 Joe Rock - Colorado Rockies 1st
BD-155 Diego Cartaya - Los Angeles Dodgers
BD-156 Branden Boissiere - Washington Nationals 1st
BD-157 T.J. White - Washington Nationals 1st
BD-158 Asa Lacy - Kansas City Royals
BD-159 Joe Mack - Miami Marlins 1st
BD-160 Michael Morales - Seattle Mariners 1st
BD-161 Steven Hajjar - Minnesota Twins 1st
BD-162 Eric Silva - San Francisco Giants 1st
BD-163 Aaron Sabato - Minnesota Twins
BD-164 Austin Love - St. Louis Cardinals 1st
BD-165 Tanner Allen - Miami Marlins 1st
BD-166 Colton Cowser - Baltimore Orioles 1st
BD-167 Luke Murphy - Los Angeles Angels 1st
BD-168 Endy Rodriguez - Pittsburgh Pirates
BD-169 Jose Salas - Miami Marlins
BD-170 Micah Ottenbreit - Philadelphia Phillies 1st
BD-171 Yoelqui Cespedes - Chicago White Sox
BD-172 Sal Frelick - Milwaukee Brewers 1st
BD-173 Triston Casas - Boston Red Sox
BD-174 Marcelo Mayer - Boston Red Sox 1st
BD-175 Gunnar Henderson - Baltimore Orioles
BD-176 Shalin Polanco - Pittsburgh Pirates
BD-177 Jeter Downs - Boston Red Sox
BD-178 Erick Pena - Kansas City Royals
BD-179 Matt Mikulski - San Francisco Giants 1st
BD-180 Carson Williams - Tampa Bay Rays 1st
BD-181 Arol Vera - Los Angeles Angels
BD-182 Blaze Jordan - Boston Red Sox
BD-183 Jeferson Quero - Milwaukee Brewers
BD-184 Wilman Diaz - Los Angeles Dodgers
BD-185 Liover Peguero - Pittsburgh Pirates
BD-186 Brady House - Washington Nationals 1st
BD-187 Jordan Walker - St. Louis Cardinals
BD-188 Rikelvin De Castro - Toronto Blue Jays
BD-189 Ruben Ibarra - Cincinnati Reds 1st
BD-190 Chih-Jung Liu - Boston Red Sox
BD-191 Kyle Manzardo - Tampa Bay Rays 1st
BD-192 Cameron Cauley - Texas Rangers 1st
BD-193 Cristian Hernandez - Chicago Cubs
BD-194 Jordan Lawlar - Arizona Diamondbacks 1st
BD-195 Adael Amador - Colorado Rockies
BD-196 Sam Bachman - Los Angeles Angels 1st
BD-197 Will Bednar - San Francisco Giants 1st
BD-198 Ed Howard - Chicago Cubs
BD-199 Reginald Preciado - Chicago Cubs
BD-200 Tyler Black - Milwaukee Brewers 1st


2021 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Baseball Autograph Checklist


Chrome Autographs Set Checklist

14 cards. 1:206 packs.

CDA-BB Brendan Beck - New York Yankees
CDA-CMO Cody Morissette - Miami Marlins
CDA-CW Carson Williams - Tampa Bay Rays
CDA-FM Frank Mozzicato - Kansas City Royals
CDA-GH Gunnar Hoglund - Toronto Blue Jays
CDA-HD Henry Davis - Pittsburgh Pirates
CDA-JA Jay Allen - Cincinnati Reds
CDA-JMA Joe Mack - Miami Marlins
CDA-JMC Jordan McCants - Miami Marlins
CDA-JR Joe Rock - Colorado Rockies
CDA-LM Landon Marceaux - Los Angeles Angels
CDA-ML Matheu Nelson - Cincinnati Reds
CDA-SH Steven Hajjar - Minnesota Twins
CDA-TMA Tommy Mace - Cleveland Indians


2021 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Baseball Odds / NPN Info


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  1. Topps online selling them at 50 packs per box. 500 cards for $750

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