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2021-22 Topps Now OTE Overtime Elite Basketball Cards Checklist

2021-22 Topps Now OTE Overtime Elite Basketball Cards Checklist

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The first part of Topps' exclusive with Overtime Elite (OTE), 2021-22 Topps Now Overtime Elite Basketball sees the long-running card company return to basketball cards for the first time in several years.

"Overtime Elite, OTE (pronounced Oh-Tee-E), is a transformative new sports league that offers the world’s most talented young basketball players a better pathway to becoming professional athletes. The league offers a year-round development program combining world-class coaching, cutting-edge sports science and performance technologies, top-notch facilities, and a rigorous, highly personalized academic program that energizes and enhances each athlete’s journey from proficiency to pro for the next generation of athlete empowerment."

In addition to the print-to-order Topps Now OTE cards, Topps also announced that 2021-22 Topps Chrome Overtime Elite Basketball and 2021-22 Topps Inception Overtime Elite Basketball sets are slated for release later in the season. These are standard Hobby/Retail products.

2021-22 Topps Now Overtime Elite Basketball Set Details

Tapping into Topps' established online card process, 2021-22 Topps Now Overtime Elite Basketball covers tops players and moments. The first cards arrive in the Debut series.

2021-22 Topps Now OTE Overtime Elite Basketball Cards Checklist 1

The individual cards sell for $9.99 and the four-card bundle is $29.99. Each card is available for one week. Numbered to 49 or less, limited parallels are randomly inserted and replace the base card in the order.

2021-22 Topps Now OTE Overtime Elite Basketball Cards Checklist 2

Order current Now Overtime Elite cards on the Topps site.

Following the Debut series, the main releases cover performances from the actual games.

Check back for any updates and new cards.

Set Checklist

2021-22 Topps Now Overtime Elite Basketball Checklist


Announced print runs noted.



Base OTE Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/49, Purple #/25, Red #/10, Orange #/5, Gold 1/1.
*AUTO PARALLELS*: Purple #/25, Red #/10, Orange #/5, Gold 1/1.

1 Jazian Gortman RC (PR=618)
2 Jalen Lewis RC (PR=1,089)
3 Bryce Griggs RC (PR=462)
4 Bryson Warren RC (PR=438)
5 Ausar Thompson RC (PR=583)
6 De'Vontes Cobbs RC (PR=405)
7 Jazian Gortman RC (PR=472)
8 2 Chainz (PR=1,477)
9 Lewis Duarte RC (PR=351)
10 Ausar Thompson RC (PR=388)
11 De'Vonte Cobbs RC (PR=331)
12 Bryce Griggs RC (PR=348)
13 Amen Thompson RC (PR=509)
14 Jai Smith RC (PR=438)
15 Jean Montero RC (PR=584)
15A/D Jean Montero RC Auto*
15 Tristan Jass (Sent out in error)
16 Jai Smith RC (PR=274)
17 Amen Thompson RC (PR=276)
18 Matt Bewley RC (PR=492)
19 Dominick Barlow RC (PR=402)
20 Dominick Barlow RC (PR=370)
21 TJ Clark RC (PR=250)
22 Amen Thompson RC (PR=328)
23 Jahzare Jackson RC (PR=275)
24 Jean Montero RC (PR=423)
25 Matt Bewley RC (PR=282)
26 Lewis Duarte RC (PR=254)
27 Bryce Griggs RC (PR=406)
28 Jalen Lewis RC (PR=417)
29 Nathan Missia-Dio RC (PR=239)
30 Amen Thompson RC (PR=267)
31 Tyler Smith RC (PR=247)
32 Jahzare Jackson RC (PR=243)
33 Nathan Missia-Dio RC (PR=201)
34 Jazian Gortman RC (PR=252)
35 Alexandre Sarr RC (PR=215)
36 Ausar Thompson RC (PR=211)
37 Jalen Lewis RC (PR=274)
38 Johned Walker RC (PR=194)
39 Emmanuel Maldonado RC (PR=191)
40 Matt Bewley RC (PR=225)
41 Jean Montero RC (PR=347)
42 Amen Thompson RC (PR=256)
43 De'Vontes Cobbs RC (PR=186)
44 Kok Yat RC (PR=177)
45 Ryan Bewley RC (PR=227)
46 Jean Montero RC (PR=254)
47 Amen Thompson RC (PR=238)
48 Ausar Thompson RC (PR=224)
49 Ausar Thompson RC (PR=222)
50 Ausar Thompson RC (PR=238)
51 Davion Mace RC (PR=166)
52 Bryce Griggs RC (PR=217)
53 Ausar Thompson RC (PR=419)



OTE Debut Set Checklist

24 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/49, Purple #/25, Red #/10, Orange #/5, Gold 1/1.

D-1 Jalen Lewis RC (PR=6,487)
D-2 Bryce Griggs RC (PR=1,817)
D-3 TJ Clark RC (PR=1,526)
D-4 Izan Almansa RC (PR=1,786)
D-5 Malik Bowman RC (PR=2,122)
D-6 Nathan Missia-Dio RC (PR=1,713)
D-7 De'Vontes Cobbs RC (PR=1,832)
D-8 Dominick Barlow RC (PR=1,871)
D-9 Jazian Gortman RC (PR=2,745)
D-10 Tyler Smith RC (PR=2,488)
D-11 Jai Smith RC (PR=1,838)
D-12 Emmanuel Maldonado RC (PR=1,759)
D-13 Alexandre Sarr RC (PR=1,671)
D-14 Bryson Warren RC (PR=2,935)
D-15 Matt Bewley RC (PR=2,786)
D-16 Jahzare Jackson RC (PR=1,966)
D-17 Ausar Thompson RC (PR=2,484)
D-18 Amen Thompson RC (PR=2,391)
D-19 Tudor Somacescu RC (PR=1,824)
D-20 Jaylen Martin RC (PR=2,181)
D-21 Lebron Lopez RC (PR=1,865)
D-22 Ryan Bewley RC (PR=2,156)
D-23 Kok Yat RC (PR=2,025)
D-24 Jean Montero RC (PR=3,252)
D-25 Davion Mace RC (PR=645)
D-26 Lewis Duarte RC (PR=731)
D-27 Johned Walker RC (PR=651)



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This product should not have RC identifier on them. Topps is flirting with a lawsuit from Players Assoc. IMO

Does not qualify according to the rookie card guidelines released in 2005.

More loop holes and shenanigans by card manufacturers.

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