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2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling Cards

2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling Cards

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Take your high-end WWE card collection to the top rope with 2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling. With just 50 boxes in total, the low production is further enhanced by admittance to an exclusive event.

Running over $10,000 per Hobby box, the ultra-premium set offers a lot more cards compared to the 2019 debut. Each expensive box boasts 53 autograph cards and a solid haul of other collectibles. Plus, there's the 2020 WWE SummerSlam ticket and VIP party invite.

2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Base / Inserts

While 2019 had only autographs and sketches, 2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling ups the number of cards by a large amount. Each box includes the full 50-card Base Roster set. These appear to utilize the same metal frames as the autographs, but done in silver.

2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling Cards 1

Collectors can also find the entire John Cena Tribute set. This insert covers notable matches and moments from Cena's WWE career across 50 cards.

2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Autographs

Of course, the five-figure set goes big on signed cards, as well. 2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling promises 50 on-card autographs. The base Roster Autograph cards are numbered to 25 and are joined by Green (#/15), Purple (#/10), Blue (#/5) and Red (1/1) parallels. Each box should have a card that is numbered one-of-one and it can come from either the base or Image Variation subset.

2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling Cards 2

New this year, hard-signed Dual Autograph cards supply combo signatures.

2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling Cards 3

Other debut choices include on-card John Cena Tribute Autograph cards at a rate of one per box.

2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling Cards 4

Collectors can also find one Sting Autograph Relic card per box. This card features a piece of the bat he used at WrestleMania 31.

2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling Cards 5

2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Sketch / Other Premium Hits

Showcasing the artwork of Jerry "The King" Lawler, one-of-one Sketch cards fall in each box. The commentator and wrestler signed each hand-drawn card.

Transcendent also shifts to the vinyl game. Each box includes a signed figure from the Pop! WWE line. For these collectibles, the box is normally signed rather than the figure itself. The autographed figure arrives in a protective case.

In addition, 2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling adds a set of replica championship plates inside a signed display box.

2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling Cards 6

2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection VIP Party

As many collectors already know, 2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling is not just about the cards. The premium experience that comes with the purchase arrives in the form of a ticket to 2020 WWE SummerSlam in Boston on August 23. This includes a VIP meet-and-greet party.

Release Date: August 7, 2020
Product Configuration: 153 cards, 1 Signed Set of Belt Plates, 1 Signed Figure, 1 SummerSlam Ticket & 1 VIP Party Invitation per box

2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling Box Break

  • Complete Base Set (50 cards)
  • Complete John Cena Tribute Insert Set (50 cards)
  • Complete Set of Base Autographs (50 cards)
  • 1 each of:
    • John Cena Tribute Autograph
    • Sting Autograph Relic
    • Jerry Lawler Sketch Card
  • Other Box Contents (1 of each)
    • Autographed Replica WWE Championship Belt Side Plates
    • 1 Signed Pop! WWE Vinyl Figure
    • 2020 WWE SummerSlam Ticket
    • VIP Party Ticket


Set Checklist

2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling Checklist

Base Roster Silver Framed Set Checklist

50 cards. Full set per box. Serial numbered #/50.

1 Adam Cole - NXT
2 Andre the Giant - WWE Legend
3 Angelo Dawkins - WWE
4 Bianca Belair - NXT
5 Big Show - WWE
6 Bruno Sammartino - WWE Legend
7 Cain Velasquez - WWE
8 Cameron Grimes - WWE
9 Candice LeRae - NXT
10 Chyna - WWE Legend
11 Damian Priest - NXT
12 Dusty Rhodes - WWE Legend
13 Eddie Guerrero - WWE Legend
14 Harley Race - WWE Legend
15 Hulk Hogan - WWE Legend
16 Io Shirai - NXT
17 Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart - WWE Legend
18 John Cena - WWE
19 John Morrison - WWE
20 Johnny Gargano - WWE
21 Keith Lee - NXT
22 Kevin Nash - WWE Legend
23 Lana - WWE
24 Lio Rush - WWE
25 "Macho Man" Randy Savage - WWE Legend
26 Mandy Rose - WWE
27 "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig - WWE Legend
28 Montez Ford - WWE
29 Mustafa Ali - WWE
30 Naomi - WWE
31 Natalya - WWE
32 Nikki Cross - WWE
33 Paul Heyman - WWE
34 "Ravishing" Rick Rude - WWE Legend
35 Renee Young - WWE
36 Rhea Ripley - NXT
37 Robert Roode - WWE
38 Roderick Strong - NXT
39 "Rowdy" Roddy Piper - WWE Legend
40 Rusev - WWE
41 Scott Hall - WWE Legend
42 Shorty G - WWE
43 Sting - WWE Legend
44 Sonya Deville - WWE
45 The British Bulldog - WWE Legend
46 The Rock - WWE Legend
47 Ultimate Warrior - WWE Legend
48 Undertaker - WWE
49 Vader - WWE Legend
50 Yokozuna - WWE Legend


John Cena Superstar Tribute Silver Framed Checklist

50 cards. Full set per box. Serial numbered #/50.


JCRP-1 John Cena Accepts Kurt Angle's Open Challenge - SmackDown
JCRP-2 John Cena Dresses Up as a Rapper for Halloween - SmackDown
JCRP-3 John Cena Takes on Undertaker - Vengeance 2003
JCRP-4 John Cena def. Booker T in a Best-of-Five Series - No Mercy 2004
JCRP-5 John Cena def. Kurt Angle - No Way Out 2005
JCRP-6 John Cena Wins His First WWE Championship - WrestleMania 21
JCRP-7 John Cena Debuts the Spinner Championship - SmackDown
JCRP-8 WWE Champion John Cena Is Drafted to Raw - Raw
JCRP-9 John Cena Forms a Dream Team with Shawn Michaels & Hulk Hogan - Raw
JCRP-10 John Cena Makes an Unforgettable Entrance at WrestleMania - WrestleMania 22
JCRP-11 John Cena Steps Into ECW - One Night Stand 2006
JCRP-12 John Cena Wins the WWE Championship in a TLC Match - Unforgiven 2006
JCRP-13 John Cena def. Shawn Michaels - Raw
JCRP-14 John Cena Topples a Giant - Judgement Day 2007
JCRP-15 John Cena and Randy Orton Compete for the WWE Championship - SummerSlam 2007
JCRP-16 John Cena Makes a Surprise Return in the Royal Rumble Match - Royal Rumble 2008
JCRP-17 John Cena & Randy Orton Battle the Entire Raw Roster - Raw
JCRP-18 John Cena Wins His First World Heavyweight Championship - Survivor Series 2008
JCRP-19 John Cena is Victorious at WrestleMania 25 - WrestleMania 25
JCRP-20 John Cena def. Randy Orton in an "I Quit" Match - Breaking Point 2009
JCRP-21 John Cena Is Triumphant in the Elimination Chamber - Elimination Chamber 2010
JCRP-22 John Cena def. Batista for His Ninth WWE Championship - WrestleMania XXVI
JCRP-23 John Cena Tapes Batista Down for the 10-Count - Extreme Rules 2010
JCRP-24 John Cena Delivers an Attitude Adjustment to Batista Through the Stage - Over the Limit 2010
JCRP-25 John Cena Eliminates The Nexus - SummerSlam 2010
JCRP-26 John Cena Survives a Chairs Match - TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2010
JCRP-27 John Cena & The Miz Win the WWE Tag Team Championship - Raw
JCRP-28 John Cena def. The Miz for the WWE Championship - Extreme Rules 2011
JCRP-29 John Cena Takes on "The Best in the World" - Money in the Bank 2011
JCRP-30 John Cena & The Rock def. Awesome Truth - Survivor Series 2011
JCRP-31 John Cena Exposes The Rock - Raw
JCRP-32 John Cena def. Big Show - No Way Out 2012
JCRP-33 John Cena Becomes Mr. Money in the Bank - Money in the Bank 2012
JCRP-34 John Cena Wins the Royal Rumble for a Second Time - Royal Rumble 2013
JCRP-35 John Cena def. The Rock for the WWE Championship - WrestleMania 29
JCRP-36 John Cena Is Victorious in a Three Stages of Hell Match - Payback 2013
JCRP-37 John Cena Selects Daniel Bryan as His Next Challenger - Raw
JCRP-38 John Cena Returns From Injury to Win the World Heavyweight Championship - Hell in a Cell 2013
JCRP-39 John Cena def. Bray Wyatt in a Last Man Standing Match - Payback 2014
JCRP-40 United States Champion John Cena def. NXT Champion Kevin Owens - Money in the Bank 2015
JCRP-41 Team Cena Vanquishes The Authority - Survivor Series 2014
JCRP-42 John Cena Wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a Ladder Match - Money in the Bank 2014
JCRP-43 John Cena Ends Rusev's Undefeated Streak - WrestleMania 31
JCRP-44 John Cena Creates the United States Championship Open Challenge - Raw
JCRP-45 John Cena Gets Revenge on a Legendary Talk Show Host - Raw
JCRP-46 John Cena Returns to Help The Rock - WrestleMania 32
JCRP-47 John Cena Meets AJ Styles - Raw
JCRP-48 John Cena def. AJ Styles for His 16th World Title Reign - Royal Rumble 2017
JCRP-49 John Cena Passes the Torch to Roman Reigns - No Mercy 2017
JCRP-50 The Doctor of Thuganomics Returns - WrestleMania 35


2020 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection Wrestling Autograph Checklist

Roster Autographs Set Checklist

48 cards. Serial numbered #/25.
PARALLEL CARDS: Green #/15, Purple #/10, Blue #/5, Red 1/1.

A-AA Andrade - WWE
A-AB Aleister Black - WWE
A-AJ AJ Styles - WWE
A-AK Asuka - WWE
A-AX Alexa Bliss - WWE
A-BC King Corbin - WWE
A-BD Diesel - WWE Legend
A-BH Bret "Hit Man" Hart - WWE Legend
A-BI Brock Lesnar - WWE
A-BL Becky Lynch - WWE
A-BR Braun Strowman - WWE
A-BT Booker T - WWE Legend
A-BW "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt - WWE
A-BY Bayley - WWE
A-CF Charlotte Flair - WWE
A-CW Sheamus - WWE
A-DB Daniel Bryan - WWE
A-DR Drew McIntyre - WWE
A-FB Finn Bálor - NXT
A-GB Goldberg - WWE Legend
A-HBK Shawn Michaels - WWE Legend
A-HH Hulk Hogan - WWE Legend
A-HHH Triple H - WWE Legend
A-JH Jeff Hardy - WWE
A-KA Kurt Angle - WWE Legend
A-KK Kofi Kingston - WWE
A-KN Kane - WWE Legend
A-KO Kevin Owens - WWE
A-KS Kairi Sane - WWE
A-LE Lacey Evans - WWE
A-LT Lita - WWE Legend
A-MF Mick Foley - WWE Legend
A-MR Matt Riddle - NXT
A-QS Shayna Baszler - NXT
A-RC Ricochet - WWE
A-RO Randy Orton - WWE
A-RR Roman Reigns - WWE
A-SB Sasha Banks - WWE
A-SC Stone Cold Steve Austin - WWE Legend
A-SM Shane McMahon - WWE
A-SN Shinsuke Nakamura - WWE
A-SR Seth Rollins - WWE
A-ST Stephanie McMahon - WWE
A-TC Tommaso Ciampa - WWE
A-TM The Miz - WWE
A-UT Undertaker - WWE
A-VKM Mr. McMahon - WWE
A-ZV Zelina Vega - WWE


Roster Autographs Image Variations Set Checklist

49 cards.

AIV-AA Andrade - WWE
AIV-AB Aleister Black - WWE
AIV-AJ AJ Styles - WWE
AIV-AK Asuka - WWE
AIV-AX Alexa Bliss - WWE
AIV-BC King Corbin - WWE
AIV-BD Diesel - WWE Legend
AIV-BH Bret "Hit Man" Hart - WWE Legend
AIV-BI Brock Lesnar - WWE
AIV-BL Becky Lynch - WWE
AIV-BR Braun Strowman - WWE
AIV-BT Booker T - WWE Legend
AIV-BW Bray Wyatt - WWE
AIV-BY Bayley - WWE
AIV-CF Charlotte Flair - WWE
AIV-CW Sheamus - WWE
AIV-DB Daniel Bryan - WWE
AIV-DR Drew McIntyre - WWE
AIV-FB Finn Bálor - NXT
AIV-GB Goldberg - WWE Legend
AIV-HBK Shawn Michaels - WWE Legend
AIV-HH Hulk Hogan - WWE Legend
AIV-HHH Triple H - WWE Legend
AIV-JH Jeff Hardy - WWE
AIV-KA Kurt Angle - WWE Legend
AIV-KK Kofi Kingston - WWE
AIV-KN Kane - WWE Legend
AIV-KO Kevin Owens - WWE
AIV-KS Kairi Sane - WWE
AIV-LE Lacey Evans - WWE
AIV-LT Lita - WWE Legend
AIV-MF Mick Foley - WWE Legend
AIV-MR Matt Riddle - NXT
AIV-QS Shayna Baszler - NXT
AIV-RC Ricochet - WWE
AIV-RO Randy Orton - WWE
AIV-RR Roman Reigns - WWE
AIV-SB Sasha Banks - WWE
AIV-SC Stone Cold Steve Austin - WWE Legend
AIV-SJ Samoa Joe - WWE
AIV-SM Shane McMahon - WWE
AIV-SN Shinsuke Nakamura - WWE
AIV-SR Seth Rollins - WWE
AIV-ST Stephanie McMahon - WWE
AIV-TC Tommaso Ciampa - WWE
AIV-TM The Miz - WWE
AIV-UT Undertaker - WWE
AIV-VKM Mr. McMahon - WWE
AIV-ZV Zelina Vega - WWE


Dual Autographs Set Checklist

2 cards. Serial numbered #/25.
PARALLEL CARDS: Green #/15, Purple #/10, Blue #/5, Red 1/1.

DA-USO Jimmy Uso - WWE
DA-USO Jey Uso - WWE
DA-VR Erik - WWE
DA-VR Ivar - WWE


Dual Autographs Image Variations Set Checklist

2 cards.

DAIV-USO Jimmy Uso - WWE


Jerry "The King" Lawler Sketch Autographs Checklist

50 cards. 1 per box.

AJ Styles
Alexa Bliss
Angel Garza
Becky Lynch
Braun Strowman
"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt
Bret "Hit Man" Hart
Brock Lesnar
Charlotte Flair
Eddie Guerrero
Ember Moon
Finn Balor
Hulk Hogan
Jeff Hardy
John Cena
Kairi Sane
Keith Lee
Kevin Owens
Kofi Kingston
Lacey Evans
Matt Riddle
Mustafa Ali
Pete Dunne
Randy Orton
"Macho Man" Randy Savage
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper
Roman Reigns
Ronda Rousey
Sami Zayn
Samoa Joe
Sasha Banks
Seth Rollins
Shawn Michaels
Shayna Baszler
Shinsuke Nakamura
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Miz
The Rock
Triple H
Ultimate Warrior


John Cena SuperStar Tribute Autographs Set Checklist

50 cards. 1 per box.

JC-1 John Cena - SmackDown
JC-2 John Cena - SmackDown
JC-3 John Cena - Vengeance 2003
JC-4 John Cena - No Mercy 2004
JC-5 John Cena - No Way Out 2005
JC-6 John Cena - WrestleMania 21
JC-7 John Cena - SmackDown
JC-8 John Cena - Raw
JC-9 John Cena - Raw
JC-10 John Cena - WrestleMania 22
JC-11 John Cena - One Night Stand 2006
JC-12 John Cena - Unforgiven 2006
JC-13 John Cena - Raw
JC-14 John Cena - Judgement Day 2007
JC-15 John Cena - SummerSlam 2007
JC-16 John Cena - Royal Rumble 2008
JC-17 John Cena - Raw
JC-18 John Cena - Survivor Series 2008
JC-19 John Cena - WrestleMania 25
JC-20 John Cena - Breaking Point 2009
JC-21 John Cena - Elimination Chamber 2010
JC-22 John Cena - WrestleMania XXVI
JC-23 John Cena - Extreme Rules 2010
JC-24 John Cena - Over the Limit 2010
JC-25 John Cena - SummerSlam 2010
JC-26 John Cena - TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2010
JC-27 John Cena - Raw
JC-28 John Cena - Extreme Rules 2011
JC-29 John Cena - Money in the Bank 2011
JC-30 John Cena - Survivor Series 2011
JC-31 John Cena - Raw
JC-32 John Cena - No Way Out 2012
JC-33 John Cena - Money in the Bank 2012
JC-34 John Cena - Royal Rumble 2013
JC-35 John Cena - WrestleMania 29
JC-36 John Cena - Payback 2013
JC-37 John Cena - Raw
JC-38 John Cena - Hell in a Cell 2013
JC-39 John Cena - Payback 2014
JC-40 John Cena - Money in the Bank 2015
JC-41 John Cena - Survivor Series 2014
JC-42 John Cena - Money in the Bank 2014
JC-43 John Cena - WrestleMania 31
JC-44 John Cena - Raw
JC-45 John Cena - Raw
JC-46 John Cena - WrestleMania 32
JC-47 John Cena - Raw
JC-48 John Cena - Royal Rumble 2017
JC-49 John Cena - No Mercy 2017
JC-50 John Cena - WrestleMania 35


Sting Bat Relic Autographs Set Checklist

1 card. 1 per box.

RC-ST Sting


Autographed Replica Championship Side Plate Set Checklist

9 subjects. 1 per box.

AJ Styles
Becky Lynch
Charlotte Flair
Daniel Bryan
Kofi Kingston
Randy Orton
Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins
Triple H


Autographed Funko POP WWE Figure Checklist

5 subjects. 1 per box.

Becky Lynch
Bret "Hit Man" Hart
Shawn Michaels
The Miz



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Other than the addition of 3 more autos from last year’s set, I’d still say a disappointment set overall. There’s a lot less non-auto cards on this 2020 checklist. They’ve added a Hogan auto to probably replace the Ronda Rousey auto from the 2019 set. However, STILL no Ric Flair auto. Since they’re not stamped “1/1” anywhere on the front or back of the card, it’s a shame one has to “do their homework” on the John Cena SuperStar Tribute Autos just to unveil that they’re parallel cards in general… Much less 1/1s. I guess these are the “shortcuts” WWE has taken with this set considering each box costs about $2,000-$3,000 less than last year’s set.

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